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How to keep Your Adsense Account Safe and Prevent It from Banned By Google

As we all know Google is a Biggest MNC in the world and as all bloggers want to get adsense for the earnings from the Google Ad sense by placing their ads on their blog. Some of them may not get approval from ad sense easily by majority of the blogger got approval after some time. So we can say that it is easy to get approval from the ad sense as compare to the maintaining it for the long time. As I have seen many cases that they got approval from the ad sense easily but due to some mistakes they lost their ad sense approved Account.

As ad sense have given many terms and conditions although which some of the extra thing which we need to maintain for prevented you from the banning form Google Ad sense. Edkent Media - Best Website Design & Development Company In Canada stated "Google has to work with the multiple MNC’s to give them proper value of their investment so Google verify your site time by time so as to check your site status".

Ad sense account can be cured by some of the major and important steps:

1) Maintain Your Site Content Fresh And Unique: The site content is the major reason for which ad sense accounts are going to be banned. Due to the insufficient content and copied content when Google track your site after approval if their crawlers find any illegal and copied content on your site they immediately ban your account and block adsense ads from your approved site.

2) Don’t Apply Multiple Ad sense Account From Single IP Address: Ad sense account can also banned as you apply multiple accounts from one IP address and you click on any of the ads form that IP from both sites. Your both adsense approved Accounts can be banned.

3) Don’t click on your own ads from your Own IP Address Even to Check It: Avoid clicking your own ads from the IP through which you have applied the ad sense. As it is considered as the fake clicks form you which lead to the ad rejection from the ad sense on your site as well.

4) Avoid Opening Your Ad sense Account From the Different IP Addresses: Avoid opening your ads from the Different IP addresses as if any click detected from those IP’s will leads to the fake clicks and wioll make your ad sense account banned.

5) Prevent Your Ads From Click Bombers: Google ads are much tracked and Google always take care of the click bombers on your site. As Google Guess any type of click bomber on your site yours ad sense Account can be disable immediately. And all you have earned so far will be wasted. So upload A Word press Plug-in Named As “Ad Logger” so set the click limit from a single IP.