Advantages of blogging in education for teenagers

Advantages of blogging in education for teenagers

Now here I am going to tell you about the advantages of blogging in education. As I am a blogger, so I am going to share my self-experience of blogging related to my website and my client who is one of the best seo agencies in toronto. When I have started blogging the one and the only advantage i know is Google adsense and wants it on my website. I thought this because of lack of experience and I am sure that all new bloggers thinks the same. But with the experience i came to know about the different advantages of Blogging in education.

Blog writing is one of the best way to express our knowledge. A blog provides us a space to write and share our views, knowledge and ideas. Earlier the use of blogging is limited as people only knows that blog is a space to write only. But with the passage of time blogging has been used for different purposes. These purposes are as follows:

  • Money making
  • Improving writing skills
  • Increasing knowledge
  • Getting Popularity
  • Hobbies
  • Social media
  • Website solution provider
  • Exposure
  • New contacts
  • Career

These are some of the top 10 reasons or advantages of blogging.

Now the question arises what are the advantages blogging in education for teenagers?

Well out of above advantages of blogging, here are some of advantages of blogging in education:

  • Writing skills: Improving writing skills, as he/she came to know about different new words and their meanings through blogging. This is the major advantages of blogging in education. By this skill in English language increase.
  • Knowledge: Blogging also helps in increasing knowledge of a student. by doing different surveys, watching news, reading newspaper and other sources a blogger write a post. So a blogger came to know about things happening in the world like new gadgets, technologies etc. This is one of the major advantages of blogging in education.
  • Exposure: Exposure is one of the basic reason to join blogging. Exposure is a thing that will give a confidence to stand and maintain his /her position in this world. This confidence come from a reason that a person living in America knows you only due to your blog. Similarly different people outside the world knows you by the name of your blog. This is the major advantages of blogging in education.
  • Money making: Money making is also one of the major aspect for a teenager to join blogging. Yes being a teenager you can earn money by Google adsense, Chitika, adbrite etc.
  • Career: Yes you can make your career in this stream.Usually after our school we starts thinking what course to opt for so as to get job. but if you have your blog and you are generating money from your adsense. you can choose blogging as your career because after completing your studies you will apply for job. So, by doing blogging you can generate money and get self employed. You can run more that two websites and hence lots of money. You can not only generate money by your websites by some advertisement plan but also by providing web solutions to the new bloggers.

Other Advantages of Blogging:

  • Getting Popularity: The other way by which blog help us is getting popular. If your visitors likes your posts and information you give to them, they will definitely come to your blog regularly in search of new information. Some or the other day they will contact you for some information. Moreover you will get more popular among among bloggers. All these stuff will force you to love your work and hence generate self confidence.
  • Website Solution Provider: Yes if you are good at SEO and knows how to optimize a blog post. You can give training to a new bloggers or even those bloggers who are not good in blog writing. this is the another pattern by which you can earn money by sitting at your home.

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  • Social media: This is an another way of popularity. The blogger who love your work will follow you on facebook, twitter etc. This also helps in gaining popularity. All the bloggers will love you and hence you will become more dedicated towards your work.

So these are some of the major advantages of blogging in education for teenagers. Teenagers can generate money at home plus do there study work together. Blogging helps in increasing self confidence.