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Whilst a number of our historical legacy projects (see below for links) continue, and in which we maintain an interest and involvement, our current efforts are now focused on four primary active projects, three of which are new:

  • 1. Schools and Moo Baan Training in Mentoring and Leadership Courses for Environmental Awareness - Environmental Guardianship engaged in their most recent training Day, 24th August 2019, for pupils of Tessabaan Koh Phangan school, Wat Rajcharoen school and Madua Waan school as part of our ongoing Phangan and Gulf Island teaching and awareness initiative.

Our training days have the objective of helping to develop young environmental leaders ... the youth of today are the movers and shakers of tomorrow! In the current sessions we engaged with 30 students from 3 schools, annually we interact with upwards of 150 students from many of the schools on Phangan, in addition to adult awareness sessions at village Moo Baan meetings. The courses and training cover a broad scope of environmental issues, from global warming through pollution control and recycling.

Each training day costs atleast 20,000 baht to adequately provide for the students and attendees ... in this specific case, financial support was generously provided by Tessabaan, EcoThailand itself and also individual donors. Looking ahead we would like to generate sufficient funding to extend environmental training and awareness to an increased number of students and adults, across all schools and Moo Baan, on a more regular basis.

Can you help? ... as a business sponsor, individual benefactor, or helping with events, you can have a positive impact in helping to develop eco credentials, improving environmental sustainability and minimising environmental degredation for everyones futures on Phangan. We believe that, by developing environmentally aware community members and leaders, we can achieve long term and lasting benefit for all in the Thai Gulf.

This is an EcoThailand project with current financial support from Tessabaan, business and individual donations

Our thanks to those organisations and individuals who have so generously suported us to date ... and, of course, our talented speakers:

Jintamard : Master of Science in Environmental Studies from Newcastle University, Australia

Nongyao : Master of Science program in Appropriate technology for resources and Environmental Development from Mahidol University

Arphonrut: Master of Science in Environmental Management from National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)

Natthamon : Master of Applied Behavioral Science from Behavioral Science Research Institute (BSRI) Srinakharinwirot University

  • 2. Community Based Recyclable Waste Management

Communities are involved and engaged in decision making to define the most appropriate means to deal with their specific area recyclable waste. Options include a Recycle Bank, Recycle Market, Organic Waste Upcycling or Recycle Exchange schemes. Following decision making the local communities are aided in setting up their chosen scheme resulting in a fully endorsed and viable local recycling system. It is hoped that the lessons learned on Koh Phangan may, again, be positively applied on the other Gulf Islands.

This is a joint project between Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office, Regional Environmental Office 14, and EcoThailand.

  • 3. Activity based learning and education (including defined collection, separation and quantification) for school children, starting with Koh Phangan Suksa School but ultimately all of the Koh Phangan schools, and, potentially, other Gulf Island schools, for a wide variety of beach contaminants, including both macro and micro plastic debris, their analysis and their environmental impacts.
  • Training in environmental awareness and impacts of local communities and businesses.

This is a joint project between Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office, Regional Environmental Office 14, and EcoThailand.

  • 4. Water Quality and Resources Mapping and Analysis on the Thai Gulf Islands. We are mapping government data for water quality across the gulf islands and adding data based on information received from discussion with locals and local community groups. It is anticipated that this will facilitate remedial actions by responsible parties so improving water quality aspects.
  • Additionally we are mapping recycle company sites and bins on the islands.

Current preliminary mapping can be seen on our 'Sea quality' webpage and 'Recycle Sites'.

This is an EcoThailand led project with data drawn from Environmental Department sources.

Local businesses are encouraged to be supportive of our projects and eco activities by becoming members (at no cost) of our Alliance Network, and in doing so make a positive contribution to environmental awareness and maintaining the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Gulf Islands.

Several future projects are in the concept and discussion stages - please call back for further information and updates.

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Our continuing work in the Gulf of Thailand is critically dependent on Grant Aid and benefactors donations ... Please support us in making a difference.

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