15.25 – 16.05 liron pantanowitz - Embedding AI into Digital Pathology Workflows

Now that digital pathology is mature there is a palpable uptake in the interest around AI. Most AI tools have been developed in a research or test environment, and have not been applied in clinical pathology labs. Therefore, guidance on how best to use AI in clinical practice is lacking. This talk will share some of the work we are doing at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the USA testing these AI apps for clinical use. This includes co-development of deep learning algorithms, clinical validation studies, and figuring out where exactly to embed these apps into clinical workflow. Challenges related to the kind of infrastructure required in a clinical environment such as the need for GPUs, integration with legacy systems, and working in the cloud are also discussed.

CV Liron Pantanowitz is a Professor of Pathology and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA. He is the Vice Chair for Pathology Informatics and Director of the Pathology Informatics Fellowship Program and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). He is also the Director of Cytopathology at UPMC Shadyside. Dr. Pantanowitz is an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pathology. He is a past president of the Association of Pathology Informatics, serves on the digital pathology committee of the College of American Pathology and he is a member of the Digital Pathology Association board of directors. His is widely published in the field of pathology informatics and his research interests include digital pathology and artificial intelligence.