Recycle Sites

Waste recycling businesses on Koh Phangan will accept both small and large quantities of many materials including PET plastic, other plastics, glass bottles, cardboard, car batteries, metals.

Larger quantities can be sold to the recyclers who will give a fixed price per kg.

Used engine oil can be taken to most larger garages for recycling. Most materials are shipped off island to major reprocessing plants in Surat Thani or Nakhon Sri Thamarat.

Dry cell batteries can be disposed of in the Hazardous Waste bins provided at the following sites on Koh Phangan :

1. Baan Tai municipality offices

2. Wat pho ..Baan noak community

3. Wat Nai for Baan nuea community

4. Community Sala for Baan Kai community

5. Tong nai paan school for tong nai paan community

6. Wastewater plant haadrin by the school

Car batteries can be disposed of at the majority of recycle business sites on the map.

The first map below is in Google Maps format for precise identification on the Phangan roads, (tap pin for more detail, map can be panned and zoomed). This map is now being populated with segregated recycle bin sites on the island also (star icons). The second map indicates the recycling sites on the island, their names in both Thai and English and the type of waste that they accept and whether the site has crushing equipment.

Tessabaan use a separate recycle and incineration company on the island but this is not currently utilisable by the general public.

A new addition is the Samui Clean Google map of Koh Samui sites and we also include contact details for a commercial recycle company on Koh Samui.

Koh Samui Recycle Sites (courtesy Brent Jones, Samui Clean FB)