Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory


The theory of dynamical systems has its origins in the study of mathematical models that describe the evolution of a physical system. But nowadays its scope is much wider. Connections with other branches of Mathematics, such as Topology, Probability, Groups Actions, Hyperbolic and Poisson Geometry and Numerical Analysis have emerged from its development.

The research group of Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory at ICMC has a wide spectrum of interests in the area, studying topological and geometrical aspects of dynamical systems, such as one-dimensional dynamical systems, diffeomorphisms and flows with hyperbolic (and beyond) behavior, group actions, hamiltonian and bi-hamiltonian dynamical systems and their related geometric and algebraic structures.

The group has three permanent research members. We invite applications to our Graduate program from well-qualified prospective students interested in this fascinating area of research.

If you are a researcher in dynamical systems, you may consider a postdoctorate at ICMC. Get in touch with one of our permanent researchers for more information about postdoctorate positions.

Main Researchers

Tiago Pereira

Daniel Smania

Ali Tahzibi

Carlos Maquera

Research Lines

• Renormalization theory

• One-dimensional dynamics

• Ergodic theory

• Dynamics on manifolds

• Group actions

• Partially hyperbolic dynamics

• Regularity of invariant foliations and rigidity

• Geometry of bi-hamiltonian and of Poisson-Nijenhuis manifolds

• Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids

• Hamiltonian dynamical systems in finite and infinite dimension