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EconGPS is a think tank that provides business planning and financial services based on political economic research. EconGPS is always asking, "What is the global position of the US and global economy?" For example, today's stock values are historically high and the VIX is historically low suggesting unusual and transitory times. The US Federal Reserve is managing the economy based on the 1980s laffer curve and Econgps feels this no longer makes sense given the changes in technology and public policy since the 1980s. Econgps recommends a three part approach to business economics.

First, long term financial products should index the SP500 and go up and over but never down. This is because Econgps research suggests the US and global economies have been poorly managed for years by central planners. Secondly, Econgps recommends decision makers prioritize business planning and establish a baseline for ongoing business learning and business intelligence (BI) using operations technologies (OT) often called IoT. Finally, Econgps recommends incorporating changes in technology and demographics to find blue ocean markets with few competitors and huge upsides. New markets may exist within the underfunded public sector including public goods like civil infrastructure, energy policy, health care, water rights, national security and education. Use of this three part business economics approach is a step towards control of one's financial future and growing the economy.