Eagle Wallet Privacy Policy

Protection of users’ information and privacy

Scope of this Privacy Policy

1. CAMERA: Allow us to access your camera or execute the image / video from the relevant device;

2. NETWORK: Allow us to access your Internet status;

3. LOCATION: Our jurisdiction to access your location information;

4. CONTACT: Allow access to the phone book, to review a full credit information. We'll manage the data from ISO -2701 1 standard pre -approval.

(Ⅰ)The purpose of this App to collect your personal information is to evaluate your personal credit and optimize the services of this App to provide you with a better user experience.

(Ⅱ)Provision, collection and verification of user information

When you apply to register as a borrower user of this App, you should provide your true identity information and ensure the validity and security of contact information such as telephone number, contact address, e-mail, etc., so that this App can provide services for you and make timely and effective contact with you. You shall timely update the contact information provided to this App through the service channel provided by Eagle Wallet . If this App fails to contact you through the contact information provided by you, you shall bear the adverse consequences.

You agree that this App may collect your additional information through public and private means so that this App can better understand you to ensure the security of your transactions in this App and to provide you with better service. This App only collects additional information that the App deems necessary to achieve the above purposes and such collection shall be conducted within the legal scope. The emergency contact you filled out is your guarantor. If you are overdue, your emergency contact will be notified by phone or SMS.

You agree that the App shall verify the information submitted by you or collected by this App either by itself or through a cooperating third party, and view, use and retain the verification results in accordance with the rules of this App.

You agree that this App can automatically track your behavior habits and other relevant data according to your behavior in this App, and this App will use your relevant information to conduct user statistics and user habit research on the App, so as to have a deeper understanding of you and provide better services for you.

You agree that if you do not repay within the repayment period, Lending has the right to access and use the customer's personal contact information, including FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.

If you do not have a successful loan, the information you leave will not be leaked, and the information provided by the client will only be used for the purpose of applying for loan review, and the information will never be used for other purposes.

(Ⅲ)Usage and disclosure of user information

You agree that this App shall use your personal information to resolve disputes, mediate disputes, ensure secure transactions in this App, and enforce the rules of this App. This App shall investigate multiple users to identify problems or resolve disputes, in particular, this App shall review your data to distinguish users with multiple user names or aliases. In order to limit fraudulent, illegal or other criminal activities in this App and protect this App from harm, you agree that this App may evaluate your personal data manually or automatically.

You agree that this App may use your personal information to improve the promotion of this App, to analyze the utilization rate of this App, to improve the content and promotion form of this App, and to make the content, design and services of this App more in line with user requirements.

You agree that this App shall use your information to contact you and provide you with information tailored to your interests, such as targeted advertisements, administrative notifications, etc. You are deemed to have agreed to receive these information after you have successfully registered as a borrower user of this App.

After you have successfully registered as the borrower user of this App, you should properly keep your user name and password. You confirm that, whether you or your agent, all actions taken in this App after logging in with your username and password represent your actions and therefore you shall bear the corresponding legal consequences.

In accordance with the rule of this App, this App shall protect, use or disclose certified personal information provided by you, collected by itself. This application shall use industry standard practices to protect your personal information, but due to technical limitations, this App cannot ensure that all your personal communications and other personal information will not be disclosed through the channels, which are not conveyed in this Agreement.

When you use this App to conduct transactions, you authorize our company to disclose your necessary personal information and transaction information, including, but not limited to, your real name, contact information, credit status, etc. to the other party or to the cooperating organization of this App (only for organizations that cooperate to complete the services that are intended to be provided to you).

This App is obliged to provide your personal information to judicial organs and government departments in accordance with relevant legal requirements. In the event that you fail to perform your obligations in accordance with the rule of this App and the aforementioned electronic contract, this App shall have the right to disclose your personal information in accordance with its own judgment, relevant agreements and rules, effective national ruling documents or other user's reasonable request associated with the deal (including but not limited to, discoursing your illegal acts and noncompliance in this App and the Internet, and have the right to record this content to any credit information, files or databases related to you). In addition, other users who are lenders shall seek creditor's rights by discoursing your personal information or request this App to provide relevant information through judicial departments, for which this App shall not assume any responsibility.

Promises and warranties

(Ⅰ)You promise that you shall use the services and contents provided by this App legally. You shall not use this App to be engaged in the infringement of the lawful rights and interests of others, and you shall not engage in any act that may violate Philippine's laws, regulations, rules, and government regulatory documents or any unauthorized actions in this App, such as unauthorized access to this App's unpublished system, improper use of the account password and any contents of this App, etc.

(Ⅱ)You acknowledge and agree that this App has the right to disclose, modify or delete necessary information from time to time in accordance with laws, regulations and government requirements in order to better operate this App and protect the application and other legitimate users of this App.

(Ⅲ)The copyright of all contents in this App belongs to thiCorporate Name:Got-It Lending Inc.

SEC Registration Number:NO.CS201909840

Certificate of Authority to Operate a Lending Company Number 3006