Antenas y rotores


rotador de combinación Azimuth-Elevation es ideal para antenas de comunicación espacial. El Azimuth Rotator presenta un rango de giro de 450 °, mientras que el Elevation Rotator tiene un rango de rotación de 180 °

Sistema completo de rotación Az-El

Si recién está empezando a trabajar en satélites, el G-5500 proporciona un sistema completo de rotación Azimuth-Elevation que es ideal para la mayoría de las aplicaciones Amateur. el controlador dual le permite realizar un seguimiento de todos los aspectos del posicionamiento del sistema de antena, y el G-5500 incluye un conector de interfaz para control informático, compatible con el control por computadora opcional GS-232A y muchos programas e interfaces de control de posventa.

his is a special version based on the ARS-USB that was re-designed to be used as a rotor controller or replacement for a Yaesu Control Unit (or similar rotators) that operates in DC.

It includes the same features as the standard ARS-USB adding some extra as:

  • Simple and easy calibration at any rotor position in few steps.
  • Soft start and stop via a PWM. It allows to have a softstarting/stopping ramp.
  • It detects if the potentiometer is out of range and will prevent any accidental problem with the antenna coax. Any problem with the potentiometer or cables are detected inmediately
  • If the motor is jammed by any reason, an alarm will be displayed and the appointment will stop. The user will be noticed.

All those watch-dog systems (and some more options) will prevent to generate a problem if the potentiometer is damaged by any cause (any wire broken, moisture, a wrong cable connection, etc

Versión con salida a 24Vcc. Incluye fuente 220V/24Vcc 90W.

24Vdc output version. Includes a 220V/24Vdc 90W power supply

No, you do not need a complicated setup, or outside antennas to work satellites!

2 meter and 70cm crossed yagis at a fixed 20 degree elevation, using a Yaesu G-450A rotor for azimuth controlled by EA4TX ARS controller. I have worked AO-27, VO-52, SO-50, FO-29, AO-7, AO-73, ISS, CAS-3H, XW-2E ... from the attic!

SatPC32 (WIndows) (gratuito). AmsatDroidFree (Android) (visitar tienda PlayStore - gratuito); ISS Detector (Android) (visitar ...

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SatPC32 main window. The screenshot shows the area of visibility of FO-29 at the time shown above. The satellite allows SSB and CW contacts with uplink on ...

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ST2-0417 USB

PCB Rev 0318 is a new lot of PCBs without any design change and using SMT Ferrite Beads at FBX2 to 6.

ST2-USB is an advanced Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface for Yaesu (Or similar) Rotor Controllers based on LVB Tracker Firmware. Project uses PIC16F976A, 28PIN DIP. Firmware uses full A/D and EEprom capability of 876A and make setup a smooth process.

ST2-USB measures 14x8cm and is designed on a double sided PTH board. Its same as ST2-RS232 except that it has built-in USB interface using CH360G in SO16 package, pre-soldered for kits.

Screw Terminals are used for Rotor Connections to simplify installation. You will have make a suitable cable to interconnect ST2 to Yaesu Rotor Controller.

ST2-RS232 and ST2-0417 USB supports Yaesu GS232, Extended GS232 and Easycomm commands, making it a suitable interface to use with NOVA, SatPC32 and many more, having above interface servers.

ST2-USB can be powered from USB port or from Yaesu Rotor Controller. An auto change over from USB to DC12V is achieved by using a 12V Relay.

ST2-USB Kits & Assembled, now includes a free powder coated metal case. CH360G requires a driver for WIN OS and is available for down load from this page. Driver creates a virtual COM port for your OS to work with SatPC32 or Nova. ST2-0816 was fully tested on WIN XP(SP2) and WIN7 Ultimate.