In an attempt to have a more professional and uniform appearance, we are offering the following apparel items. Some are mandatory and some are not:

**Your first year of cheerleading is always the most expensive**

We do our very best to keep costs as low as possible by offering fundraising and not making everything mandatory.

Some of these items are purchased through our Varsity website, and some are purchased as a team order by the coach.

Varsity Shop

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You will create an account and order items through here

The items in this shop are our optional backpacks and maroon, grey, and black shorts.

Backpack makes a great Christmas, back to school, or birthday gift!

These are optional items

If you attend camp you will need shorts this color. As of this year these exact shorts aren't mandatory but they may be in the future.


They are $105 each

They are at your cost, so they are not mandatory.

Anybody who does not purchase one will borrow a maroon rain jacket to match the rest of the team at games and on bus rides to competitions.


If your shoes are worn out and have no traction left on the bottom, you must purchase new ones for safety reasons!! Cheer shoes should be replaced at least every 2 years. More often for tumblers. (These are your "cleats")

    1. Varsity Edge: $82
      • These are the suggested shoe, as they are designed for sideline and competition cheer. They are one of the highest rated cheer shoes at the most affordable cost.
    2. Or white cheer shoe purchased on your own. Must be approved by a coach.

Black briefs

    1. Varsity brand (similar to Nike pros): $23
      • We are switching from maroon to black this year because there are many shades of maroon, appearing less uniform. For the 2018-19 season, any maroon or black will be okay. If you are purchasing this year or in the future, purchase black as it is what we are transitioning to.
    2. Or any solid black brief that you purchase yourself. Must be approved by a coach and not have any patterns or colors.

BLACK Leggings:

    • Any solid black legging that you purchase yourself. These are worn under skirts at cold games. So find some nice thermal or fleece lined ones!

Mandatory Apparel:

Game Bows $12 (3 bows)

    • Worn at camp, games, and outside events
    • We are going to use these bows for years to come, so take care of them and you won't ever need to repurchase!
    • If you lose one it is $4 for a replacement

Competition Bow: $16 (Varsity)


Uniform Tank: $36 or borrow

    • Since our uniform is only two pieces, this is an affordable short sleeved option that goes with our skirts to be worn day 4 at camp, pep rally, hot football games, some basketball games, and other events.
    • This is a sublimated tank (like the warmups, the lettering will not fade or peel), the feel is similar to dri fit material. It was designed to match our uniform skirts. This is more affordable than purchasing a separate uniform shell.
    • You have the option of purchasing this if you want to own yours to keep.
      • If you choose not to purchase your own then you will borrow it from the school like you do with your uniform and it must be returned in the same condition as you received it.
      • These will be redesigned no more than every two years.
        • ex.) If you are a junior and purchase it then you will get two years of use out of it. If you are a sophomore and purchase it, you will get two years and then your senior year it might be redesigned to freshen up our look and stay on trend! If you purchase your own you can wear it like any other cheer attire.