Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player v.2.1.8 (WIN/OSX)

+ MODULAR DUNGEON PACK 1,2 (was released on Patreon in March 2018.)

About the Editor

With the Editor you can import my maps or your own images (maximum 4096x4096px) or video files into the storyline and make a four directional playlist, with fog of war and a custom hexa and quad grid overlay.

The price is 30 USD. With purchasing the editor you get access to the modular dungeon pack (with more than 20 motion maps) which was released on Patreon in March 2018.

You can download and try the free version HERE (In the free version you can not use the fog of war and the custom grid.)

The price of the full version is 30 USD. This download includes two modular packs (more than 20 map elements) but doesn't include other motion maps was released on my Patreon. You can get all of the maps for free by choosing a donation tier for the future releases: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1410243

My motion maps can be played with any kind of media player! This application is about the seamless looping and the possibility of applying fog of war and custom grid to my predesigned motion maps (or your video files and images) and use png props and particle effects.

Dynamic Dungeons Editor and Player v.2.1.8. (WIN/OSX)

30 USD including future updates

+ MODULAR DUNGEON PACK 1,2 (was released on Patreon in March 2018. Including 27 animated dungeon scenes)

The Editor Window
The predesigned moduar elements shown here was released on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dynamicdungeons/posts?tag=modular

Understanding the main menu:

NEW: Make a new story by setting the story size (min 2x2, max 30x30)

(You cannot change the story size later, so make sure about having enough space in your story)

Left clicking on a position in the story-grid let you import an asset (video file or image) to that position, or simply drag’n drop a file from outside. (New feature in v1.0.1)

If you’ve copied fe. the Modular Dungeon pack to your Resources folder, you’ll find a „Modular_Dungeon” menu under the main horizontal menu bar showing the thumbnails of the modular dungeon pack. You can drag’n drop these map elements to your story-grid. By clicking on the title of the pack (in this case it’s „Modular_Dungeon”) you can choose different packs copied to your resources folder and a User folder will be generated if you added own content. (scroll or use up and down arrow keys to navigate between libraries)

Once an asset is loaded into a position, click on it again. You can set the available cardinal directions (N, S, E, W or All) leading out from that scene. You can preview or remove the scene, or add FOG OF WAR to the actual position using the toogle switch. (

You must set one of the assets as a „Start point”. This will be the first scene loading in, when you play back your story.

OPEN: Load a story you made before.

[userfolder]/DynamicDungeons/player/resources/user/ will appear showing the folders you made. Each folder contains a „thumbnails” folder, a package.dd file which is your story and all the videos or images you’ve used in your story. (If you use a map more than once, it will be copied only once to this project folder) Clicking on the package.dd will reopen your story.

SAVE/SAVE AS: You can save the story you made into a new folder.

GRID SETTINGS and grid masking: Click anywhere on the example map for the options. Click on the toogle switch to activate the grid. Select „hex” or „quad” or „dungeon”, set the color, scale and opacity. By closing it, your setting will be saved for the actual scene. In the player you’ll be able to deactivate the grid by hitting „G” key. Shift + G will bring up the grid editor panel in the player. To see grid setting window correctly your display res should be 1920x1080!

The grid window with an example map (quad grid was used here)
The "dungeon" style grid
White hexa grid with 75% opacity

The Player Manager and the Player

Start the player manager first, it will be the window for the game master. Then start the Player.

Your stories are saved in [userfolder]/DynamicDungeons/player/resoruces/user/

Function keys in the Player:

  • Arrow keys: navigate between the scenes
  • G turns the grid ON/OFF
  • Shift + G: opens the grid settings panel
  • B Set the brush size for revealing areas from fog of war (only if FOW was added to the scene in the editor)
  • Alt + holdmouse: cover it back!
  • Shift + holdmouse rectangle selection reveal from FOW (Player Manager window)
  • Alt + Shift +holdmouse rectangle selection cover (Player Manager window)
  • 1 / 2 : toogle between the primary and the secondary display (Note, that the fog of war layer returns to its default state (back to full covered) when you switch between the displays)
  • I / D : (or +/-) zoom out and back to the original size
  • TAB: switch to full screen
  • M : Mute
  • Esc : Quit
Send the player to the secondary display by pressing "2". You can use your primary display while the video is looping on the TV.
GM window (called Player Manager) to control FOW from your primary display and navigate between scenes

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