Saving the earth one tip at a time. 29 Dec 2019.

It's overwhelming to try to think of saving the planet and being more sustainable in one go. There are many problems, some of which have difficult or no solutions available in 2019.

I started my journey by doing things one step at a time. Everyone can start today by doing simple steps to help the environment. If enough individuals act, it will create a movement for change which is quite powerful.

I suggest to start with baby steps, for example, try keeping a reusable coffee cup in the car or work bag and use it to eliminate disposable coffee cup wastage. Also, put your shopping bags in the car boot so they are ready for the next grocery shop. Use reusable containers for your food left overs for the fridge instead of wrapping with single use cling wrap. Each little step adds up, breaking old habits and being more sustainable.

2019 was a mammoth year getting the videos up every week and launching the online social media channels. I thought it would be tough getting ideas but the creative process came easily to me and often one video would inspire more related videos in the future.

I look forward to you all coming along with me on my journey into 2020 and beyond.