Eastern Idaho Flying Club

Check our fleet page for details on our aircraft

We are currently accepting both certified and student pilots

EIFC costs

Members pay the following fees, dues, and rates

  • Membership fee - an annual fee that covers a shared portion of the insurance policy, allowing us to keep monthly dues lower. After the first year, the fee is only 50%.

  • Monthly dues - $30 of your dues is applied to your account as a credit toward flight time. The credit must be used within 90 days of receipt.

  • Hourly rates - are wet tach rates. Meaning they include fuel, and are based on the tachometer of the airplane, as opposed to "hobbs", which is based on clock time. Tach time is generally only 75-85% of hobbs time. If you fly our airplane for one hour on the clock, your bill will likely only be equal to 45-50 minutes.

*After year 1, the yearly insurance drops 50%.

**Rates are set at the beginning of the year, and fluctuate with the price of fuel. For current rates, contact the club.

Located in the SE hangars at the Rigby airport

Accepting new members!

Private pilot training available

Proud supporters of VAC!

VAC organizes missions to help local vets get to important medical treatment appointments. (in the photo: [right] Army SSG Brian Jenkins was a medic during his 14 year career. SSG Jenkins deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. During his third deployment he was one of 22 men injured in one day while doing convoy security in Iraq. Due to his Traumatic Brain injury he suffers with chronic headaches, memory and sleep issues and depression. SSG Jenkins was awarded a grant to receive Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Idaho. [left] Dustin Woodhouse, club president and VAC volunteer)