eCampus Textbooks @ Ancilla College

Ancilla College provides textbook rentals to students as part of your tuition. Please see the FAQ section and the links for specific information about the textbook rental program.

Dates to remember: All Spring 2019 textbook rentals are due back by May 3, 2019. (That's the Friday of Final Exams Week.) Please return all textbooks to the Library desk before 4 PM EST on May 3. You may return textbooks at any time; if you have taken an 8 week course at the beginning of this semester and are done with your textbooks, you may return them now. Remember that you'll need to let us know who you are so that we can take the book off your account. If no one is at the desk, there are sticky notes sitting in the cube cart by the desk; please write your name clearly on a note and stick it inside the book.


Who supplies the textbooks?

  • eCampus.

Do I need to contact eCampus about ordering my books?

  • No, everything is done for you through Empower when you enroll. If you drop and/or add a class, Empower will update eCampus's system called FAST. If you drop a class for which you received a textbook, please return the textbook as soon as possible so that it can be taken off your eCampus record. Remember that these are rentals (with a few exceptions) so you'll need to return most, if not all, of your books at the end of the semester. Returning books from dropped classes immediately means one less book you have to remember to return later.

Are textbooks rented or purchased?

  • Rented for the most part, but some books are purchased. These are things like workbooks and digital access codes--items that are meant to be one-time use only.

Since they're rented, does that mean I can't highlight anything?

  • Highlighting is allowed--provided you're not using the textbook as a coloring book and highlighting every line! :)
  • You can also make notes in the margins, as long as you aren't writing over the textbook content so that they can't be seen or read.
  • What you can't do: highlight entire long paragraphs and pages; write or draw obscene words, phrases, or pictures; write, draw, or scribble over the words, pictures, graphs, illustrations, etc. Remember that other students will be renting the book after you return it, so make sure you return a copy that can still be read!

How will I know if my textbooks are available?

  • An email will be sent to the email that eCampus has tied to your account. This is usually your Ancilla email. Be aware that this email is triggered when the books arrive at the shipping/receiving building and they may not be at the designated location for textbook pickup (the Ancilla College Library) right away. It may take a few hours for your books to be brought over and officially checked in so you may be asked to come back.

Where and how do I pick up my books?

  • The Ancilla College Library distributes and collects the physical books. You'll need to bring your student ID or another photo ID, such as a driver's license, as proof of your identity to pick up books. You'll also need to sign for your package(s).
  • For instructions on accessing electronic textbooks and digital codes, please click here.

My rental is in bad condition, or it was supposed to come with a code inside but there wasn't one. What do I do?

  • Your first point of contact is the Director of Library Services. She can contact eCampus directly regarding your book. If you would rather contact eCampus yourself, the customer service number is 844-523-9055, office hours Monday--Friday 9 A.M.--5 P.M. EST. Generally, if there are missing pages, excessive writing/highlighting (when it covers entire pages and makes the words hard to see), bad tears, or other damage and this is reported immediately to eCampus, they will send a replacement copy right away. After receiving your books, please look them over for excessive wear.
  • Missing codes may require you to contact the company that publishes the book and code with proof of purchase. The Director of Library Services can provide you with the proof electronically, or you can log onto your account (follow the account setup and login instructions above), but you'll have to send that proof of purchase or receipt to the company. Calling the company, rather than emailing, is recommended at first so that you can thoroughly explain immediately to support what your problem is. They will be able to tell you an email address to contact with the proof of purchase.
  • For Cengage Learning, support help is 800-354-9706.
  • For Elsevier (Evolve), support help is 800-222-9570.

Can I see what textbooks I have and when they're due?

  • Yes, you will need to log onto the Ancilla eCampus site. Every student has an eCampus account, set up automatically by their system when you first enroll. To access your account, click on the "My Account" link; if this is the first time you are logging in, click on the "Forgot your password?" link and use your Ancilla email account (first name.last to trigger a password reset email. You'll need to check your Ancilla email to get to the link and set up a password to allow you access.
  • This is also how you log in to get to any eBook versions of textbooks and digital software codes such as the Hawkes math courses.

Where and how do I return them?

  • Again, the library collects the books; library staff will remove books from your account so that eCampus won't charge you for unreturned books. If there is no staff at the desk, please use a sticky note (on the front desk) to write your name and put it on the inside cover of each of your books. Please put the books in the locked wooden box outside the library doors in the Math Lab hallway. You can also use this box to return textbooks or library materials when the library is closed.
  • Remember, we have to know your name in order to take the books off your account. If we don't take them off your record, you will be charged for them.
  • Your instructors may collect them on your behalf on the last day of your class. Be certain that your instructor makes a note that you returned the book; library staff have to remove books from individual accounts so that we know exactly who has returned what. If you want to be sure that you get credit for returning your book this way, please put a sticky note with your name on it on the inside front cover of the book before turning it over to your instructor.
  • If you want to return a book to eCampus directly, please click here for instructions.

Do I get money back for returning books?

  • No, books are usually rentals, not purchases. The books are not yours to own and therefore you aren't selling them back, merely returning books you have rented. The College doesn't buy back books.

What happens if I need a textbook for more than one semester?

  • When you enroll in a class that is a continuation of another class (Writing I & II, Anatomy & Physiology I & II, etc.), eCampus's system sees that and, provided that you enroll for the continuation class before the end of the current semester, it will roll over the rental so that you don't have to return that book. If you have questions about whether a book is a continuation, or whether the system has rolled it over for you, please contact the Ancilla College Library.