Business Support

EcoThailand encourages local businesses and organisations to join our EcoAssociation. Membership confers a level of promotion and free advice for the participating businesses.

Should a business require more detailed and personalised assessment, advice, or support, this can be provided on a cost only plus expenses basis. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

We can provide support and advice in many eco areas, including government regulation, waste water treatment, eco construction principles, community interaction, water quality testing, and others.

One important area concerning business operation currently on Koh Phangan, and potentially all Gulf islands, is compliance with government environmental regulations, see below:

Environmental Assessment - Resort and Hotel Business Owners on Koh Phangan (now a designated Environmental Protection Area).

ENHANCEMENT AND CONSERVATION OF THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT, B.E. 2535 (1992, ... with subsequent Environmental Impact Assessment regulations)

With the increasing application of governmental central policy on the Gulf Islands it is perhaps timely for business owners to know if they are in compliance with the current regulations, particularly in relation to geographic siting, waste water disposal (both gray and black water) and with solid waste.

Is your business compliant with the Environmental Legislation 1992 and the more recent Environmental Impact Assessment Revisions?

Is your business subject to Environmental Act Inspection? Do you know if it falls within the Act? Has your business been previously assessed? Is your paperwork compliant? Will it be subject to future assessment?

Generally small resorts on Koh Phangan (less than 10 units) are inspected at the time of construction and may be registered under homestay regulations, small hotel regulations and planning regulations and should have signed off paperwork to that effect, and may require regular submission, which should be produced on demand to government officers.

Resorts and hotels with, (depending on proximity to the ocean), 10 or more units, or 80 or more units, are subject to full inspection by environmental officers at completion of construction and larger units undergo periodic inspection at 5 year intervals, and must be compliant with current regulations at each inspection.

Koh Phangan is a designated Environmental Protection Area and the laws are both strict and complex with severe non-compliance penalties. If in doubt, we can assess your business using trained assessors, - our EcoAssociation Partners receiving free initial advice. Extended assessments of partners, and non-affiliated business operations, can be undertaken by agreed contract.