2024 Projects

Book Featured in Onyx Magazine

I Humbly Submit, a memoir about my trip to Rwanda was fewatured in the May/June issues Book List.

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Self Love Badge

Worked with a small Girl Souts troop and their moms to create feelings wheels to help ladies understand the approach to REFLECT (on how they are feeling), be in RELATIONSHIP (with others by sharing feelings), and then REGULATE (by getting back to Okay).

DEIN Talks 2024

From March-August let's explore inclusive learning with experts. This is a virtual panel that I conceptualize and organize to bring to teachers, practitioners and the diversity of learners.

March, 2024

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June, 2024

2023 Projects

Contributing Writer in Onyx Magazine (September/October 23 Issue)

Shifting Plates: Exploring the Dynamic of Power vs. Control

Contributing Writer in Onyx Magazine (July/August 23 Issue)

Off the Beaten Path: Creating a supportive environment by understanding and embracing Neurodiversity

DEI+N talks this year...

Organizer, Curator, Script Writer, Funder and Founder

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Neurodivergence (DEI+N) Talks is a panel discussion series that addresses a range of topics relevant to diverse thinkers and learners. We bring together education adjacent professionals to gain insights that seek to inform a series of learning supplements and applications to infuse in learning environments and to further inform educators with progressive methodologies. 

WKIM Interview Segment 5/23

Discussing the need for Social Emotional solutions in learning environments on We Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews. 

Contributing Writer in Onyx Magazine (March 23 Issue)

A Kufi, Kimono and a Coffee: Being a liberated brown girl in STEM

“Ain’t None of Y’all Safe!": Social Justice in digital spaces using a User Experience Approach (2/23)

Contributing Writer


Contributing writer on UX and CX concepts. 

2022 Projects

The DEI+N Talks: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Neurodiversity

Join us for The DEI+N Talks! , a monthly virtual panel with Neurodiversity, Education professionals, parents and advocates positioned as the missing piece of DEI. Tickets are complementary. Role: Organizer and interviews artists for this series.

Learn more about Ripefruit Foundation

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Public Speaking @ Government Agency

Gave a talk on Equity from a strength based approach to over 600 employees at my agency. This is on the heels of a talk given in May during Public Service Recognition Week that I helped plan and curate where I gave a version of the talk as it pertains to the role of the User Experience Researcher and development team.

Don't Mean to be Rude: Leaning into Disruption as a Woman of Color in STEM (11/1/22 6-9pm)

Role: Moderator, scriptor and curator

Starts at beginning through 1:04:53. 

Contributing Writer in Onyx Magazine (Sept/Oct 22 Issue)

Guest Speaker at UXPA International

 San Diego, CA June 21-23, 2022

Role: Presenter

Topic: Safe Third Spaces: Using a User Experience research process to achieve social justice in the virtual hybrid spaces we build and explore.

Guest Speaker in June at SoDA 

Topic: The Age of Equity : Re-evaluating Perspective

Recent Work

I played Lisa in a super fun play in May, 22!

Improv Festival in August, 22!

Book Release

Title: I Humbly Submit

Description of the book:

This collection of affirmations was collected over a two week mission trip to Rwanda, my first time to the continent, on the heels of a broken relationship and on the cusp of the next phase of my journey into self awareness and acceptance. As I watched the people of the lovely country, I noticed their resolve and their strength, as they completed their daily activities steeped in gratitude. In those moments of observation, I received an idea from a divine place. I am loved, I am ordained and I belong on this planet at this time. That a lifetime so far of seeking to prove I belong, has distracted me from the next leg of this race, purpose. 

This heart offering...seeks to reconcile texture and tactile, shades of brown and light, origin of the human race and the base of it. Mother of all DNA, know who you are, before you have proof. And if only what is real persists, than I humbly submit that you persist. And you have arrived, at the full circle of having suffered, been submitted, been submerged and emerge remembering that the only acceptance, celebration, and embrace comes from within. And was never without. That being seen is to be admired and to be held is to bewilder. When you know who you are, you find it easier, and quite amusing to see the attempts of humans, to demand you bow your head, and bend your knee. Then with awareness and with no threat to your heritage, you humbly, submit.

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Featured Exhibition


Safe Third Space @ Stevenson University

This Creative Research Practices exhibit displayed this exhibit which took an Agile software development methodology and overlayed with an international trip to Rwanda, demonstrating insights and reactions as a framework for social justice.

10/7/21- 11/12/2021

Including two Guest Lectureships at the University

Panel Appearance

Spoken on a panel of artists to explore stories as a means of creating community and increasing belongingness. A lively discussion followed.

Homeless Drive Jan-March (Gifted $200 Gift Card from Giant and Storage Shed from Home Depot)

Trauma and Re-entry White Paper

Reach out if you want to read the document. (11/2021)

Where's Home: Baltimore, Maryland

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