He heard a whisper "Choose" said softly and with much compassion. The immaterial nature of the being, whom was speaking, did not mean that it did not exist. At least, on one plane or the other. Not everything is seen with the eyes.

Its temperamental nature was as demanding as a physical human person. Or as it seemed to Hunter.

He woke up and realized that he has had the most vivid of dreams. The nature of reality has been bent, or as it felt. The astral-light in all it's majesty was interacting with the real physical world.

On a level of consciousness unknown to the scientific mind, these types of relationships were forbidden by an unspoken rule. The dead do not communicate with the living.

To Hunter, the person whom he has heard in the dream was not dead. To him it seemed like the entity was just a different species in another dimension.

Its abilities are of convincing humans, in their dreams, to do the most mundane of actions. Without them even knowing of the existence of the being.

Hunter has often thought of it as a spiritual almost angelic guardian. Even though he knew that the whole concept of it wasn't true, and to believe it would be madness.

He had a small doubt in his mind of what if. "It was just a dream" he told himself. But who can explain our dreams?

It was once said that the soul, when asleep escapes the body to meet other souls. Some of which, not human.

He thought of Willow. Quite the character of a woman. The type of person that could bring light to the darkest places on earth. Her physical attributes are just as good. Hunter felt a cold sweat. Now, it was up to fate to decide.

He had made a choice, after all it did ask him to choose, but he told himself that this is nonsense. That beings living on a different dimension were figments of his own imagination.

He thought probably it was asking him to choose a partner. So he thought. “I choose Willow.”

The next day, Willow, a real physical human, was more passionate than the usual. They had their first kiss, and that was the beginning of what seemed to be a long relationship.

It will be foolish to think that all this was a mere coincidence. The powers of the invisible entity were becoming apparently convincing.

He remembered his time out in the desert where he had periodically seen it, watching over in the distance.

Sometimes peeking through another dimension as he had often imagined it. Always wearing a black.

His spirit guide was telling him that it is time to settle down. It was the voice of reason that guided him for years.

Hunter woke up one day and realized that Crystal was not the voice of reason but the very voice of psychosis. He didn't believe in ghosts. He took some medication on the counter and sat by the bed on a chair. The chair white as the tiles of the room. The bed sheets also white. The sheets were reflecting sun light that was shinning from a large window that was overlooking the city. He turned on a screen which was mounted on the wall. Immediately, a few reporters appeared. They were talking about the threat of World War III irrupting at any moment. He had little to no faith in reporters. The country was indeed torn by warfare, and he had decided to stay in the city while others fled to nearby countries which were also divided by the fires of war. But people didn't know where to go. It's like jumping from one fire pan to the other.

He turned off the screen a picked up a copy of what seemed to be an ancient artifact. A translation of a book called 'Theologus Autodidactus' by Ibn al-Nafis. It was a science fiction theological novel written around 1268-1277 AD. It's rational arguments for bodily resurrection and the immortality of the human soul excited him, and it's demonstrative reasoning was astonishing to him. He felt exalted and alive as flipped the pages through the chapters. Only two original manuscripts are known in existence. One in the library of Cairo in Egypt, and the other in the Süleymaniye Library in Istanbul, Turkey. He know this and thought to himself: "Oh what I would do to get my hands on that manuscript." "It's so overwhelming to know that there are so many unknown priceless treasures within our reach." He thought again. The writer of the book was quite an interesting fellow. An Arabian physician who lived during the islamic renaissance and who is famous for being the first to describe the pulmonary circulation of the blood. Hunter felt hopeless all of sudden as he skimmed through the final chapters of the book as it culminated in describing the End of Days and "Yawm al-Qiyāma" or the Day of Resurrection. He thought to himself "what a precise prediction of life in our world today."

"We need to find a bridge for all to unite on one common ground." Shouted a protester. "One Arabian dream." He continued as Hunter was now on the street amongst the crowds and hordes of people gathered at the town square. "As selfish as it may sound. I need to find that common ground so I can find my own way home" the protester shouted as he began to a show a large map on a hologram screen. The map was of all the Arabian countries united with one rail system. A project abandoned by the monarchs of centuries past. The protestor, an animated and lively character, was eager to convince the gathering that it was the only solution to end warfare in the region. Hunter shrugged, while another protester in the crowd shouted "What a waste of time and effort. You fool, no one will listen to you." And at that moment a group of anti-riot police approached the young enthusiastic presenter, and whisked him away in a black van. Hunter continued walking while the voice of the protester was growing ever more distant.

While he was walking, he opened a journal of two years past. He remembers that he wrote it with a fine ink pen on sheets of think white paper, all wrapped in a nice black leather book. And it wrote:

A message for my younger self, before you consider how others perceive you or what they perceive of you, think of what you perceive of you. A message to my current self, before you consider sugar coating any statement, think who are you sugar coating it for. To my future self, love is a foundational part of you, keep it. Do not forget all who you hold love for are and always will be rays of light. Forget the bad. Do good to those who do good. Virtue is remembered by one and all. Never destroy anything. Recycle, reuse, refurbish. make the old evolve into new. No person has the right to impose or enforce ideas, lifestyles, and beliefs on another. any logical concept should be open for discussion. Doubt and hatred are diseases of the soul. trust and love instead, but do so carefully. Release yourself from the bounding box of fear, and you will acquire what you seek in life. Free thought not limited to opinions and societal constraints is the essence of enlightenment. There would be less wars if people stop claiming exclusivity of the creators love. Never underestimate the power of positive forward free thought. Patience is not only virtue, but the highest standard of it. There's a fine line between tough love and pure cruelty. Inspiration causes momentum that propels our dreams through the universe. it is what turns caterpillars to butterflies. You decide the variables in the equation of life. We need warm affections that fuel our passion to change the world. Without love we're just domesticated heartless monkeys in fancy clothes. Tests in life can sometimes be dangerously torturous. you learn that the hard way. FORWARD. Being selfless is great, but people's expectations or desires may affect your own. Remember you make your world. Work is like writing a letter to a spouse, if it's not from the heart and soul it's worthless. Especially if it's based on creativity. Incapable of loving or hating anyone, a computer works and processes information without distraction. is this a trait to admire or pity? You have endless power all you have to do is just.. Believe. This is vital for growth and progress for anyone in any field and on any scale. Cooperative > Competitive. Do not waste your time on too many open ended questions that cannot be answered, sometimes the solution is in the facts not in theories. Truth begets a healing clarity of understanding, while lies have the exact opposite outcome. This is to distinguish between the two. It's very important to differentiate your voice and opinions from those of the people around. People usually stay and want to be where they are treated fairly and with kindness. Sort thoughts and actions into two categories: accordant with goals and aspirations or trivial. Put aside the latter to save time and energy. We must maintain persistence and consistency to reach our destiny. Quality over quantity.. anytime and every time. Awareness is to acknowledge the fine details, an aptitude exerted to visualize beyond the conscious perception. Sometimes dots connected to form a picture are way to close for any lines to be drawn. The image is seen with good observation. One of the greatest powers any person can possibly possess is to see everything in its true nature and not what it seems to be or conveys. An idea is equally as important as what is communicates. The quantum of people giving any piece of information and the amount in which it's repeated does not correlate with its validity. Any directionality in opinions that are based on amity are usually and ultimately constructive and defiantly not constrictive. The brave, the wise, the one who transcends to rectify in concern, and elevates love more than anything else. The definition of a true woman. Only say the things you need to say, hear the things you need to hear, and do the things that need to be done to be complete and happy. Defining our world not only for ourselves, but also for everyone, is indispensable in attaining a heightened awareness of our reality. The beauty of heterogeneous societies is in experiences shared among people from various cultures shaping a celestial collective of thoughts. Humankind sprint to succeed no matter the cost with astonishing alacrity which is oddly very similar to an animal's instinct to survive. In the long run it is never advantageous to lie, so in all situations the saying “children & fools tell the truth” cannot possess felicity. It only shows condescension to assume that humankind is the only intelligent species in existence. Inventions and solutions are ideas surpassing the known and existing. innovation that bodes well for all with creativity. Intellectual allure is stronger, more resilient, and endures time much better than psychical attraction. combine both and the result is love. Exercise daily to build a strong and focused mind. A healthy body comes with the territory. Hatred consumes the soul. our souls expand with love. in love we grow stronger in mind, body, and in heart. so why waste time? I don't believe in coincidences nor luck. I do believe in fate, effective planning, and our inner power to change a world. We can be complete when we realize that the only people we can be is ourselves. Simple, yet hard to comprehend for most. If you notice someone doing something good, send them words of love and encouragement. our world could use more collective happiness. If free will was a path, then self awareness would be the ability of sight used to walk upon it. Love towards someone you care about can be expanded to include all people, all living things, and the divine balance holding our existence. Strength, inspiration, encouragement, or foresight whenever needed, are the reason and cause of waking up invigorated in the morning. Most men, myself included, are attracted to strong women, since we need someone who can handle the many speed bumps on the journey of life. My life dramatically changed when I ceased to look at grains of sand under my feet and began to marvel at clouds in day and stars at night. Never generalize when problem solving, always break down and localize an issue to understand all its circumstances, then find its solution. Optical illusions could tell you eyes can be deceptive. See truth with inner vision, the most valuable of all senses. Nothing can deny us of our awareness if we refuse to believe that which will do so in believing. Never doubt a personal ability or capability, it is in that doubt you deny it of its power. Life fluctuates. nothing in it remains static. Sometimes up, others down. This is what keeps it exciting. Belief in yourself can create miracles. Trust in yourself can help you accomplish those miracles. Knowing yourself is to make it all happen. If you must doubt, doubt doubt itself. My oath to ceaselessly give as much or more of the inspiration, determination, and foresight I receive. Sometimes, to hold compassion and love in one's own heart for a counterpart is as important as the blood flowing through it. It's not my business to tell you who I am. my business is to know who I am. Do those who impede the lives of people matter? no, no they do not. because if they did they'd have their own lives to worry about. Is it our responsibility to tell people what to think/assume, even about our own selves? No it is not. Everyone shapes his or her own views. Solutions are feasible ideas, implemented to solve a given issue. In this perspective money cannot be a solution. Let go of attachments, especially to locations, places and the like. embrace and perceive this wonderful life experience beyond the material. Who do you ask when nobody has the answer? discover the answer yourself. create a solution. Anything other than good communication could result in one of many avoidable quandaries. Contact with everyone must be clear, direct and open. A life of shadow and mystery, of concealing expression and self image has brought me nowhere. Being open is what truly opens every door. Self contentment is not through over indulgence, but through discipline. Perpetual happiness starts with self acceptance and continues with self contentment. My top priority are the people who have been a succeeding outcome of a true deus ex machina in the narrative of my life. In a dispute or debate, sometimes the best strategy is to wait for your opponent to finish his or her argument. Never mask how you feel with something else. If you feel something express it to move forward. also, being transparent is required. The well being of one person is the well being of the entire community. Do what you have to do to stay healthy. It is a crime to try to convince someone, or enforce the idea, that he or she is something other than what they truly are. People who are not content with what they have will never be happy. Yet, the path of contentment is a life journey in its own right. All who believe in fate, reject the coincidence. The skeptic of fate is a supporter of the coincidence. Two distinct operating systems. If something is wrong, we tell people about it, and all together we fix it. We are one community. Never Silent!. I do not only venerate the truth, I worship the truth. An epiphanous point in your life is when you realize your most valued belonging or possession can only be your own self.

As finished reading he held his head up and found himself in a park on a bench. He looked at young couple taking a picture. The camera would capture the entire landscape of a location in three dimensions, which could be viewed later from any angle. A snapshot of not just the moment but all other moments in a mile radius. Different perspectives can later be extracted. Such a wonderful innovation thought Hunter. Comparable only to a device that would record thoughts, if it existed, would obviate trying to remember anything of importance. "For now, I'll just note down everything." He thought restlessly. Or the smart phones that are shaped like a tiny wrist band, as thick as a hair band, projecting a display on the back of a hand. Or mail servers that used face recognition software along with user name and password. A one step photo verification process along with location access points with each login to be included in a data base. They, the software engineers, must've thought that the first step for better internet security and safer web experiences is through annihilating anonymity. Facial recognition is one way. "But what use is this technology anyway" He thought. The material object has only perceived value. You MAKE the object thus YOU hold the real value.

Hunter thought for a second a had the urge to swim in the sea. Although it was late, about mid night, he didn't resist the notion to go for it. He swam in the darkness of the night. The stars like lanterns in the sky. Many luminous fish swam beside he as he dived deeper, and deeper. He looked up underwater and all he could see is a big white circle. The moon with its light cascading through the waters. He swam up to breathe and in a moment, on the corner of his eye. He saw a man standing at the shore. "Because of the time and place, it would be impossible for more than two people to be here coincidently" Hunter thought. The man seemed to wait for him, ominously watching. When Hunter got closer he said to him:

Hunter: Are you following me?

The Man standing in the darkness said:

Man: Are you a human being?

Hunter: Of course.

Man: Do you believe in god?

Hunter: God exists. I cannot even say the words stating anything otherwise because I can only see the divine force in all aspects of my life. In fact. the divine power is the only entity which exists absolutely. the rest of us are nothing but dancing lights on a screen.

Man: But in the name God, so many wars have started and so much blood has been shed. Why believe?

Hunter: Why be compassionate with those who are incapable of compassion, even if they believe in God? Because clemency creates loving, and peaceful societies. My belief is not the cause of their actions, their actions are not because of their beliefs. The wicked, are simply wicked. Antagonists, perhaps, who forgot what antagonization means? Devils who foolishly do not know the meaning of the words diabolical, devilish, or even devil. Persistence in doing harm is something I will never understand, nor could ever relate to, nor do I want to be around anyone like that. As all the good will always be puzzled regarding a bad action or deed because they could not see the purpose in it. The bad will always question a good action or deed because most of the bad do not know what GOOD means. It is natural to see a bad person wonder WHY one person is helping another beyond benefits. It is also natural to see the bad wondering why efforts in harming a person are turned back upon himself, herself. To be dumbfounded with such a result is only proof, evidence that most if not all the bad do not know that they are bad, and that is beyond the concept of a belief in god.

Hunter looked the other way and began to walk silently in the darkness. With a faint light shinning from a light house far away, he observed two crabs in what seemed like a social interaction, they were shacking claws. "I'm glad that I am a vegetarian" He thought. Eating anything with eyeballs was always been something he found discomforting as a child, and still does as an adult.

He arrived to his apartment and there he heard the natural calling of sleep and rest. When he woke up, he thought of the dream that he just had. In it he was jogging and he kept on leaping every now and then, rising higher with each leap. Also, a strange lady was chasing him. And more, he had an odd technological contraption around his legs holding them together which made each jump possible. After out running the lady. He reached to an office on top of a mountain only to give a lecture about "the power of believing in yourself." He found this odd as he had no prior ideas on how to give such a lecture. He continued on with his day. The voice of the mysterious woman still echoing in his mind. "Express more and we'll make it even more difficult for you." He thought to himself that would only be logical for extracting a person's voice. Is it not through expression that we keep ourselves in check through or own selves and others. So the question is who would not want that? The choice is to take an easy route and risk a loss in balance, or keep balance despite a possible increase in difficulty. "Since the "easy route" is just a promise, a myth, a nonexistent fictitious tale, then I would be in the right to choose to keep balance." He thought. "The problematic seizes to be so when articulated." He thought again. Then he spoke as if talking to someone "Dig into my mind only with my consent, tell me what you're looking for and I'll be glad to help. But for the divine please stop wasting time demon." Anxieties do not develop out of thin air. Most are made through other people. Visible or invisible, real or imagined, intentionally or unintentionally. All of it is besides the point.

As if the woman in his dream can hear him. He stood up from his bed, and reached for his clothes. All black. He reflected on the choice of the color black for a minute. He thought: "The color black does not mean you are evil, nor does it mean, for select locations, that you have some kind of gender complex." Since women in Arabia are accustomed to wearing the color. "All colors represent something different to each one of us. For me the shades of black is the universe." The universe in its entirety, the known existence is what he represents. His life was a series of ups and downs. At times when it gets so bad, he asks himself "what's the point in waking up in the morning." Then he remembers all these brilliant and beautiful people in the world, like Willow. People, who through their love, lift him higher each day, everyday. He remembers that truth needs to be told, things need to change, concepts needs to be discovered. He remembers his day to day contributions, and says "I AM changing lives to the better." Yes, that is the point indeed. He had a thought for a second as he walked out of his apartment, it was of his first memory. It was at the zoo with his mom and a giraffe lowered its head towards his out reaching hand. This memory made him happy and invigorated to start the day. For it is a fact that a state of idleness, uselessness in thoughtless inaction, is murder of a person's identity. He had to keep moving.

Hunter was a detective. Past criminals that he had prosecuted, have hypothesized that he was getting help from an invisible entity. Scientific documentation has not been submitted obviously. But still puzzled about mystery solving abilities, a few other criminals swore in front of a judge that it is with the aid of a transparent" person that they were caught. Present when the claims were made, he demanded that credit is given to where credit is due. He wondered how the criminals knew about Crystal, but it made no difference. She did indeed help in some cases.

After being used as bait for an ambush set by his rivals, the detective sets free his dogs in the desert, thinking "Friends cannot be sold" since he had to let them go because he didn't want them to be used as bargaining tools anymore in the future, and he didn't want to sell them or give them to someone else. "They will be happy and free like they always were out here." His rivals were out to get him at any cost. Manly because he was putting them out of business.

"My name is Hunter, and there is a good reason for that." Hunter said to one of the criminals who planned the ambush as he was being chased for some reason by a mob.

The thug replied "I've been assigned to watch you, and bring you in. I was just doing my job. Please help me. They will Kill me."

Hunter Replied "But that is not the only thing you did. You snooped around my house, drugged and kidnapped my dogs."

The criminal replied: "had I not you would have still be as weak as I found you."

Hunter said "That's enough. My name is Hunter, because I hunt people like you." He said as the criminal was being dragged to the streets by the angry mob. He didn't care much as to why the mob was so angry with the thug, but he thought justice was served in one shape of the other. "A home where unknown people come and go as they please is not a safe home. Streets with no side walks that are infested with criminals are not safe streets." He thought while looking around the narrow dirty, trench filled roads, plagued with hordes of insects that seemed to be flying around night and day. "God this place has changed." Hunter thought. Walking through some parts of the city was like walking through a war zone." He thought out load as he dodges incoming traffic left and right. "Insect free sidewalks are a privilege." He wrote in his log. "The city should release an ordinance that all trash containers should be closed lid. That would help control the infestation." He wrote. "But that is not my job." He resumes, "My job is to find terrorists and barbarians, bad men and women who make it harder for everybody else." "If life was a walk in the park, I'm talking about the people who make it an obstacle course, through criminality, delinquency and corruption." He wrote. "These are whom I hunt." And the hunt begins.

He was also once framed with mediating between two opposing criminal groups, a crime nonetheless within itself. He resolved the issue by seeking help from his father's ex employer, who assured him at the time to have patience. It was shortly resolved after that, but that was not the last of the attempts to drag Hunter down. As he thought of this incident, he remembered his father asking a long time ago, "what career would you want to have?" A younger version of himself answered, "mediation." In which his father replied "That would be a waste of time my son." As he was about to reach his office, he ran into Willow. Who despite knowing about Crystal, never minded the invisible entity which she thought was part of Hunter's imagination. She gave him a passionate kiss, and whispered: "You're a better detective than anything else." "Thank you." He said.

He said goodbye to his lover, and she asked: "Are we going to meet later?"

He replied: "After work pumpkin."

He arrived at his office, and after remembering the harm made through a series of abductions in the city, the tears of family members of the missing persons, an oath was made by him to bring justice on that day by any means necessary. His first action was requesting a document of the names of people who interrogated a witness last week, and the integration methods used on the witness. This was to submit a report to the head office. The methods were questionable. Harm was inflected. When he asked the interrogators, two posh men who looked like weasels, one of them responded: "we did that because we assumed that the guy was of a different belief system." His response: "Regardless of verity, is this the logic you use to justify inflecting harm upon others?" Nonetheless, this was common practice in Arabian regions. To trust only those of your own religion, race, language, or nationality is a sign of narrow mindedness. the good and the bad exist in all. To favor only those regarded as spiritual kin, tongue brethren, racial (skin) relatives, or country people, is not piousness nor patriotism. Someone of similar race, beliefs, language, nationality does not mean he or she are automatically good, it means you have things in common, and having something in common with someone has nothing to do with him or her being good or bad. The days of a chieftain instructing the tribe to only trust those who are similar to their own, to prevent enemy intrusion, are gone. Or are they? The whole world is one tribe. the people who do not know this, just do not know.

He wrote the report as precise and articulate as he could. He then started reading the first case of the day which he had on his desk. A crime cartel running a small hotel was uncovered and brought to justice for drugging tourists and guests to a near death stupor and stealing all their money and belongings. Rushed from the hotel to a hospital for recovery, witnesses and other tourists promise to testify in court despite all odds. "A key telltale sign was that a guest would complain about sleeping for 15+ hours upon entry." It read. The detective types a new report. The hotel manager, a short chubby old man, confessed that all was made because tourists are from the wrong family of people. Hunter finalized the report by adding "This statement is nothing but a narrow vision, and a ridiculous excuse since all people are one family." These views were probably why he had been called Christian, Jewish, or Hindu in some cases, since tolerance is nonexistent in a strictly Muslim regions. He had often thought that Arabian countries are in the hight of the new dark ages. The New Dark Ages, a time which a civilization undergoes a decline," But it's more than that, he thought. It's the mass absence of rationality and reason. Like the behaviors and rationale of the integrators from earlier in the day, he thought, He was convinced that he was living among scrutiny of hyena-like men and women who listen to no plead of compassion or sensibility. Most crime and hatred, he thought, is the aftermath of poverty or lack of education, but this does not mean that evil is nonsense made for fiction. Evil does exist and is a consequent of the aforementioned.

On his break, he opened a book titled 'The Spirit.' A book about the occult sciences since he was interested in understanding the nature of Crystal. Although he was convinced that she was part of his imagination, he wanted to know more about the nature of things from a different perspective for he did not know if when he made love to Willow, he was actually making love to Crystal. It wrote "If bodies are boxes, and souls are its contents, would you still be attracted to that person you like or love if the contents are different? Distinguishable from a change in character, this is concerning what if he or she had the same appearance but was in fact a different person." He thought as he read the pages, "If this is possible, then pretending to be someone you are not is a form of deception regardless of intentions, and I have never responded well with that. If it was indeed possible, it would be a stranger visible or invisible trying to push down your defenses." The logical question to ask: Why attempt to break a person's defenses with trickery unless the intentions are not right, and if the intentions are not right, then this would be an example of people, again visible or invisible, who use evil beyond incentives. Bad for the sake of it. On a different note, Hunter opens up his log and writes "My question, how do people get stunned to unconsciousness? And does the mysterious humming sound have something to do with it?" He continues "Many people have noticed it seems the stunning sensation works on an approval/disapproval system. For example, when a person refuses to show or give away something, he or she is stunned at that spot, and as frequent as weekly." He writes in his log: "the worst effect of a stun is a sudden deceleration of movement." "Yet, how does it work." He wonders. "If a crime syndicate has been using this weapon to suspend victims while they steal and take their belongings..." he scribbles in his log, "then a solution is in finding a way to fight that weapon, and to fight it, one must understand how it works." He saves his log and shuts the holographic monitor used in writing in it. This is by putting his index and thumb fingers together. To open his log, all he would have to do is set apart the two fingers and the holographic screen would appear.

It has happened again. The walls trembled in what seemed to be a low continuous hum. Hunter jumped up to investigate. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, so he opened up his log and wrote: "To know of the current, one must refer to the preceding." Many reports have shown the hum would coincide with a few things, common factors. these similarities are in all testimonies. An interrupted activity, a disruption in communication, a state of frozen thought and movement, followed by a few inquiries. Questions like "do you hate living here? Do you plan a riot? Or do you hate the administration?" "These types are called traps." He wrote. Criminals use traps to prevent community and administration interference. "At a stunned state" He wrote "A person is not a person." With this type of prevention, criminals seem to think they have a free-for-all right to steal, rape, assault, & abuse people under that state. "Again and again" He wrote "without anyone ever knowing HOW it is made."

One testimony said: "the thing with the stun gun, is that it is felt with no one else in the room, but it's always felt IN a room." The second testimony wrote "I began to notice it, when I would be working, then I would stop for a few minutes mysteriously as if by pause." Hunter opened his log and wrote: "it seems the stun is noticed when the person is able to think, to work, after the hum goes silent." He continued: "it is hard to distinguish the sound from other air conditioning units, but it is distinguishable." "The inquires, the trap questions, and missing items reported, indicate that it's being fired at close proximity." Hunter wrote. His first hunch was that it was location based. An invisible beam in a bad neighborhood that would catch each unsuspecting passerby. "The crime syndicate targets specific individuals, whom they follow to their places of residence, and run havoc on their lives." he wrote. "By stunning victims, who can barely think while being stunned let alone defend themselves, the syndicate think they can do as they please." "This needs to stop." Hunter wrote, saved his log and turned off the monitor.

"Around the wrong people," Hunter wrote in his log, "the monitor seems to freeze. So it seems not only does it have a physical effect, but an electrical one as well." He continued. "It targets the nerve system, and electrical systems." He wrote. "But how?" He instantly remembers a report he was reading awhile back. A testimony from one of the victims and it stated: "It is felt in the back of the head, down the neck and all the way to the lower back." While exercising on an machine called the treadbeam, Hunter contemplated if the electrical interference is a result of the stun itself. He does recall another victim who stated that everything seemed to have been paused. "The pause button!" He shouted to his voice recorder.

"Who told you?" alarmed, Hunter replies, "who told me what?" The person behind the shadows asks "Do you mind if I do an inspection?" Hunter replies: "Do you mind if you can show me your face first?" Hunter wakes up from a nightmare in a sweat. He wakes up from what feels like a five day slumber. He reached for his log & sees no entries have been made for that duration. He begins to walk down the narrow, rain trenched road next to his apartment. Somewhat groggy and hazy, he feels like he just could drop. He looks up to the Media Rapid, a massive sign board displaying news, reports, and advertisements at all times of the day. Not only are Media Rapid devices equipped with cameras, but each report is neighborhood specific, and each device is at every corner. "It is 4:15 AM" the Media Rapid displays in a flashing light. A young man starts speaking of the latest significant incidents. Having had loathed anything that would fog judgement, he was bemused by the sensation. Nonetheless, he began to listen to the report. "...had identified a number of administration officials who took part in a crime ring called: 'The Attackers of the Night.' A name dubbed to them for their preferred method of attack and abduction." The reporter stated. The screen showed a list of locations of recent abductions. The first and on the top was at a sector across the border called Strong Vetch. The second abduction was at the Down Town area a few miles away. The rest of the incidents were at a dangerous sector called Old Father Time. "... each victim has recalled similar accounts. Of being temporarily paralyzed, of being taken to unknown locations with everything stolen.." the reporter continued. Hunter opened his log and wrote: "find who has possession of the stun gun, and you have your suspects."

"It is 5:30 AM." the Media Rapid flashes in the heavy rain. Hunter stands to listen to a testimony from one of the witnesses. The old lady and neighbor to one of the victims stated: "... they came at the middle of the night looking for a 'Ben.'" The lady continued and said that they instructed her to ask the victim to open his apartment door without telling him of their presence. The rest was the victims testimony. "... I heard her calling out to open the door, I refused since I was asleep. In seconds, the door broken down, two individuals stormed in.." "... month after month, my life was not the only thing they stole, but also all my credits and assets..." "... they fired something at me, which immediately triggered a heavy fatigue..." He continued. "... my mind and rights were not the only thing they took, but also they attempted to cut all communication. repeatedly." Hunter noticed the man in the testimony was on a podium in what seemed to be the Old Father Time sector. "The place is like a multilayered catacomb. with each layer increasing in difficulty..." He wrote in his log. "If the notion of being in maze wasn't hard enough, one would feel blindfolded in darkness from all the fumes, gases, chemicals" He wrote. "But nothing is as dangerous as the stun." He continued. "when stunned one's speech would slur, all thought would seize on contact." He wrote "the victim would notice nothing but a low frequency humming sound." He continued "All go silent when the humming sound hums."

Hunter was walking down a windy road. It's winter, but one wouldn't feel like it is winter at all. He wrote in his log, "today, I believe I've made a discovery. a toxic gas, an unknown chemical fume, a substance is used along side the stun." "Used to force conversation, and the more serious type of abductions in the city without resistance." "It seems..." he paused for a minute to reflect, but then continued... "it seems the crime ring has been using the substance for rape for murder, for robbery and assault. it has a faint oder usually covered with the smell of heavy, cheap perfume." He knew of it only because it, has been used on him, and many others. "It is the first thing one would notice, in trap buildings, and locations." everyone knows it's use is a crime in its own right. "This must be communicated to the central administration" Hunter thought while looking out to the horizon. As bad as this weapon was, he thought to himself, not having the ability to love, to see truth, through love, is the worst fate of all. He wrote in his log, "love yourselves and each other is what I send to all of you." As if addressing a massive crowd, "and push away those who work with hatred."

A few weeks later, in a humanitarian fundraiser, he steps up to address issues relating to all the crimes within the city. On a desk, he spoke to all police administration precincts through a device called a unifier. A full circle screen displaying many. As he walked past the interchanging faces on the screen, and circling the desk in a counter clockwise motion, he thought and spoke. He spoke of crime and corruption, issues and solutions. more importantly the outcome of those solutions. Among the faces, he saw many important people, which he then looked down as to not get too distracted. The room was dark, the light shining from the device on the floor, falls and rises like a heart beat as he paced each step. "Cities are no longer flat; cities are vertical, horizontal and with massive depth within the ground." "The highest point reaching out into the sky, where these words are said, is the oldest of all districts, and the most crime ridden." He inquired of all listening of a person who ordered the murder and burial of an innocent person. A crime, he was investigating. "This is just one example, not including the attempts of abduction of, myself on the way up here, just now. While this might scare many, as it once did myself, but now it just saddens me to see." he stated while still looking at the ground. "... and I do not want to be sad anymore, and... I do not want to see anyone sad." "Solutions might be problems, but at least I try." "No one deserves to be abducted, electrocuted, gassed or murdered. No one, and that is all." A shout among the crowd was heard "what do you need?" he paused as to see of what comes to mind "a strong team, open communication, and most importantly, the removal of any applied restrictions." "Ladies & gentlemen, I fight for the energy holding our existence together, binding us, together collectively, a force that runs the city."

"...and every other city in existence, and it's with all of us, thank you."

"He is. He's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see

And He is insurrection. He is spite. He's the force that made me be.

He is"

On his way down, he received a package labelled, IHD. His initials. In it, there was a new communication device. A wristband commutator, which he immediately turned on. With it, even more people seemed to offer help and ask in concern. The good thing about the device is that it used a nonconventional communication system, including micro-habitats orbiting in space. These satellite stations facilitate a wider audience, and lower any limitations. This he immediately noticed. Tired from a long day, he took the train to his district, and walked the rest of the way home. Arriving to his apartment late after the online address, He sat down on his office to go through feedback from the evening. Among the viewers were influential people who praised the address for its straight forwardness and strong leadership skills.

Among the letters, which are sent in looping holographic, was one from a person called Blueberry Marmalade. In which one statement was made in regards to an investigation, the hologram stated "YOUR LATE GET ON TO IT." Of course he knew she was referring to case of a boy who was murdered. The boy had a bag with a communication device, a camera, and a stick of wood. Hunter thought for a minute, then thought again. Perhaps it would be better to look into current issues addressed instead since this needed further study, he thought of a crime ring called the testers, whom when they start speaking they say, or heard to say, "testers, testing, test." Why this is, no one knows. The testers abduct people to places and "test" them for information. All files on testers show, no regard for basic human dignity or even divine remorse, nothing gets in the way of them conducting the "test." Testers are known to break bones, chop off limbs, electrocute for information, or "scanning." "Testers, testing, test" what does it mean? he remembered seeing this in a flash when he opened the boy's murder case.

With a slight movement of both his index finger and thumb, Hunter opened his log and wrote... "In a strange instance, I began to see the impact of the stun on a person, which is usually accompanied with that strange humming sound." "Each and every testimony I read is the same as mine, which of course is based on my experience. But since this happened more than once..." "I should say experiences. The most memorable was while I was performing a simple exercise for increasing balance and focus..." "In that event, I remember two or more people running towards me as to attack, then the stun occurred, then nothing at all." "Before all that, I was just beginning to exercise, but I had felt a strong feeling of sudden drowsiness." "So I decided to cancel the exercise and walk back to my apartment." "A horde of people had contacted me all at once, mostly because a camera was present. most questions can be summarized with..."Do you not know what just had happened to you?" What seemed to Hunter as 3:00 PM on a Friday afternoon, was suddenly 3:00 PM on a Saturday afternoon, which was then Sunday. He started walking to his apartment, and abruptly thought "it feels like I haven't eaten for a week." he saw a store "I need water." Without hesitation the lady gave him water, food and said "it's ok, you don't have to pay" with a face that said "were you in an accident?" Everyone was staring as if they have seen a man rise from the dead. He looked at himself and started to notice more than few odd things. Patches of his head had been shaved off, the electronic parts on his clothes, ripped clean from its place, and his sound receiver broken. He asked the store lady what day it was, she said Friday the 2nd. With a surprised face, he could've swore he went exercising earlier on that day, but in the previous month. Too thirsty and hungry to think of anything else, he drank as much water as he could, and left the store. As he was walking a hover vehicle approached, it was police officer who began to inform him that a search party had been dispatched a week ago, "who are you looking for?" Hunter asked, the officer replied "YOU." The officer asked "have you seen the video?" Hunter replied "what video?" The officer in a stutter: “Sir, I suggest you go get some rest." "I think Willow requested the search party" He thought. he then started to recollect whatever missing pieces he could recollect. He saw a flash of himself stretching on that day, then he noticed an odd smell in the studio which made him a bit hazy. Then there was the stun which made him freeze right in place. with his eyes half open, he saw a man holding a mirror shouting "Who. am. I" As he was approaching closer and closer, close enough that Hunter could smell the stench of tobacco on the person behind the mirror. In an instant, with a massive force the man slammed the half meter reflective surface in Hunter's face knocking him unconscious.

Waking up strapped in the back seat of a vehicle, Hunter could hear the two individuals discussing were to eat. Slipping back and forth from consciousness, he could only remember a few segments. One of which an instrumental song was being played. While looking down at the luminescent sidewalk opened his log and wrote "I was asked repeatedly again and again to decipher its meaning." He looked up and thought why would they do that to him out of all people then pretend like nothing had happened. He knew something was missing. "It's one thing when you receive a death threat, or experience a life threatening experience," he said in a function with many, it transforms into something different, it becomes something different when a loved one is involved. The collective sound of the audience was silent. He said, "all go silent when the humming sound hums, yet WHAT is the humming sound." He continued to speak, they hate us, they hate what we stand for, what we represent, diversity, expression, communication, but their hatred will not stop time again, not on my watch, nor will they be able to stop out ability to love one another, and thank you.

Walking down an empty street early in the morning, and while the sun hasn't even begun to rise, Hunter noticed something unusual. More than one thing was off, the streets were too empty, and right next to his apartment, he noticed a colossal road block. Not only did it seem to appear out of no where, but there was no other way to get to the exercise track than to go through it. More than a dozen vehicles, most were police, some were unmarked, and a few ambulances. Hunter was talking to Willow, who was telling him about a dress she has purchased the night before. In a flash more than five men wearing full on black uniforms were running towards him, then paused midway. Someone yelled "he's taking a hologramic motion video." Hunter felt a drop in his chest in thinking, why would they pause on that suspicion. Regardless, Hunter kept on walking causally because one, he wanted to see what will happen next and two, because he had no other choice. And while he passed by, one man among the twenty or more men was saying "stop him, stop him NOW! Why can't you stop him?" When everyone in the crowd refused to interfere, the man who was saying that, decided to approach Hunter himself. The group seemed to be as confused as Hunter himself as to why the aggravated man was so angry. The man said, actually screamed it, "why were you taking hologramic pictures of me and my men? Hand in your communicator." He replied "I did not take pictures, I was in a call, and actually still am." The man snatched the communicator and said "YOU WERE!" Hunter took a deep breath as to calm himself and said: "and if there are no said photos on what you took, then what will I take from you?" The man asked Hunter to get into the vehicle, although ready to oblige he still asked: "for what?" The man replied: "We are taking you in." Hunter got in into what seemed like a box but it was a vehicle. He felt a light through the millimeter wide holes reflecting on his face. He thought, at least this is better than the last time. Someone behind a mirror a few weeks ago asked him to put on his sweater or else. And as he did, the man fired a net that wrapped around his upper torso. Stuck with his own sweater around his face, a passer by took a photo of it and sent it to a million people. The way he was dragged out from the ball court become a symbol of injustice, and the existence of those who abuse power. These are not the days of pen and paper, more than billion people are all connected to each other, and all at once. To do more than one act of injustice, and then assume no one will hear about it, is to deny the existence of the more than a billon people. Waiting patiently in the vehicle, Hunter thought of Willow who emotionally broke down the last time it happened, then started to worry. He could hear the men talking and debating outside, so he whispered to one of them: "Hey! Can just ask him what is this (really) about." The man got into the vehicle and said "it has to do with something you said in a grocery shop, and a suspicious invention, I think." "Then summon his superior to appear at the scene immediately, say it's an emergency," Hunter replied. Hunter thought to himself, I will not let Willow go through that again. Then he thought, what could I have possibly said that agitated this man. He thought back for a second, and then said: "Ahhh!" The invention he referred to was a drawing explaining how something works, and earlier that day he did receive unknown call. The unknown person on the other line was using photo masking technology, to appear in the call as someone else, a mask. No one ever responds well to deception. So he said: "whomever you are trying and pretending to be is dead, tell me who you really are, NOW." The man ignored Hunter's response, and continued to ask him questions. A few hours later in a conference call with a few colleagues, he stated "I find the best way to spot photo masking is by adding a second camera to the side of the speaker." "Existing communication is not fast enough to transmit both dimensions without noticing a break in consistency of the image." While both cameras are taking the same dimensional capture of the same location, the technology can only be cast at one camera at a time. "Thus.." He concluded "adding a second camera would prove the technology ineffective." In an instant the door opened and what seemed to be the irritated man's superior was sitting in his car "show us what's in your commutator." The device which uses face recognition software would not open because of all the faces in the frame. Overriding the software, he turned it on and showed it to the man who did not find any of the "pictures" the angered man spoke of. Hunter then said to the man who was the cause of all of it "Do you not fear getting struck down for lying?" And continued to walk his way. The man said "You have trust issues. We use face masking so you would speak to us." Hunter replied "THAT, is my choice, not yours." "If I do, then you should ask yourself why." He looked down the alley, the sound of the crowd was going further as the sun began to rise.

Hunter took what the syndicate have done personal not only because the abductions and invasions were frequent and quite common but one would seize to know who he or she is or was after it is made. He knew he had no other option then to fight it. They are no longer after the money and possessions of the populous, abductions of the knowledgable for information have been witnessed. It was after Hunter went missing for more than a week, that a global problem arose to the public. The entire international virtual community has been divided into three groups. the matter of debate between the groups was, the time. Shortly after the turn of the new year, some have noted a 0.0002 percent difference in it, and although small, it almost led to a global catastrophe. While most of the world was still intoxicated from celebrating, Hunter led a group to solve the debate, and as quickly as possible. And it was fixed. The culprits were still at large. He reflected on his words during that function "...but their hatred will not stop time again, not on my watch, nor will they be able to stop our ability to love one another, and thank you." Everyone knew the syndicate have took it too far, and this time it's personal. "Their work is to make the only people the targeted can communicate with, is within their group, and no one else." Year, after year, after year until whomever it's being made for falls in accepting that this is the only reality to accept. The reality of the invasive, of the harmful, the destructive, the deceptive, the hatful."

Murder is not only physical, but can be psychological and spiritual as well. To break a person's ability to function in society is actually killing a character, a mind. This is phycological murder, and it is as accountable, in the view of the law, as the physical. It is no secret that the souls of all people, of all living things are interconnected, intertwined, and codependent. Everyone is an aggregate of communities. If one would try to break the connection between another and his or her community. It would be murder within the community on a spiritual level, for the absence, or induced spiritual absence of the person in that community. The collection of communities that make a person work. Hunter knew that the issue with abduction is the obvious resorting, re resorting of the intellect. He could recall a time where an even bigger disaster was about to take place as a consequence of mass spiritual murder. After one of said resorting sessions, Hunter had found more than a half of the community have disappeared. Not in a physical sense, but simply, lost contact. The connection was broken by ways of the mind. And it is obvious why the syndicate would do this, to keep whomever is valuable to them in one place, away from whomever would potentially take him or her away. Including making whomever exists in a different place seem like he, she does not. Exactly how it is made towards one and him or her self. If one is convinced he does not exist, that is phycological murder, because what would be the point in having hope? If the community in which makes the one person come into existence through a function seizes to exist within the one person from where would the one person get the drive, the momentum?

It was in an event of anger over injustice that without even knowing how, Hunter in one scream that must have been heard by millions, and millions more, had created a hurricane. In a physical sense, that shutdown the power in more than one third of the entire known existence. The reason, an attempt of murder. Whom the syndicate attempted to murder? His son. To him, it seemed only the walls around him were shaking, what he did not know, every other wall was shaking as well. Every other wall in the known existence.

A hurricane of people, is as destructive as a real one, and because of the intercommunicative relationships which holds us together. Any act of extreme negligence, of ultimate disorder, any horrible imperfections within our societies not only becomes an event of disapproval of the false sense of security people wrap themselves with but an excuse for even more disorder, the very disorder many have sworn to fight, to counteract. Hunter opened his log and wrote "you cannot fight fire with fire, disorder with disorder, there must be another way." "You could wake up one day and not know who you are. You could wake up, and not know who matters, and who does not. You can be made to seize to communicate, to seize to work, to desist in doing anything at all. And whomever caused it would act like it was a mere coincidence, or some unexplainable act of nature." "Kidnapping, and invasive attitudes have not stopped, and the syndicate have not been listening to anyone, and will not listen to anyone from the highest ranks of command, to the simplest of logic." "...and what does that mean? If they haven't been listening to anyone, what authority does that give us?" Hunter shut off the monitor and began walking on the narrow road, in the darkness of the night.

After being kidnapped, not only would you have revealed information regarding your credits, your source of credits, of course, but how you view each person you know can be edited in any way possible, including your own self. Every time you fall asleep and hear a question being asked, know that patch work is being done. Every time you fall asleep and feel like you are revealing how you perceive someone, or something, know that perception is being altered. "It is a power struggle for control of our own minds, our decisions, our own lives" Hunter thought. "Some things cannot be patched, some things once broken cannot be mended." He wrote.