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Welcome to the East End Community School Library website—your source for Open Educational Resources (OERs)! OERs are educational materials that are available for free use (Rojas, 2017)—sometimes with log-in requirements, sometimes not. As your librarian, it is my job to provide patrons with books but also to collect and organize digital resources in an easy-to-access format (Valenza, 2016). This process of collecting and organizing is called curation.

On this site, I've curated a variety of resources that span subject areas with the goal of supporting teachers and engaging students. On this page, you will see my Bitmoji library at the top; you can click on it to access some of the same resources on this website, but in a less linear format. This front page will also provide you with access to Destiny Discover, our library's digital catalog.

Beyond this front page, resources are organized into tabs: Reading, STEM, Chickadee, MSBA, Research, Digital Citizenship, Lessons, and Calendars. I have created some of these OERs myself, but others I have curated from the many excellent resources that exist on the open web. Please explore! Reach out if you have any questions or resources you think should be added to this collection. Enjoy!


Ms. Genre, Library/Media Specialist

Library Catalog

Introducing Destiny Discover, our new dynamic library catalog! Use your school username and password to log in. Once logged in, you can browse by title, genre, or collection. This is also the platform you can use to access our new collection of eBooks!

Library Staff

Shana Genre

Library/Media Specialist


Rick "Mr. C." Colella

Library Ed. Tech.colelj@portlandschools.org