It is with great pleasure to be able to announce that Wigan Council have accepted my application to have a Blue Plaque on the site that marks the location of Folly Field, Wigan Rugby's first ground from 1872, on Upper Dicconson Street.

Other recently announced Plaques for 2022 have been awarded to Sir Ernest Bullock, an orphan who went on to become director of the Royal College of Music; and Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker, who is revered in Japan and known as the "other of the Sea" for her scientific research.

In partnership with the newly formed Wigan Rugby Heritage Society and the Wigan Warriors, I hope that a special event can be carried out of sorts when the unveiling arises. Keep a look out!

Again, thank you all for your support. This stuff really does matter even if it is for a handful of people.

Marc - eWr

Remembering the rich History and Heritage of the Wigan Rugby Football Club and championing the men who built this great club.