Economics and Psychology Working Group

This working group is made possible by the generous support of the Foundations of Human Behavior Initiative.

To sign up for this working group, please e-mail Lauren LaRosa <>.


  • Sam Gershman (Harvard, Psychology)
  • David Laibson (Harvard, Economics)
  • Xavier Gabaix (Harvard, Economics)


Hansen-Mason Room (Littauer Center, 3rd floor), 6-7:30pm. Food will be served at 5:45pm.


January 25 - David Laibson (Harvard, Economics), intertemporal choice

February 1 - Sam Gershman (Harvard, Psychology), Bayesian models of cognition

February 8 - Xavier Gabaix (Harvard, Economics), bounded rationality

February 15 - Jan Drugowitsch (Harvard, Neurobiology), perceptual decision making

March 1 - Marc Howard (BU Psychology), mathematical models of memory

March 8 - Joe McGuire (BU Psychology), temporal expectations

March 22 - Alex Rosati (Harvard HEB), comparative approaches to decision making

April 5 - Moshe Hoffman (Harvard, program for evolutionary dynamics), evolutionary game theory

April 26 - Julian Jara-Ettinger (MIT, BCS), the naive utility calculus