EB 5 Visa Program in India

It’s for the immigrant investors to become a lawful permanent resident holder. Generating employment is the criteria through investments. It’s like a method of obtaining green cards for foreign nationals through investment in commercial enterprises. In order to get the visa, an investor has to invest a minimum of $ 500,000 to $ 1000,000 to generate high employment for instance in the rural area. With the approval of the petition of the foreign national, the investor and their dependents will be granted a resident ship for 2 yrs. In order to infuse new capital to the US economy and to generate employment was the objective behind to launch this visa program. Usually to get a conditional green card the process takes one and a half year’s time. USCIS allots 10,000 eb5 visas per year. A total of $ 575,000 costs EB 5 Visa but they must invest in commercial enterprise. You got to call up an experienced lawyer in this field to meet the process in filing for EB 5 Visa. 80% of the foreign national investors come from other countries other than India. The investor has to focus on job-creating business or apply through regional centers approved by USCIS in order to promote economic growth to the country of investment. E 2 Visa is faster than EB 5 and can let the foreign nationals settle and work in the USA while EB 5 Visa is under process. The main hurdle or EB 5 visa is to settle a low-risk investment project. The minimum investment criterion seems to double to $ 1350,000 with a ceiling up to $ 1800,000. Approximately there is a 300% jump with the investor applying for EB 5 Visa recently. The time to take permanent green card status is 18-24 months. India is ranked behind China and Vietnam in applying for EB 5 visa.