5 Real Ways to Earn Money Online

Working for Yourself from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Many in the lower-income class of people (the majority of the American workforce) are beginning to realize they don't have to work for an employer who doesn't value their time, at a petty minimum wage after $40k in student loan debt to get a Bachelor's degree, when we can make a decent enough (and maybe better?) living working from home.

If you are miserable in your career, it's time to "damn the man!" Live for yourself not your job.

There's no reason you have to be a slave to the workforce anymore with these 5 real ways to earn money online, but if they aren't your cup of tea, head on over to easybusinessbuilders.com where I am leading my own personal "work from home" crusade and forking over weekly advice based on personal experiences I've had being my own boss.

  1. Write Stories and Articles

My favorite place to promote for getting paid to write stories and articles is Vocal.Media. I get absolutely nothing for promoting them, I simply have found it a really easy place to make money by writing articles. If you are a decent writer with lots of story or article ideas, I can see this being a very easy way to work for yourself as a writer. Vocal will pay you for clicks and reads on your article and you don't have to do anything but write it and post it - no website building or anything, they have an entire platform with its own traffic.

I highly recommend writers who want to work for themselves without all the fuss head on over to Vocal.Media and check it out for yourself. It's totally free to sign up!

And if you'd like some more inside skinny, I wrote about my own Vocal.Media writer experience as a premium member and you can read about how much I earned on my website here: How to Make Money Writing Online - The Easy Way

2. Become a Data Entry Freelancer

There are literally 1000's of companies looking for typists and people familiar with computer technology to help them fill in content on their websites or translate and caption videos and webinars. You don't have to apply for a full-time position because most of these businesses don't want full-time employees, they want people willing to do freelance contracts and just get the work done. If you have a home computer with consistent internet access you are ready to go! Just get onto Google and go searching for data entry and transcription gigs. I personally had success finding these types of jobs on Fiverr and other freelance service websites.

3. Open an Online Reseller Store

Reselling is one of the great ways we recycle and reuse items here, and chances are you already have a ton of inventory lying around your home. However, even if you don't, if you live in or near a fairly large city, chances are you can find plenty of free stuff through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. My favorite place to sell (outside of the obvious Ebay - where you can sell pretty much anything) is Poshmark. They specialise in fashion and clothing items, but recently expanded into home goods and even some electronics. I love them because the shipping and fees are taken off the top at the beginning of the sale, so it's very clear how much I'm going to get paid out. Cashing out is easy, no minimums or waiting for a specific date, and it only 1-3 days to get into my bank account. Also, they have a deal with USPS and everything ships priority, so you don't need to pay for boxes and packaging as the post office supplies it for free. My first week selling on Poshmark, I ended up listing half my closet and making hundreds. Since then, I've kept it up with yardsaling and free item pick-ups and it has continued to thrive.


4. Teach Kids in Other Countries English

If you have any sort of teaching or childcare experience and you're thinking of working from home, you definitely need to try out VIPKID. Even if your experience is as limited as babysitting or having children, but you also have a Bachelor's degree in ANY field, you are a good candidate. VIPKID is a company that hires people to freelance teach one-on-one video classes to children in China how to speak English. They have their own curiculum and video system that is fairly easy to learn and the classes are less than 30 minutes at a time. I wrote about my own experience with them and how a friend of mine earned an extra $1000 a month doing this as just a side-gig!

5. Have an Affiliate Marketing Blog

Now this one is a little more complicated than just writing, but it also has an advantage of creating easy, passive income. There are companies literally making billions simply promoting other businesses' products on their websites. You could literally search any product online and the websites that pop up to tell you about them are all just affiliate marketing "blogs." It is absolutely free to do and you can probably build a successful website within a few hours, getting you on the road to earning fairly quickly. Over time, an affiliate marketing blog can become fairly passive, where the money just comes in with no extra work at all. There are a lot of expensive courses out there that teach invaluable lessons out there on how to do this, but I learned it completely for free from Wealthy Affiliate, so that's who I would highly recommend checking out.