Environmental Footprint Calculators

Environmental Footprint Calculators ... click the links

Use the following links to resources to calculate your lifestyle impact on the world environment.

Basic Footprint Calculator. Questions are about your food consumption, housing details including electrical use, and transportation. It gives you a day of the year where you used up too many resources that are not renewable within that year. It tells you how many Earths are needed if all people live like you.

Carbon Footprint Calculator. More detailed calculator. Questions include information about your house, transport use etc. It asks about secondary carbon sources by specifying the amount (in US dollars) you spend on food, drinks, clothes, education, appliances, devices, etc.

Water Footprint Calculator. The survey asks for information about the the number of people in the household, extent of time you use for baths, taps, toilets, dishes, laundry, etc. Its designed for a house sited in USA choice of states, choose one with a climate similar to your country of residence.