Engaged Change Solutions

About Engaged Change Solutions

Engaged Change Solutions assists leaders, teams, as well as organizations to succeed in a world of constant change with Executive Coaching and Management Consulting services within the Columbus, Ohio, and Cincinnati areas.

Understanding & Leadership

At Engaged Change Solutions, they focus wholeheartedly on developing an understanding of you and the organization you work with at a profound level, with regards to your strategies, your goals, and also your culture. From this point, the company very capably lead projects forward while your success is continually facilitated along the way.

Tom Reeves: President and CEO of Engaged Change Solutions

For the previous 17 years, Tom has been a change consultant, a facilitator, and a coach. Over that same period of time, he’s been leading and managing change at various levels of industry.

His own ethos is rooted in Columbia University’s approach that is taken towards personal, team, and organizational development.

Why Choose Engaged Change Solutions?

Engagement on All Three Levels

At Engaged Change Solutions, they make engagement on all levels simplistic and achieveable. Engagement occurs on three levels:

- Individual

- Team/ Group

- Organizational/ Enterprise

Strategy and Adaptive Change

Even the most experienced leaders in industry find it challenging to lead strategy execution or adaptive change. Thus, at Engaged Change Solutions, they partner with you so that you can be guided in the navigation of complex challenges, in removing barriers such as emotional resistance to change, and in helping your team to succeed in what has become a rapidly changing world.

Executive and Leadership Development

The Engaged Change Solutions company partners with many of the best outside resources to be found in the industry. They rely on assessment tools that are particularly cutting edge, to other coaches and facilitators that can help you to address very specific and exceptionally niche challenges.

Performance Improvement and Optimization

Irrespective that you are a leader or that you are an individual contributor, you should focus on optimal level performance through the exploration of your own personal strengths and your opportunities for making improvement.

Career and Role Transitions

With career and role transitions comes the potential for stress in the workplace and also at home. Aim to take a large step in the right direction with regards to your transition, your promotion, or your career change by securing the services of Engaged Change Solutions.