Filippo Fraggetta - Implementation of the ContextVision INIFY(TM) tool for the automatic detection of prostatic cancer in a fully digital routine workflow

Background & objectives

Validation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) prototype tool INIFYTM (ContextVision Company, Sweden) for the detection of prostatic cancer in bioptic samples were evaluated ia fully digital pathology laboratory at Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania, Italy


The procedure included the following steps: integration with the local laboratory information system (LIS) (Pathox ver.13) and possibility to open the INIFYTM web viewer. All cases submitted were confirmed by expert pathologists.


The integration with the local LIS was obtained using a specific HL7 connection. between LIS and INIFYTM AI tool without problems. According to a default protocol only Whole Slide Images (WSI) belonging to prostatic bioptic samples were automatically submitted for analysis at the end of the scanning session, without need of manual intervention. After analysis the results were available within the virtual tray of the case: flipped image if cancer. A total of 4746 WSI of prostatic cancers were submitted to INIFYTM tool, with a success rate of 100%. The prototype tool showed high specificity at recognizing cancer but low sensitivity. However by using the INIFYTM viewer all the suspicious area were indicated.


The installation of ContextVision INIFYTM in the Catania Digital Pathology department showed a successful integration of this AI tool in a fully digital workflow, facility to use, working as computer-aided diagnosis. This tools could be a helpful instrument in a digital routine.