EcoAlliance Network

As part of EcoThailands ongoing committment to the environment of the Gulf Islands we have founded our Eco Alliance Network, a free to join group of businesses, environmentally aware enterprises, governmental and community based organisations.

Our remit is to partner with beach resorts, inland resorts, entertainment venues, shops restaurants and other government and community organisations to support and maintain a clean and sustainable environment on the islands.

We encourage businesses, and others, to join our Alliance, to apply the principles and practice of the alliance in cleaning the local environment around each member site. In doing so, the businesses gain increased customer satisfaction, increased client quality, and promotion and support from the EcoThailand organisation and its partners.

Principles of the Alliance:

Each resort, business or organisation undertakes to clean, segregate, recycle waste and maintain the biodiversity of both its own grounds, and those lands adjacent to the business be it beach, waterway, road or jungle.

When possible, businesses will help support wider island based initiatives

EcoThailand will liase and facilitate in environmental aspects between businesses and local government agencies, NGO groups and volunteer groups

EcoThailand will offer free advice on waste segregation, waste disposal, recycling and eco friendly design principles

EcoThailand will promote the eco credentials of the businesses via its website and events

Additional added value benefits of premium membership are available by agreement. Please contact us by email to discuss further.

Green Hotel Award

5 hotels on Samui recently awarded ... this is something Phangan hotels should also consider.

Ecothailands EcoAssociation members can obtain advice and online application.

LESS (Low Emission Support Scheme) businesses can apply and obgain certification ... EcoThailand can sponsor and support Gulf Island based organisations and businesses to obtain certifications .. please contact us for more information.

With the designation of the Gulf Islands as an Environmental Protection Area this accreditation will enhance the islands opportunities for sustainable tourism and government support.

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