Computational Pathology Symposium 2022

We thank all sponsors and attendees for a highly successful 7th edition of the Computational Pathology Symposium in Basel, Switserland.

The symposium had its inaugural meeting at the European Congress of Pathology ​2016 in Cologne, Germany. Other (non-virtual) editions of the symposium were held in Amsterdam, Bilbao, and Nice. The symposium aims to be a forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge in the area of computational pathology. We bring together key speakers from both academia and industry to facilitate such interaction in the broadest possible manner. Topics of interest are algorithm development and validation, regulatory and usability issues, and clinical value. Embedding of this symposium in the European Congress of Pathology is considered a great asset, as the congress is attended by a broad audience, including many pathologists.

Additionally, we invite (young) researchers to present their research. The highest ranking abstracts will be awarded the Best Abstract Award.

This year, we congratulate Oliver Lester Saldanha with winning the Best Abstract Award for his work on Swarm learning for decentralized artificial intelligence in cancer histopathology.

The Computational Pathology Symposium is generously sponsored by: