Portfolio review

Introductory rate: $19 (offline review)

or $29 (online review)

"Make a lasting impression on a program, not a last impression."

-Ed4Med LLC


How will a portfolio review improve my chances of getting an interview?

Your portfolio [CV (curriculum vitae) and PS (personal statement)] is your first chance to showcase your strengths and abilities to the program director. Every residency program uses the information in your portfolio to filter the numerous applications it receives and invites only the most suitable applicants. A strong, well-rounded and error-free portfolio (both in grammar and in content) greatly enhances your chances of getting an interview offer. Remember that once you finalize your ERAS application, you cannot make any more changes. Your CV and PS can either "make or break" your chances of getting an interview offer. And without an interview, you cannot get into that program.

Ed4MedLLC prepares you to be your best by:

  • help strengthening your portfolio, such as, by using right action words to describe your experiences.
  • providing feedback to know what works and what is considered trite in your personal statement and how you can rephrase and make it unique.
  • identifying any red flags or errors.
  • knowing what the interviewer is looking for and what upsets a program director.

What's the difference between online and offline review?

In an offline review, you receive a written evaluation report within 5 days. In an online review, an online video call is scheduled to review and discuss your portfolio.

Who reviews my CV and PS?

Varun Agrawal MD reviews your portfolio.

How should I setup for the online review?

Google hangouts (this allows video recording), high speed internet, webcam and microphone are adequate for quality video calls. You need to be in a quiet room to avoid distraction.

What do I need to send to you for a portfolio review?

Your residency application (CV) and personal statement (PS) as much as you have completed.

I am hesitant to send my personal information in my portfolio. What do I do?

You can strike out personal details such as birth date, mailing address, social security number or any identifying information as per your personal judgement on any materials submitted by you.

Will you edit my portfolio?

Expert recommendations to improve your portfolio and correcting any error will be provided. Your application and personal statement will not be rewritten.

How long is the consultation?

Up to 30 minutes.