If you love Sci-fi alien shooting game, then Earth Protect Squad: Third Person Shooting Game is a must try. It’s a third person shooting game where the main plot is earth is being attacked by unknown entities and you must defend our beloved planet and regain our freedom. You will be in a war against this unknown creatures. All that’s clear is one day, they suddenly appear out of nowhere trying to invade the planet. Huge spaceships just suddenly appear on earth’s atmosphere and they first targeted earth’s defenses and started to search something on our planet for who knows what. This aliens are heavily equipped with machines and never before seen creature to attack. What’s worst is as the battle goes on, they started turning our own people into aliens.

You will be a part of a military organization which will be the last hope of survival. Your group will be called “Earth Protect Squad” and you will have everything in your arsenal to fight these invaders. From highly trained soldiers to modern weapons and the latest technologies. Earth Protect Squad: Third Person Shooting Game is a highly addictive game and like any other games, there will always be a catch and I bet you have an idea what that is. You need to gear up and upgrade your weapons and soldiers to fight harder stages. And how will you be able to do that? Exactly! You need resources. We all know that this resources are not easy to farm and of course there’s a much more easier way of getting them, that is by spending real money in the game.

Earth Protect Squad Hack 2020 (Android & IOS)

Any game is not easy unless you have tons of money to spend. The only games I know that wouldn’t need money to get stronger is those skill based game like MOBA or FPP Shooting games. But if you’re a long time player of mobile game, you know you need to spend something to somehow gain an advantage over others. And this has been a problem of many players including Earth Protect Squad: Third Person Shooting Game players. Thus we opt in making an earth protect squad hack that can be used by anyone for free. Gold is the most important resources in this game and it’s not that easy to find this in game. So we focus on that and make an earth protect squad cheats that will give you earth protect squad free golds anytime.

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