Past Projects (English)

Photographic review of CBFCM/EcoThailand supported Projects on Koh Phangan

In Partnership with Walking Street Team, Shake Hand Groups and others

Mangrove Walk

Mangroves are decreasing on the Gulf Islands. Key to their protection is education of local people and visitors - the creation of a raised mangrove walkway for easy accessibility with minimal environmental impact, and educational signage, aids understanding of this ecosystem.

Artificial Sea Grass

This has been used selectively to increase breeding area within the local environment.

Artificial Reef

Over 150 perforated concrete blocks were cast and placed within a suitable coastal region to form an artificial reef so enhancing coastal biodiversity. Local schoolchildren decorated the blocks with aquatic art before placement. Ongoing monitoring of the reef will be in Partnership with Coresea or other partners.

Turtle Release

Rearing of local turtle species and their release by local people and children helping to increase their numbers following many years of decline.

Crab Bank

Local fishermen were provided with training and equipment to set up an on shore crab breeding bank to increase species numbers. After several years of operation the fishermen redesigned the system allowing 'in sea' deployment with ease of maintenance and operation. The system is in continued operation.

Shops and Markets

On Koh Phangan and Samui meetings and discussion with local traders and businesses has resulted in major improvements on the usage of disposable plastic bags and styrofoam takeaway trays - the majority of plastic bags used by 7-11 and Makro are now biodegradable and Tesco Lotus are promoting the use of non-disposable cloth bags. On Phangan, Thong Sala market traders are increasing use of paper and cardboard takeaway boxes and plates and even returnable ceramic plates. Extension of these practices are being promoted and extended across the islands.


Local Shake Hand Group now collects solid waste from major retailers on Phangan, including Makro, Big C, Lotus, 7 11 and Thong Sala Market, enabling the recycling of 1-2 tons of organic solid waste every day.

Walking Street Group provide recycling at Thong Sala Beach area and Walking Street Market, with signage provided by Jinta of

Local Education and Interactions

EcoThailand is active in promoting education, local interaction and participation involving schools, businesses, government departments and individuals.. Illustrated is the Koh Phangan local Shake Hand Group which is enabling schools and business to reduce organic and plastic waste in partnership, the Green Cross Beach Clean Group involved in education and regular beach cleanups, Koh Phangan local school groups and CBFCM based in Surat Thani city.

Eco Construction and Sustainability Advice

Working with your architects, we can advise partners and interested parties on design and construction of eco, low environmental impact and sustainability construction projects - featured is our Baan Tai office utilising rainwater collection, thermal efficiency design, water management and low power design principles.

Current and Future Projects

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