Organ Restoration Project

In the last few years, the church has become aware that the console and Echo chamber are in need of major repairs. In 2016, the church Session authorized the formation of a committee to begin fundraising and determine the best path to restoring the organ. The Echo Chamber sustained severe damage from a water leak in the roof. Plaster fell off the walls and ceiling into pipes and many pipes have been damaged. The repairs in the chamber began in January 2017 and were concluded in June 2017. The console has many parts that have begun to disintegrate. The Organ Restoration Committee and Session approved moving forward with the Allen Organ Company in November 2017. The new console will arrive in October 2018!!

We currently have over $38,000 raised! Any donations can be placed in the offering plate during the Sunday service, mailed to the church address, or placed in the Organ Restoration Donation box (envelopes provided) in the front of the sanctuary. Our first goal is to reach $68,740.