Membership Manual

Membership Manual

Formation Manual

Ecclesia Eccumunial Leadership

Church Growth Network

Table of Content

Uses of This Manual

What is Ecclesia Ecumenical Leadership

Our Mission & Purpose

What Do We Do?

Covenant Partners

What We Are Not

Membership Guidelines

Apostolic Guidelines for Ministers


Use of This Manual

This manual is a reference for the leadership and membership of Ecclesia Eccamunical Leadership. It contains the legal documents that govern our network, as well as important policies, job descriptions, and forms.

A secondary purpose of this manual is to provide resources for other networks & churches. It is important to understand, however, that the manual does not offer specific legal or accounting advice. It is simply an example of networks attempt to organize and operate itself properly. Particular provisions may not be advisable for other circumstances, places, and times. Thus, on specific issues, other networks should consult with a lawyer or an accountant who is knowledgeable in the laws and procedures relative to networks in their legal jurisdiction.

What is Ecclesia Ecumenical Leadership

(Church Growth Network)

Ecclesia will serve as an Apostolic and New Testament Church Network. Our goal is "Promoting Dignity & Excellence in Church Leadership for A Postmodern Generation".

Our Mission & Purpose

To create a nonthreatening, nonjudgmental environment for the training of christian leaders and churchmen. It is our goal is to see them go on to make disciples that will do the same. We do all that we do while seeking to advance the Kingdom of God through viral, simple church planting.

What Do We Do?

Ecclesia Eccamunical Leadership Church Growth Network will serve as an Apostolic and New Testament church network for Independent Pastors, church planters and leaders that have a desire for Apostolic covering, training, personal development, coaching, mentoring and church growth consulting.

Covenant Partners

Leaders that partner with Ecclesia will maintain full autonomy and Identity. Our desire is simply to offer leadership training, apostolic covering and where needed, legitimate licensing and ordination to young ministers to assist them in the fulfillment of their calling in ministry.

What We Are No

We are not a denomination, we are not a traditional church fellowship or reformation. We are a body of independent autonomous churches and leaders that have networked together under the bond of Christians love to expand the kingdom of God.

Membership Guidelines

An organization is only as strong as the people within the organization that have a willingness and desire to commit to a set order of guidelines; they have agreed upon. It is with this mind that we draft this set of guidelines to assist us in setting proper boundaries for or network.

  1. Integrity
    1. One of the pillows for membership in our Network is that each member must be willing to see the importance of maintaining a standard of high integrity.
      1. This does not mean that we are looking for people to be perfect.

1Ti 3:2 ESV Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

    1. The bible says that we that lead should have a live that is above reproach.
      1. This means that we are to cares themselves in a manner that others won’t have reason to criticize us.
    2. We value the integrity of our Network and we understand that the integrity of the Network as a whole is built upon the reputations of the individual members.
  1. Commitment
    1. Commitment is defined as the state quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.
      1. We understand that our members have lives and ministries outside of their affliation with Ecclesia Eccumenical Leadership.
      2. We understand that your commitment to Ecclesia Eccumenical Leadership is secondary to family and Church.
    2. We will seek to schedule all Network functions only after proper planning and a majority agreement of the EEL Board.
      1. Our commitment will not be only to our network. We will commit to support and encourage our fellow network members, their church and their family.
    3. Dimensions of our Commitment
      • Commitment to grow ourselves as Leaders.
      • Commitment to help aid in the growth of the leaders under our care.
      • Commitment to help grow our Network by introducing it to other leaders
      • Commitment to use this network as a means to expand the body of Christ.
    4. Excellance
      • Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
      • As a network and as individual leaders within the fellowship we will commit to promoting a spirit of excellence in all that we do.
        • We will do that which only reflects the dignity and excellence that will cause the Body of Christ, our network, our churches and us as individuals to be seen in the best light.

Membership Financials & Obligations:

We all have a clear understanding that their is no way we can operate this vision with each of us coming together and helping with the financial obligations.

What will our funds will be used for?

  1. The day to day needs of our Network.
    • Copies
    • Purchase of computers (as needed)
    • Website design & maintenance
    • Software and apps to allow us to work and produce train material efficiently.
  2. To help us find onsite trainings around the country.
    • We plan to use our own leaders as much as possible.
    • Wherever, there may be specific trainings, where a facilitator that has expertise in certain field is need.
    • Rent host facilities when needed.
  3. Our monthly funding will assist us in the travel expenses of our Prelate and Apostle Council members as needed: (hotel, flyes, car rental, meals)
    • Apostolic Visitations: visits to meet with local pastors, overseers, Bishop, etc when needed
    • To assist in special service in local assemblies.
      • Church anniversaries
      • Pastoral appreciations
      • Emergency
        • Deaths
  4. Our funding will also allow us to assist (not fund) pastors in our Network that may fall on hard times.
    • Lose of Job
    • Serious needs the church may have.
  5. At some point we will be able to fund church planters.
    • Elders in our Network that have served their senior pastors 5 years or more.
    • Outside leaders that may come to us that are will to submit:
      • 1 year of church planting, growth and Leadership train.
      • And a 2 year commit to our Network for Apostolic Covering.
    • We will assist the church planters with a set cash amount each 3 months for one year
    • The church planters will have to commit to:
      • Tithing 10% of the church's gross monthly income back into EEL.
      • The senior leader will commit our monthly membership dues.
      • The leader will only appoint leaders in the local body that will be members of EEL
        • and commit to the $10 per month membership due
      • Filing Monthly reports
        • Baptisms
        • Attendance
        • Conducting Monthly house trainings with their leaders.

Membership Dues:

  • Presiding Prelate:
    • $600 per year ($50 per month)
  • Apostolic Council Members:
    • $300 per year ($25 per month)
  • College of Bishops:
    • $300 per year ($25 per month)
  • Pastors:
    • $240 per year ($20 per month)
  • Local Evangelist, Minister, Prophets:
    • $120 per year ($10 per month)
  • Deacons:
    • $120 per year ($10 per month)

Please Note:

(These numbers do not include online classes for ordinations, conference fees, onsite trainings or processing fees for paperwork creating for licensing, ordinations or Consecrations)

It's About more than Preaching

It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.

- Francis of Assisi

I think this quote speaks of the integrity and life style that we as members of Ecclesia Eccumential Leadership must desire. It is not enough for us to preach and desire to go places to preach, if our live itself is not a message. Our lives should be a messages that is being broadcasted out in our every action and deed throughout every day.

  • How do people see you?
    • The bible says we should have a good report within (in the Church) and without (in the community with the unchurched).
    • Very easy to keep a good reputation within your church, that not where it counts.
  • What is your reputation in your community?
  • Do you have a reputations of making enemies?
  • Do you have a habit of not being honest when it comes to money?

I know as we read those, some of us are tempted to point out others actions that could have brought marks against or reputations. However, the highest and most visible trait of spiritual maturity is when you are willing to stop blaming others and take 100% responsibility for our own life.

Others may have caused marks against our names but what have we done to make things right. Too often we as christian leaders are emotional responders that are moves by our emotions and not the leading of God. When we do this all we do is make matters worst.

This is why Networks Ecclesia Eccumentical leadership are vitally important. It allows Lay leaders, Deacons, Ministers, Elders, Pastors, Overseers, Bishops & Apostles to find a nonjudgmental, nonthreatening places so that their characters can be shaped and molded by other more seasoned leaders.

We invited you to come walk with us as God is about to do a new things!

Apostolic Guidelines for Local Ministers

The purpose and work of the ministers in each local assembly is vital to the lifeline of the church. The ministers within each local assembly must be given clear instructions and guidelines that will govern their behavior and conduct. This is not an attempt to in anyway control or to manipulate them. However, it is used as means of give them proper structure:

  • For the safety of their reputation as a minister in their community,
  • The safety guard the reputation of the Senior Pastor,
  • The safety of the reputation of local church
  • The safety of the reputation of the body of Christ as a whole.

Rom 10:2 KJV For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.

When it comes to being a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ it is not enough to be a good preacher, one must understand his obligation to their local assembly and to their commitment and locality to the Senior Pastor. Any time obligation and commitment are not clear we will find ministers that run the risk of being see as described in Rom. 10:2, having “a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.”

Exo 24:13 KJV And Moses rose up, and his minister Joshua: and Moses went up into the mount of God.

The first time the word minister in the bible is used is making references Joshua. Bible says that Joshua was the Moses Minister.

It is very important that each minister understand that they are not ministers in the church ONLY the are also to be ministers to and that assist the Senior Leader. If any minister feels that their ministry is to to the church only and does not understand their obligation to be submitted as a minister of the Senior Pastor, they truly have a zeal of God, but it is not according to proper order.

Protocol for Ministers in the Local church

  • Understand their obligation to their local church and Pastor.
    • This is the groundwork for proper accountability
      • As a minister you should have a mindset that says, “If we are having services I need to be present”
        • Members quickly lose respect for ministers that are absent frequently.
        • When Ministers are absent frequently from the local assembly it kills their influence with the very people the are called to minister to.

Outside Appointments & Speaking Engagements

  • All outside appointments should be cleared with Senior Pastor.
    • Again this is not control this is a safeguard your reputation as well as your Pastors.
      • The Senior pastor may have insight that you don’t have about the ministry requesting you to come.
        • God may show the Senior Pastor reasons why you shouldn’t go.
      • You never accept an appointment and then tell your pastor your going.
        • Everything you do good, bad and ugly will always be a reflection on your pastor and his ability it as a leader.
        • Therefore, as a minister that will be licenced and at some point ordained under his watch, you own him the honor of ask for his blessings to go and minister in other places.
      • It is proper and in order for the pastor from the church that is requesting the minister to come to give the minister’s Senior Pastor a call with the following.
        • Invitation for the Senior Pastor to be in attendance or to send fellow leader with the minister.
        • Information about what kind of service the minister is being invited to.
        • Information should be give in a timely manner so that the pastor doesn’t have to make an instant decision.