Island Community Philanthropy

Island Community Philanthropy

The Island Community Philanthropy Program is an initiative of EcoThailand which unites businesses and customers in the tourism and retail sectors with local environmental, social, community and economic causes on the Thai Gulf Islands.

What is Community Philanthropy?

Community philanthropy (CP) combines long-term local asset development with a focus on strengthening community capacities and agency.

A powerful and simple logic underpins the basic idea of community philanthropy:

  • Community philanthropy is based on the premise that all communities have their own assets (money, skills, knowledge, networks, etc.). When these are pooled together, they build community power and voice.
  • By contributing their own resources, people start to feel like co-investors with a stake in their own development.
  • When people feel they have something at stake, they care more about the outcomes, and evidence shows that they become more invested in acting in ways that advance and protect their collective interests.
  • When local contributions are brought to the table, a different, flatter kind of power dynamic is created when dealing with external donors, which challenges traditional donor-beneficiary dynamics.
  • When local resources are mobilized, new, more horizontal forms of accountability emerge, based on trust and transparency.

The following are examples of how you, too, can get involved:

  • Contribution of time to regular beach clean and roadside organisations.
  • Segregation of waste materials into appropriate waste bins
  • Provision of resort and restaurant segregation bins
  • Compost organic materials at your local school, restaurant, retail or resort business site
  • Constructon of appropriate waste water treatment facilities at your home or retail site
  • Participation in EcoThailands sponsored schools, moo baan and business site educational programs
  • Financial contribution, as a personal donation, or as part of your Corporate Social Responsibily program. EcoThailand will administer donatons and support local community applicants.

Contact EcoThailand for details on how you can make a difference!