11.30 – 12.00 lena kajland wilén - How can we ensure that deep learning-based analysis of H&E-images is truly helpful to the clinical workflow?

In order to be a valuable, highly appreciated asset to pathologists in their daily work, there are a variety of demands that a decision support software must meet. Although the performance of the algorithm itself is key, what makes it truly helpful is how well it is integrated into the clinical workflow.

I will discuss how to use the development process to create final products that save time, reduce intra/inter-individual differences in pathologists’ interpretations, and enable quantitative measurements and reporting.

CV Lena Kajland Wilén is Director of Business Unit Digital Pathology at ContextVision AB, a medical technology software company that specializes in image analysis and artificial intelligence. She has over 30 years of experience within international life science business. Her marketing and business expertise was excellenced during many years at Pharmacia Ophthalmics. Thereafter she headed the marketing function within Aerocrine AB for a decade and for MicroDose mammography within Philips Healthcare for a couple of years. Lately she has worked as Director of Business Development at ContextVision. She holds a Master in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and a DIHM in Marketing economics from Business School IHM.