E3 Engineering & Technology Fair

Engineering - Exploration - Experimentation

The E3 Fair, annually organized by engineering societies and industries of the Rochester area, is a half-day event that comprises student design contests on engineering projects and demos from engineering professionals. The goal of the Fair is to increase interest in engineering and technology in middle school students (grades 6-8). Participating students have a unique experience and a great opportunity to collaborate, experiment, and explore engineering.

The Fair began in 1991 and it is hosted at RIT, in Rochester, New York. The Organizing Committee comprises volunteers from various engineering societies, as well as other community members who support this event.

E3 Fair 2022 - Friday, March 25, 2022, 9am - 1pm

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageStudents entering Option I, Science/Engineering Project, prepare a project or experiment based upon engineering or technology principles.Student designs and builds a motorized LEGO vehicle.Students design, construct and program a robot.