Mis equipos

Yaesu FT 897 (accesorios) (Micrófonos) (Acoplador hilo largo)

AniTone 28 Mhz

Autotuner LDG AT-600 ProII

Medidor LDG M-600

Amplificador BLA 350

Alimentación Telecom


Optibeam OB9-5

EAntena 40 AVM Vertical


Bazoka 40/80

La factoría CUCO ha conseguido mejorar su doble bazooka de 40m y es haciendo que rinda perfectamente en 80m con una longitud total más que contenida (26 ~ 28 metros según ajuste) soportando hasta 1,2Kw. en 40m se comporta 100% como la CUCO tradicional (media onda) de esta manera y con una sola bajada podemos cubrir dos bandas con las características doble bazooka (poco ruido y magnifica recepción). Todo ello con el sello CUCO, garantía de buenos acabados y de calidad.

Deluxe version of the 1025, the 1026 includes an active antenna, another great addition to the shack to combat the dreaded QRM/QRM etc.

Wipe out noise and interference before it gets into your receiver with a 60 dB null!

Eliminate all types of noise -- severe power line noise from arcing transformers and insulators, fluorescent lamps, light dimmers, touch controlled lamps, computers, TV birdies, lightning crashes from distant thunderstorms, electric drills, motors, industrial noise.

  • It's more effective than a noise blanker because interference much stronger than your desired signal can be completely removed without affecting your signal.
  • It works on all modes -- SSB, AM, CW, FM, frequences from BCB to lower VHF.
  • Null out strong QRM on top of weak rare DX and then work him! You can null out a strong local ham or AM broadcast station to prevent receiver from overloading.
  • Use MFJ-1026 as an adjustable phasing network. You can combine two antennas to give you various directional patterns.
  • Null out a strong interfering signal or peak a weak signal at a push of a button.
  • Easy-to-use! Plugs between transmitting antenna and transceiver. To null, adjust amplitude and phase controls for minimum S-meter reading or lowest noise. To peak, push reverse button.
  • Use built-in active antenna or an external one. MFJ's exclusive Constant Amplitude Phase Control makes nulling easy.
  • RF-sense T/R switch automatically bypasses your transceiver when you transmit. Adjustable delay time.

  • 12 VDC.
  • Measures 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 6 1/4 inches.