Excellent Roofing Company with a Personl Touch

Most companies that offer both Residential Roofing and commercial roofing projects are constantly busy. Experience and pricing will both meet or exceed expectations and estimates will be offered. What may be missing is the personal touch that comes with exceptional customer service. This is due to the need for efficiency to meet demand but can leave an impression of distance and coldness.

Striking a Balance

A company that can grow and still maintain a personal touch provides many added-value services for customers. These companies tend to be family-owned and locally operated. The installers and other staff have a great deal invested in the community because most were born and raised in the city or town. It is easier for them to relate to homeowners, know the best roofing solutions for the climate and the area, and take the time to discuss all options.

Inspections and assessments go beyond informing homeowners about the condition of the roof and include selection assistance to help meets needs and budgets. Presenting all options rather than the ones that will most benefit the company is how some companies strike a balance between making profits and making connections with customers.

Not Just Roofing

In addition to installations and repairs for the roof, attention to detail is extended when installing soffits and Eavestroughs. It is the soffit that provides ventilation while the eavestrough system provides drainage. These are imperative components to roofs and need to be inspected as often as the roof does. Improper drainage due to cracked, obstructed, or loosened sections of the eavestrough results in leaking roofs, destroyed attic insulation, and excessive water exposure to the siding and window frames.


Annual inspections and periodic ones when storm damage is suspected will save homeowners a substantial amount of money. Problems like slow leaks or nests in the system can cause the need for major repairs. In some cases, the problems are much more expensive than an inspection or assessment. Know the condition of the roof and help catch minor problems before they become expensive to repair. Talk to a local company that offers maintenance plans for routine services and inspections and protect the investment of the home.