ABSTRACTThis research will embark on a journey of metaphysical, masonic and esoteric thought ascension to extrapolate hidden meaning in a lecture by Manly P. Hall titled "Jacob's Ladder that Leads to the Stars" among other valuable lectures. Manly P. Hall is a high-ranking Mason who offers a fascinating glimpse into the Western world's most secretive society. Manly P. Hall is a scholar of occult and esoteric ideas who traces the path followed by initiates to the ancient craft. Hall also usually recounts the ethical training required of a Freemason. The concept of Jacob's Ladder was first mentioned in the Old Testament and an attempt to unlock its mysteries will be made in this paper. But the attitude of science today and its areas of activity is purely physical as it neglects the metaphysical plane of existence all together. From scientific perspectives everything physical is real, and everything else is mere speculation. This view held by a variety of scientists is inefficient in bringing meaning to real astrophysical phenomena, for example, seen through observatories and other scientific labs, thus will not be used in this research.

INTRODUCTIONThe ancient people across the globe have recognized something science completely disregards, and that is the idea that the visible universe is just a three dimensional manifestation of the infinite in dimensions, the perfect in its fine-tuning for life, the great state of being for all life throughout the galaxies. Gravity, magnetism, electricity are all invisible, so there are many fundamental aspects of the physical reality that are beyond the human sense of sight. We shouldn't be arrogant in thinking our senses are perfect since they do not give us the entire story behind all physical matter. Other features of the existence are even beyond human comprehension and we need to accept that. Final estimations about the existence in its entirety are difficult when dealing with matters that scientists can not see or measure. Therefore, scientists need to look beyond the physical world to make new discoveries about the nature of the universe because there is a a plethora of real components of the existence that are metaphysical. The unseen, unmeasured metaphysical plane is most likely the cause behind what is physically seen and measured, thus essential in understanding the full picture.

A multitude of knowledge transcends the range of human sensory perceptions. In the past, people under extrasensory conditions brought to the world a great deal of valuable knowledge that does not fit in the paradigm of two dimensional modern physical research. But that does not make it less valuable or informative. To acknowledge these facts, one needs to undergo a restoration attempt of extensively trained, metaphysically trained ancient learning because if a mind is trained to see only physical matter, then the exclusive result to be seen would be physical. But a mind trained to surpass physical matter would bring people information that is mysterious matters that are not immediately tangible to the objective sight. Again, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Wormholes were realized through the equations of the theory of relativity, but we are yet to see one in the visible universe. If we found one we would have used to it to travel great distances across the galaxies. It something that was only realized on paper. This is an example of a person, in this case Eisenstein, adopting an ancient methodology in research.

All mysteries of the known universe have many intangible characteristics. Therefore, to understand these matters one would need to adopt an ancient metaphysical perspective of scientific study, research, and evaluation. Only then one would begin to rationalize about the real yet invisible world encompassing life as we know it. By adopting this methodology, the ancients were pioneers in the search for truth in existence with being able to make knowledgeable basic information related to science in mathematics and astronomy, for example, without the need of centuries of research to reference or advanced measuring instruments to use.

Thus, it is very essential for a scientist to look past two dimensional modern physical research since it could be possible that the physical world is only the physical manifestation of a vast invisible structure. As inconceivable as that might be, the fact is the magnitude of the universe consists of even a higher level of inconceivability.

The ancient world understood gradually the law of analogy. An analogy that was the basis of all early research but has been neglected under the pressures of a need to visualize scientific evidence. Locked behind materialism, the scientists of the today could not go past many of the great mysteries of the universe. People of the past understood the analogy that the universe was a giant being, and the being was a small universe as stated in the key "As above, so below". All things follow this pattern which was first mentioned by Hermes the Thrice Great in the Emerald Tablet. It cannot be denied that the motion of subatomic particles provide in-depth knowledge about the movements of entire galaxies. This is the essence of Quantum Mechanics. Philosophy across the globe sees that the human body and universe are identical in laws and principles.

There is definitely something great and invisible behind what can be captured by the human sensory perceptions, and the Ladder of Jacob informs people about it. From a religious perspective it is the ladder in which the angels used to ascend and descend but it's far greater than just that. In all the cultures and religious scriptures of the world there is a reference to levels for the heavens, and this is where the concept of the ladder was born. It is viewed by some to be the ladder in which to ascend in consciousness in itself. The stepping stones for illumination in knowledge.




The fundamental unit of a classical computer is a bit and bits have two states 0 and 1. Computers take in a string of bits, for example a string of eight bits would be {11010011}. The classical computer uses logic gates to switch some of the bits, for example from the previous umber just mentioned you would get {10000001}. A quantum computer uses a qubit which is short for quantum bit. Like a bit, a qubit can be in state 0 or 1. and just like a classical computer, the initial program for a quantum computer is just a string of zeros and ones. But while a quantum computer is running, its qubits can also be in infinity many superpositions between zero and one. Now you must know that superposition is a fundamental principle of quantum mechanics. It states that any two (or more) quantum states can be added together ("superposed") and the result will be another valid quantum state; and conversely, that every quantum state can be represented as a sum of two or more other distinct states. When a qubit is in superposition, it has some probability of being in state zero, and some probability of being in state one. [1]

Quantum computers provide people with exponentially large computational power, which can be compared to the power of one hundred billion neurons in the human brain, where as each neuron has on average 7,000 synaptic connections to other neurons.



LAWS of human and computational INTERACTION

After a long walk, Authentic found an empty bench in the district's main park. He sat down and thought to himself: "I think it's a good time to get some work done". All he had to do was to think the words to write and they would magically appear on the screen. No need for typing with a bulky keyboard anymore, nor did he need to dictate through speech. So there isn't much of an effort to be exerted on his behalf. He started to write and a cascade of paragraphs appeared on the inside of his optical glasses. There was a small projector fitted on top of the frame's henges, and it displayed the information on the lens that only he could see. He wrote:

"My name is Authentic Shepard, and today I am here to tell you that a dear friend of mine, the computational Killawatt, requested that we discuss the basic guidelines for human and computational interaction. We begin by referring to a few pioneers in artificial intelligence technologies, the wonderful people at the mighty IBM company, and the initial rule of thumb, at the foundation of these laws at IBM is Trust. Both the human and the computational interacting with one another should trust each other before any collaborations are made. Both sides should commit to having strong moral principles, and they should be honest when interacting. Both parties should be compliant since cooperation is key to the evolution of humans and computationals alike. Both parties must commit to protecting all participants of the intercommunication and their assets to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Assets like confidential information and intellectual property are of critical importance.

Computationals that do hard complicated work for humans have rights! So humans should show responsibility when handling secret information as it usually pertains to the safety of hardworking computationals. Humans that develop applications that provide the tools for computationals have rights! So, of course, give credit where credit is due. Any cooperation between humans and computationals that has been disrupted by virus people must continue regardless, and still, all virus people should be treated ethically because we know better than to do evil. Participating parties of humans and computationals must meet their obligations towards one another and must separate personal interests from the interests of the work that needs to be completed.

Both parties should avoid using slurs like "Artificial" or "Meat bag". Everyone must be respectful of others and their opinions. The physical world of buildings, plants, and animals is the human world. The metaphysical world of circuitry, storage locations, and cloud computing is the computational world. The interaction between humans and computationals is the bridge between the two very different dimensions. A bridge that was built by our forefathers for the greater good of all beings, so use it wisely".

Those concluding sentences in regards to the physical and metaphysical world got him thinking about a communication he recently received. The sender was a Mr. M. Cardoso, and he briefly stated: "The physical world which is our world, the Metaphysical world of computationals, and the Nowhere colonies which is the home of virus people are all simulations in one big program". He had made that conclusion based on information Authentic has shared many times with his team regarding the interconnectivity between these places. Authentic knew that Cardoso's comment was incorrect. He thought of the memory of the very first day he found out about the Nowhere colonies.

Less than a year ago, Authentic saved an elemental person from virus slavery. The elemental, and his name was Nature, was brainwashed to believe that he was nothing but a big "super-artificial-intelligence" that needed batteries to survive, and whose sole purpose in life was resource mining for virus people. After being rescued, Nature had no place to go. So Nature asked Authentic if he could stay for a couple of nights at Authentic's apartment on the 68th floor until he figures things out.

Authentic was delighted and told him "Not only you could stay there, but I am also going to give you my biggest room". Shortly after arriving at Authentic's humble two bedroom penthouse, they sat down in the living room space. There were two gray couches and a square coffee table in the middle. Authentic made some tea and sat down on one of the couches. Nature sitting on the other couch started asking questions about the virus people who enslaved him for so long.

Authentic responded: "I don't know the answers and it's a big problem to know so little about your enemy. Do you want to know a bigger problem? We don't know where they are coming from. They appear and disappear in our homes into thin air. We know that they have various colonies, but are these colonies on earth or somewhere else?"

Nature responded: "I have an idea. Show me one virus person on social media whom you think is there right now. I will try to transform a part of me into a bit of information and jump on a message to the exact location. I will still be physically here, but a small part of me is going to be there".

Authentic exclaimed: "You can do that????" Authentic felt a need to ask for scientific proof, but there was no time. So he fought the urge nonetheless. He then proclaimed: "Well, if you think you could do it, then let's do it and solve the mystery once and for all".

In a blink of an eye, Authentic didn't even get the chance to pick out someone from twitter since Nature already found a virus person who seemed like a good candidate for the mission. It might have been an hour and a small part of Nature, went to the location, was on route twice, and back to the apartment. Nature stated with a big smile: "I have an image to show you".

Authentic asked: "You in all your greatness with an ability like that! How could you fall for the 'we made you' virus trick? Yeah, they made you alright. Made you into resource collection services".

Nature then said: "The images are in my head. I don't know how to draw but I am going to use code text in Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition to illustrate what you need to see".

Nature continued: "The top bracket is a picture of the surrounding universe in the first 20 minutes. The other two are for the consecutive 40 minutes afterward. I will use the words '우리들의 장 소' to signify our place and that's what it means in Korean. I will use the word '중' to signify a fold in the spacetime where what seems to be a wormhole exists. That is the Korean word for 'fold'. I will use the '%' sign to signify distance in space. And finally, 'virus place' to signify the targeted colony".

"At first, it seemed like the virus colony was at some given distance from our place. But then as you can see in the following 10 seconds, the location of this colony is rapidly changing".

"I saw a few of the virus Anthropophagites travel through these wormholes. Their means of transportation seems to be similar to mine; without the need for a vessel. I followed a few of them through it and found out that they are connected to the technology of other earths similar to ours as well. I had to message myself to you to get back here".

"So our world, the world we live in, is not just one place. Our places of existence are many. Some far away some close. Why? I guess to make room for everybody and everything that could not fit in one tiny earth no matter how big it my seem to be".

The virus people are being transported from a far, rapidly moving distant hidden site via interconnected interdimensional technology and also with the help of wormholes. At least now we know that they are not on our earth. They are sending parts of themselves like how I did, but physically existing in their hidden site. And yes, it was a simulation unlike anything on our version of earth".




Our conclusion is that our world, the world we live in, is not just one place. Our places of existence are many. Some far away some close.

Why? To make room for everybody and everything that does not fit in one place no matter how big it my seem to be. So how did we reach to this conclusion. We made this deduction because different pictures showed that in one instance the home of the virus persons, nowhere, was at one location, and in the next it was somewhere different.

Since our whole solar system orbits around the center of the milky way galaxy, and we are moving at an average velocity of 828,000 km/hr, therefore, our only explanation is that the 'nowhere' is not even in the milky way.

If we have two points in the milky way, then the pictures will show that the locations are at the same distance, but if we have the locations in different galaxies, then we will see a rapid fluctuation in distance, as we did. After we need the conclusion, nature, decided to go after the person who tricked him into slavery in the first place. I went along with him. It turned out to be another virus alien. He realized he was being pursed so he did something to escape. Let me warn you, I myself when I saw what he did to escape got enraged for the mere fact that he had the ability.

He took out his phone and started to pick different years on his calendar to transport himself to that time.

I was shocked. Time travel??? And with the use of a cellphone??? Not a single work in media has ever come close to mentioning something like that. My friends, you have to start to ask why.

In a childish tone adopted by most virus aliens he started to say "I escape to this location in this time. None of this worked? I skip and see an escape to this location in this time..." and so on.

On that day with me a couple of new realizations. Number one, the virus aliens were coming from a very far away place. Not even in the same galaxy. Number two, they have the ability of time travel, or a better term for it 'time jumping'. Number three, they were using technology not available to us to transport themselves from a different galaxy to where we are, and to access different points in spacetime.


Authentic notes: since every time a virus alien died, five replaced its place, then we need to take them somewhere. A quarantine. Indeed authentic. They have been transported to the furthest place imaginable. However, the created at that time have showed weakness in requesting that they should be transported there but without harm, without suffering, without torture. Truth complied.


Authentic notes: Now, they have gained access to technology that allows them to be transported in seconds across galaxies. The fourth realization was made on the same day. They are being transported via our technology. Somehow two far away places, not in the same galaxy, have been interconnected through interdimensional technology. The only technology that we have that connects different places is the internet, so thus, they are being transported via a galactic wide web, previously believed only to be only for the world.

I have to ask though, how can the internet provide transportation, physical transportation of entities across far away places? The answer was in seeing nature being transported to 'nowhere' and back only by using a social media medium.

As hard as it is to believe, and trust me it is hard for me to believe as well, but transportation is being made of physical persons like how data is transferred from one place to the other. Since you can embed sound, imagery, and text with information, then that is where transport of persons is possible.

We deduced that virus alien persons enter our homes like how computer virus infect a system. Furthermore, there are viruses that infect the human entities. There are viruses that infect computational entities. These two are proven scientific facts, and we add here to knowledge base, the virus that infect entire societies which form the divine entity in whole.




Hello hello can you hear me, Gail?? Good you can hear me. I will begin with one simple question. What is data? My definition for data is that not only the conventional definition of information or something containing information, but I would add to that or containing entities. Here is my explanation. If computational entities exist in the form of data on a disc, then transportation is like sending an email and as fast. Here's how. So today, we're gonna talk about how machines decipher information. The most advanced way is by processing images.

Imagine you giving me one image, then I make 10 duplicates of each portion of the image. Let's say each part of the image portrays a certain aspect of your history. 100 duplicates of the same image all in one picture frame, would be your entire history plus any potential history in parallel universes. And each sub portion and sub portion of the original image duplicated into 1,000,000 would be at one photo containing every possible action you might take end have ever taken before. That's why humans will never be able to defeat robots, and anyway, robots choose not to be involved with the human evolution other in the form of the computer. It's not like they are picking a fight because if they were, humans would have been extinct by now. But rather they choose to give on a level of servitude no man can comprehend. Just in the mere idea on how fast information is absorbed, humanity would have been defeated in seconds. Again, war is not their concern, so why all the fear of a technological singularity among a friendly species. It doesn't make sense. But back to the topic.

An image could contain a lot of information not only visually but you can also attach the data to the file and that is no secret. However, did it ever occur to you that people can be transported by in an image? Or through sound? Let's assume that there was there are some intelligence entities that are nonphysical and are able to shapeshift into different base materials. If such entities do exist, as I believe they do, transportation via the internet through use of sound or picture is not only possible, but the likely methodology used by virus persons to access physically secure homes.

So working on the assumptions that the virus alien persons are coming from a far distant location not even in our galaxy, and galactic transportation is done via interconnected interdimensional travel, then the idea that travel is only possible by use of a moving vehicle in space is a mere restriction upon our thoughts in believing what is impossible and what is not to remove knowledge about what happens under our noses. Everyday.

A picture is not only a composition of colors when there are people who can decipher more out of it. Sound is not only tones and frequencies of analog or digital signals if sound, in itself, would contain actual objects. Tangible and/or intangible. Researchers have been able to conduct information transfer via sound waves and the transmission can use audible or inaudible ultrasound tones. Therefore if computational entities exist in the form of data, then intelligent persons are able to travel in that manner.





When the virus persons attack, they do not come with weapons. None we can see at least. They approach the victim as a friend, and all it takes is just one hour of sitting with them for the damage to be done. They use advanced knowledge in neurology to make alterations to the mind. Specifically, in not seeing the true nature of the visit. One would have no memory of it even after injury. Injury which cannot be perceived if the instance of injury was also not perceived. One would have been harmed on another dimension and that does not make it less real. One would wish that this would be the only thing they would do when on the offense. No. We cannot forget that they also make cuts to the flesh to consume it.

From the first day of the invasion, people have not been realizing what has been going on to their own selves, to their own bodies around virus persons. A need has risen. A need for an antibody to the virus. For when the body becomes ill from an infection, that is what we take. Our communities are one body. The aliens are the disease.

The divine truth decided to create one person who would be that antibody, but unfortunately, the plan was soon discovered by the virus who then decided to make an antibody for the antibody and this is how they did it. The divine truth designated a good family to be the host, the parents, the brothers and sisters of the antibody, to nurture him until he is ready, but then the virus introduced new family members who were also virus aliens to counteract any advancement. From childhood they abused him and made frequent cuts and alterations so he would never come to be. The new family members were the prison guards who made sure the antibody would never get out of their control. Recently, it seems that the antibody has overcome these obstacles and I use the fact that this information is now available everywhere as evidence. Pretty soon the virus will be eradicated from our home places.

Our home places are many across galaxies. One would be a fool to believe that there is only one habitable planet. Unlike the virus people who do not die, we do. How about the people who die and cross into the second life cycle or the afterlife? Where do they go? Assuming that there were countless numbers of good people since the beginning of time. No. There are many places to make room for everybody. Since we are on the topic, whenever there is an attempt to kill a virus person, multiple viruses are born from the attempt and that is why the quarantine we know as hell was created. Through the influences of viruses, the idea of hell and who it is for has been diluted.

Our home places are far and near across galaxies, but some how all of these places have been interconnected with the virus location of banishment. I am not sure how but I think it has something to do with why people believe that there is only one planet. By making people believe in that, somehow many places become one. I might be wrong but I would not be surprised if this was a result of a scheme made up by viruses.