Dynamics, number theory, and geometry @ Exeter

05 April 2019

Dynamics, number theory, and geometry @ Exeter is a one-day meeting to be held at the University of Exeter on 05 April 2019. It is open to all. Please register--see below.


Natalia Jurga (Surrey)

Jimmy Tseng (Exeter)

Sanju Velani (York)


1:30 PM -- 1:40 PM. Welcome.

1:40 PM -- 2:40 PM. Jimmy Tseng (Exeter).

2:40 PM -- 3:00 PM. Coffee break.

3:00 PM -- 4:00 PM. Natalia Jurga (Surrey).

4:10 PM -- 5:10 PM. Sanju Velani (York).

5:10 PM -- 6:00 PM. Wine reception.

6:30 PM -- 8:30 PM. Conference dinner. Venue: Mill on the Exe

All talks are in Harrison 101

Title and abstracts

Speaker: Natalia Jurga (Surrey)

Title: Regularity of the affinity dimension for some planar iterated function systems

Abstract: The affinity dimension, introduced by Falconer in the 1980s, is the `typical' value of the Hausdorff dimension of a self-affine set. In 2014, Feng and Shmerkin proved that the affinity dimension is continuous as a function of the maps defining the self-affine set, thus resolving a long-standing open problem in the fractal geometry community. In this talk we will discuss stronger regularity properties of the affinity dimension in some special cases. This is based on recent work with Ian Morris.

Speaker: Jimmy Tseng (Exeter)

Title: Subgroups under some diagonal flows

Abstract: I will discuss some recent work on the equidistribution of horospherical subgroups and maximal compact subgroups under some diagonal flows. We will use Ratner's theorems and geometric methods particular to our setup to derive our results. This is joint with J. Marklof.

Speaker: Sanju Velani (York)

Title: Diophantine Approximation on $M_0$-sets with restricted denominators

Abstract (PDF)


The meeting is open to all and free to attend. Please register by emailing j "dot" tseng "at" exeter "dot" ac "dot" uk. Some travel funding is available for students and carers and requests should be made when registering.


Venue: University of Exeter, Harrison Building, Room 101

North Park Road

Exeter, EX4 4QF

A Google map of Harrison Building:

Rail: Take the train to Exeter St. Davids. Harrison Building is about a 15 minute walk from the station.

Places to get food

There are a few places on campus to pick up lunch or a quick snack before the conference:

La Touche (Canteen style)

Pret A Manger


Jimmy Tseng (Exeter). For registration and any queries, contact me at j "dot" tseng "at" exeter "dot" ac "dot" uk


The organizer gratefully acknowledges funding from the London Mathematical Society (LMS)'s Scheme 9 ‘Celebrating New Appointments’ Grant and funding from the University of Exeter.