• NEXT EVENT: Craving Change Effect - Part 2 - Saturday 7th September - 11am-2pm - Yorkshire Yogi, New Mill

UPCOMING EVENTS: Anxiety reduction course begins - September - 6:30-8 pm. Secret Retreat, Honley.

Mindfulness Meditation - September - 7:00-8:30 pm. Secret Retreat, Honley.

MUM's CLUB - CLOSED for summer - begins again September.

Craving Change Workshop - Yorkshire Yogi, New Mill.

Compassionate Mind Workshop - Sat 14th September 11:30 - 2:30 pm - Yorkshire Yogi, New Mill.

If you are interested please register your interest or book here.

Tuesday Evening Mediation.

Want to know more about mindfulness mediation but don't want to commit to a course? Then this group is for you, a great way to dip your toe in the water, so to speak, or a wonderful way to keep your practice on track. Each session has a small talk about some element of mindfulness, followed by two guided meditations. All refreshments and equipment is provided.

7 week - Mindful attitudes course.

According to John Kabat Zin one of the founding fathers of Mindfulness in the west, there are 7 core attitudes to understand and grow in your daily life and mediation practice. The 7 attitudes are; Beginners Mind, Non-judging, Non-striving, Acceptance, Patience, Trust & Letting Go. Each week we focus on one of these through teaching and guided meditations.

Next one: Begins - Sunday - 29th Sept - 2-3 pm.

Book visit:

6 week - Stress Reduction & Relaxation

Stress has many effects on our lives, some we may be aware of and others are not so easy to spot. identify and learn skills to deal with, emotional symptoms of stress, physical symptoms of stress & cognitive symptoms of stress. Learning how to relax and spot the symptoms is key in becoming free of them.

Cultivating a Compassionate Mind.

Compassion, kindness and acceptance are key to a happy life.

The busy mind keeps us away from truly being aware of our unconscious thoughts, this can become unhelpful when we are playing old critical stories to ourselves. Some common stories are; "I am not good enough." "I will fail, if I try." "I am difficult to love." Causing us emotional pain, we begin to become unhooked when we shine the light of awareness on these thoughts and begin to befriend our mind.

The first step towards befriending ourselves is to become aware. This workshop will begin this process.

Anxiety Reduction Course

Anxiety can be crippling and cause many problems in our lives. It can take many forms and be hard to see in your life. This 6 week course supports to make real change in your life by; Learning about anxiety, what it does to the body and mind, identifying and become aware of triggers for anxiety. Understand your personal type of anxiety and how mindfulness can help to reduce anxiety. You will receive an audio of guided meditations and a booklet to keep you on track long after the course is finished.

Each week will have some teaching, a bit of work to do together and a meditation. Some practice at home helps to make changes stick and you will get more out of each week by doing this.