EA Giving Tuesday

Donation Matching Initiative

Giving Tuesday 2020

Giving Tuesday 2020 will be here on December 1st! Between 2018 and 2019, the effective altruism community, the EA Giving Tuesday team, and Rethink Charity helped direct $1 million in matching funds from Facebook to highly effective nonprofits.

Facebook has announced they will be repeating their $7 million Giving Tuesday matching program in 2020. If you're interested in getting your donations matched or getting involved otherwise, please sign-up to receive updates.

The Facebook donation matching opportunity will be most valuable for donors in the US. Donors elsewhere may experience lower donation amount limits and may lose tax benefits.

Questions? Read our FAQ, ask in our Facebook group, or e-mail us at contact@eagivingtuesday.org.

We estimate that 52% of donated amounts were matched.

Click here for a detailed breakdown.

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