ECO Curriculum


Recommendations for teachers this year in this ECO Curriculum site:

New Teachers: Create a page with your name if one has not yet been created for you. Under your name create subpages for each class you are teaching this semester. Take a look at the last page that has the templates which we use. Feel free to check the work of other teachers for ideas you might want to use.

Returning Teachers: there are choices...

Here are a couple of them:

Option 1: duplicate your page with your name. Move one of those pages to the page named Archive 2020-2021 & then edit the other one that is at the level of the Home Page to fit your courses this year.

Option 2: move your page from last year that has your name into Archive 2020-2021 & then create a new page at the level of the Home Page with your name. Create a sub page for each of your courses this semester on your page. Copy and edit material from last year and/or start from scratch.

Note: all of your curriculum from last year should be in the Archive page. Currently Michael owns this site and we all have editing privileges. Please take care not to alter other people's work. To find this site, search the Shared with me folder and remember the name ECO Curriculum.

*From Diane and Katrina

Standards Based Grading

Introduction to Standards-Based Grading for Parents
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