Guitar Ensemble

Concert set list: Star-Spangled Banner, Strum Variations, Hey, Ho, Nobody Home, Shalom Chaverim, 80 & 81, This Train, Boogie Bass, Simple Gifts, Rockin' Blues, Down in the Valley, Minuet in G by Bach

Guitar Ensemble is made up of mostly 11th and 12th graders. Most of the students do not have a formal musical background/training.

What our week looks like:

  • Monday: Melody day - we learn how the song goes, the notes, fingerings, tabs, and rhythms
  • Tuesday: Chord day - we learn the chords that are associated with each song and combine the melody with the chords
  • Wednesday: Class Quiz on songs/chords learned on Monday and Tuesday
  • Thursday: Sectional day - students work on the song that they will be learning
  • Friday: Performance Fridays! A stage is set-up with microphones and amps, and the students play the song they worked on, or part of it. Some students also sing and play along. Solos, duets, and trios are encouraged.

*Every day we start the class by warming-up our fingers, using patterns of 01234, 1324, 1434, and 1323 on every string, starting from the Low-E to the High-E, then back. The tempo we take is about 144 bpm.

Practice rooms, all four practice rooms are in use for students that are more advanced, or have special projects they work on throughout the semester. Currently there are five students that practice electric guitar in them, and perform in class and concerts regularly.

Concerts are required! Guitar ensemble will be featured on Friday, April 21st at 7:00PM in Anderson Hall at ECRCHS.

More Involvement:

Guitar students also partake in Community Events, Mariachi Club, lunch time rehearsals, and Accompanying Beginning/Intermediate orchestra. Some of the advanced students learn songs that guitarists from Jazz Band are learning.