About Us

Our Mission

To reach up to God and reach out to our neighbour, together in love

Welcome to Ebenezer Christian Reformed Church

Ebenezer Church belongs to the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) which is a group of nearly 1,000 Christian churches. Members of our churches confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Contact Information

Pastor: Adam Veenstra

Ministry Coordinator: Gary Haveman

Office Administrator: Shary W

Finances: Linda W

Custodians: Ben and Linda D

Office Information

Phone: 613-394-5046

E-mail: ecrctrenton@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/EbenezerCRCTrenton

Denominational Links

Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA) - We are members of the Christian Reformed Church, which includes just over one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. You can explore what it means to be a Christian, and what it means to be Reformed on the CRCNA website.

The Network - There’s a new way to connect with others in the CRC about church ministries. Check out the CRC's NETWORK page. You can ask questions, share experiences, get resources, read blogs, and more. This site covers dozens of ministry areas and roles.

The Banner - Published monthly by the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The Banner magazine shows how the Christian faith in its Reformed expression makes sense for today’s world. We hope you’ll find our articles—from news to features to review—lively, informative, inspiring, and challenging.

ReFrame Ministries - Formerly known as Back to God Ministries, ReFrame Ministries shows how God reveals, revives, and renews through an expanding collection of audio, video, print and internet programming streams. Whether you are meeting Jesus for the first time, looking for ways to grow in faith, or desiring to disciple others, these resources can meet your needs and those of your church, friends, and family.