Plastic Free Phangan

EcoThailand - Moving Towards a Plastic Free Phangan - One Small Step of the Journey

The recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between all key government, community and retail organisations on KPN has added extra focus and drive towards minimising single use plastic on the island. Such a goal now becomes achievable, although, realisticaly, will be brought about by small incremental steps.

As part of our Plastic Free Phangan campaign, and broader Global Warming interests, EcoThailand is helping to facilitate an agreement between the Hotels Association of Phangan, repesenting upto 100 hotels on the island, and the producers of Nature Star Compostable Biopolymers for the supply of compostable straws, and potentially, bags, cutlery and plates, for the Association members. These products are biodegradable and (unlike some products) are home compostable, so decreasing single use plastic polluting the environment or going to landfill. They are manufactured in Thailand and at very competitive prices. In addition, moving forward, independent retailers can obtain supplies of these compostable products via the Hotels Association and other distributors. Discussions are also in progress with Makro, major night markets and other outlets on the island and we are optimistic that these products will be available to all retailers and market stall holders on KPN in the near future.

Whilst our ultimate objective is an island completely free of single use plastic materials we feel that a step away from petrochemical based single use plastics, to materials based on biopolymers, which degrade naturally in the environment and, preferably, can be composted in 'home type' compost bins, is a pragmatic, practical and positive step for the island and its communities.

You can support the initiative by requesting that your retail supplies outlet, local restaurant, cafe or market stallholder consider stocking or using these products as they become available, and also of course, use them yourselves as individuals. Equally, paper straws are already available at a number of outlets on the island and represent an alternative eco friendly option, particularly if composted.

Further information on the background to compostable biopolymers can be found in the 'Albums' section of our fb Group .... 'Composable Biopolymers', and, also in our 'Albums' section, additional information on general composting and how to set up and run your own composting site, can be found:

Should you require further information, on this, or other initiatives, we can be contacted via the email address on our 'Plastic Free Phangan' webpage:

Looking forwards to a Plastics Free Phangan

The EcoThailand Team