Second Workshop on

Ethical Considerations in Creative applications of Computer Vision

Virtual, June 17 - 2022


Creative domains render a big part of modern society, having a strong influence on the economy and cultural life. Thus the impact of dismissing ethical aspects of working in creative computer vision applications and generative arts could amplify harms, such as enabling cultural appropriation, amplifying gender stereotypes in fashion, and limiting fashion to western designs. This workshop aims at creating a platform for interdisciplinary discussion among computer vision researchers, sociotechnical researchers, policy makers, social scientists and artists. In this workshop, we would like to encourage retrospective discussions, position papers on studying social impacts of research in creative applications of computer vision, ethical considerations in this domain including but not limited to artwork attributions, cultural appropriation and policies in creative AI. We also encourage technical contributions in computer vision for fashion, and creative content generation. Finally, we are proudly hosting the Art Gallery session in our workshop.


Paper Submission

We encourage submissions of the following general categories:

  • Problem statements, introducing new areas of research within ethics in creative AI research.

  • Retrospectives on past creative content generation research and its ethical consequences.

  • Technical contributions in the context of creativity and computer vision:

This may include Computational Photography, Image and Video Synthesis, Datasets, Evaluation and Comparison of Vision Algorithms.

  • Artworks that focus on the role of AI within society and its effect on art.

  • Research on attributions of creative contents.


Speakers and Panelists

Ben Cullen Williams

London-based Artist

Ahmed Elgammal

Art & AI Lab, Rutgers University

School of Art & Design

Australian National University

Nicolas Malevé

London South Bank University & The Photographers' Gallery

General Chairs

Negar Rostamzadeh

Google Research

Ramya Malur Srinivasan


Fernando Diaz

Google Research

Emily Denton

Google Research

Ziad Al-Halah

University of Texas Austin

Mehtab Khan

Yale Law School


Hui Wu

MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Mark Diaz

Google Research

Jason Baldridge

Google Research