E-commerce Shipping Tips For Maximum Success & Outcome!

Identify the Correct Shipping Charges

After uploading the picture taking process that is necessary to list your item, it’s important to prep your shipment and then weigh your item before entering the details under the shipping details page. This will prevent any mistakes made in how much the item weighs for label purchases as extra packaging adds weight. Packaging also changes the dimensions of an item, so measuring sizes and weight after everything has been readied for shipment will prevent any delays for missing postage costs.

Package Items Well to Prevent Damages

This is vital to the success of every transaction to prevent broken items and refund claims. Always err on the side of the sturdier the better. Using shipping boxes as opposed to plastic packaging will prevent most damages when shipping a fragile item. Also, using adequate packing material such as peanuts or air cushions will keep the item from jostling around in the box. The last thing to use plenty of is a high-quality packing tape that will stay strongly adhered.

Shipping Boxes Quickly is Favored

The most important thing to do is to always ship within the allotted time stipulated on the items listing page. The most popular and top-rated sellers will ship the same day or within one day. Quick shipping will also help with positive feedback. The other benefit to fast shipping is the seller could qualify for the 5-star rating that lets users know the seller can be trusted.

Save Capital and Time by Electing for Postal Pick-up

Gas money can add up quickly going back and forth to shipping centers, especially when multiple transactions are being made throughout the same day. The USPS offers a free pick up service that can prevent extra costs associated with driving expenses.

Consider Purchasing Insurance with Valuables

Purchasing insurance can be easily done on the purchasing labels page by clicking on the purchase insurance box. When listing a valuable item, it’s important to add in any insurance costs into the price to recap the expense when shipping. Purchasing insurance is the way to safeguard a seller’s expenses in case the package arrives broken or is lost by the shipping carrier.

Have Plenty of Various Kinds of Packing Supplies on Hand

The US Postal Service provides packing supplies such as different sizes of envelopes and boxes for free. They can be ordered online at the USPS website. For fragile items, there’s also bubble wrap flyers available.

Use the Convenience of Printing Labels at Home

Sellers are awarded a discount by using the eBay print postage feature that will allow them to save money on every transaction. The order details page will have the link to the print shipping label tab.

Provide Tracking Numbers

Not only is the tracking service free, but it’s necessary to qualify for the money back guarantee in case there is an order problem. Tracking is a good way to ensure customers that their package is in transit and when it will arrive. Any high value item that is over $750 will be required to have signature confirmation.

Include a Thank You Note and Receipt

It’s a good idea to include your User ID, so the patron will have it in case they would like to purchase from you again.