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Big sister/Little sister

Sam P. (Varsity, 12) & Sophia H. (JV, 7)

Kate Z. (Varsity, 12) & Bri F. (JV, 10)

Ally S. (Varsity, 12) & Rocky M. (JV, 10)

Jacey H. (Varsity, 12) & Maddy C. (JV, 8)

Jordan S. (Varsity, 12) & Jess S. (JV, 10)

Julia D. (Varsity, 11) & Maddie S. (JV, 7)

Courtney W. (Varsity, 11), Amanda P. (Varsity, 11) & Ali C. (JV, 8)

Claire B. (Varsity, 11) & Kaylee Z. (JV, 7)

Lexy V. (Varsity, 11), Georgia F. (Varsity, 11), & Caitlyn M. (JV, 8)

Get to know your big/little sister(s)! For day 1 of camp, bring them a small gift (under $5). Can be a handmade gift, picture, candy, write them a poem, etc. Something that you think describes them or will help them get through camp! We will exchange before going to bed on night 1! (Doesn't have to be cheer related). There will be more bonding activities at camp!

Big sister/little sister is to help create family and bonding between JV and Varsity. Big sisters are intended to act as mentors, friends, and good influences to their little's not only during cheerleading, but also at school, and in the community.

Teammates change every season, but "sisters" are forever!!!