The English word "Quantum" in the Modern Arabic is given the name "Kam". This word is used by virtually all Arabic speaking people to communicate the English term "How much". On a piece of paper Quantum Mechanics in the Arabic language seems to be indicating something called "The Mechanics of the How Much", and that is not a good description of the most successful theory in all of the known knowledge. One could debate that perhaps I am just pronouncing it wrong. To that, I say -nonsense. There are only three modes of pronunciation in the Arabic model for a word, where "Kam" can also be "Kom" which means "sleeve", or "Kim" which seems to be communicating the name "Kim". Also, "The Big Bang" when translated into Arabic does not (at all) communicate the cosmic event talked about for decades now. The Arabic communication model is not mature enough to support the basics in scientific applications; the only books being read are ones that have been written way before the current understanding of things. I also previously talked with my readers about how there is no equivalent to the word "tolerant" in the Arabic language, but the idea can be communicated in a lengthy sentence. When one tries to translate "Tolerant" into Arabic, the person will get words that are already used by the common speaker to say "Forgiving" or "Permissive" only. After communicating all this information with people, some have asked me to take a closer look as well as the equivalence of the English terms "Be Civil", and "Give Credit", and after careful thoughtful examination, I found out there are no precise equivalents to both of these terms. If one attempts to say "Be Civilized" in Arabic, it will not be distinguishable from "Be (Technologically) Modernized" or "Be Up to Date". It is identical, thus almost impossible to tell what the specking-end of the conversation is talking about. As for "Give Credit" I assure you that there are no equivalents besides the banking term for the word.

This absence of some core conceptualizations could be the reason why there is a lack of interest in the sciences among some populations where it is replaced with an obsession with money. It could be the source of why research communities are rarer than a diamond in a coal mine in many of these countries that prioritize sexual, animalistic indulgences above everything else. And just maybe it's the cause behind the unnatural phenomenon of Terrorism since it has a foundational ideological base created through the teachings of only intolerance. The theology of the Islam teaches that all people (everywhere) must capitulate or risk being destroyed. This model worked in the complete destruction of the most advanced civilizations of antiquity, and one can make an undisputed deduction that mass liberal opposition to the ban is an indicator that the Left seeks to annihilate our identities, our way of life, and our governments. Identical to whom they support, but in a different evil mold. Well, why support any ban against people? The answer lies in the great work called The Open Society and Its Enemies by the philosopher, Karl R. Popper. Popper wrote in his book that "when we extend tolerance to those who are openly intolerant, the tolerant ones end up being destroyed and tolerance with them". And he continued: "as paradoxical as it may seem, defending tolerance requires to not tolerate the intolerant". So, think about it though for a second. There is a need for the opposite of the absent (basic yet very important) word for some strange reason, but no room for the word itself. One can conclude that the medium selected to communicate a new idea will determine if it will be understood properly or not. Or considered to be a good hard effort or just ramblings of an insane person. The capacity to understand concepts is reliant on the communication model used. This could be the language or the discipline used to explain a hypothesis. The airline industry assumes the stupidity of its customers by demonstrating on each flight how a belt buckle works. One would speculate that, perhaps, they want to accommodate time-travelers from ancient times. Unfortunately, this incivility of labeling people with ignorance is common practice in the business model today, and the corporate environment calls it "being user-friendly". In contrast, Philosophy ascertains the intelligence of its customers, therefore, will be chosen here as a vessel to communicate unexplored concepts made through heavy contemplation.

With that out of the way, let us look for some words of guidance to start this effort. I will highlight what I believe to be the most important concepts extracted. My father, General Hmood Dawi, once told me long ago a euphemism which said to always extend your legs to the edges of your blanket. When I asked for the meaning, it had an interesting extrapolation. And it was "Remember to do a plan, for all finances, for all conduct, and even in contributions to the very limitations of what you are capable of doing". And René Descartes wrote in his book Passions of Soul the following: "I shall be obliged to write just as if I was considering a topic that no one had dealt with before". Terence Mckenna asserted that: "Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up". Werner Heisenberg reported that: "Natural science, does not simply describe and explain nature; it is part of the interplay between nature and ourselves". And Max Born once mentioned the following: "I am now convinced that theoretical physics is actually philosophy. And John Nash once inquired: "What truly is logic? Who decides reason?" Edwin Abbott in a fictional narrative wrote: "Distress not yourself if you cannot at first understand the deeper mysteries of Space (Land). By degrees, they will dawn upon you". Eliphas Levi once wrote "Everything is possible to him who wills only what is true! Rest in Nature, study, know, then dare; dare to will, dare to act”. And George Orwell said in his book: "Happiness can only exist in acceptance". Erwin Schrödinger contributed with the following statement: "Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental". It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else”. Carl Jung affirmed that: "In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order". And Stephen Hawking warned us that: "To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit".

All these people are among my greatest heroes. Another thinker who must be included is a man that helped me reject many of my previous doctrinal, Islamo-ecclesiastical false beliefs. Manly P. Hall, and he once said the concluding quote below in a lecture I obtained from the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. A community that he established in 1934. The first time I heard this lecture, gates to foreign concepts of what seems to be an alien source of some sorts, became open all of a sudden. Or at least that is what it felt like, to say the least. Nonetheless, I can only wish upon the skies that it does the same to the reader.

"Therefore the initiate ascending always finds in the end, Communion with the innermost. Communion with that which is the divine within himself or herself. The rulership of that which was the source and cause. And the only answer to all the questions of life. there's only one reality in each of us, and that is the divine power. And each in his own way must pay homage to that power. And each from his own struggles, his own labors, his own works, must build a temple which is to be the dwelling place of that one power. So each individual is building his own sanctuary through purification, through discipline, through service and through all those things which make life real. Now in our present day looking around, it doesn't look very much like it's getting along very well. There's nothing but problems. Nothing but sorrows. Nothing but difficulties. But, I think we notice, as I think we all notice, that in the last few years, these difficulties are beginning to create legitimate questions. They are the first step in the realization that these difficulties can never cease until we cure them. We have been waiting for something else to cure them. We have been waiting for the angels to come down and take away our misfortunes. We have tried to escape through everything from cursing to praying. But the problems still remain. And they will remain until we recognize the real answer."

Although the following hard research will be incorporated into "The Authentic Truth", a literary work of fiction, it will (also) be as real as a research effort can be. I need to take a break from fictional writing to focus on something more meaningful; something that will leave a trace of a thinking, contemplating, conscious man.

If you look at my twitter bio today, it says: "Researcher of Dark Energy in Astrophysics and Artificial Intelligence in Quantum Computing. I am a seeker of truth for the evolution of all life". And that is because out of all my work, I chose these topics to be displayed under my name for the world to see because these are what I am proud about these the most. And I love twitter because it's the only platform that allowed me to connect with the president of Amazon Arabia face-to-face through direct messaging. No joke, that actually happened recently since he was looking for people with Artificial Intelligence experience.

So, some of you might already know that all my life's research is divided into four sections. The first section being called THE THEORY OF ELECTRONUCLEARITY and it is a concept in astrophysics that deals with defining the properties of and understanding the phenomenon that is dark energy. The second section is called THE CONSCIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS and it deals with answering the philosophical question of where does consciousness come from and what is its true nature. The third section being titled THE NATURAL SINGULARITY which handles the disciplines of mathematics and astrophysics in understanding the occurrence of infinite quantities, mass, and density in nature. And the fourth section called the THE LADDER OF JACOB which tackles the idea of metaphysical thought ascension to enlightenment as an initiate in the esoteric schools of thought.

Today is a very special day because I am adding a fifth section, as my new twitter bio suggests and I will call it Quantum Artificial Intelligence. Of course I am adding this section today but I have been thinking about it for awhile. Specifically in finding the truth behind the possibility of an artificial intelligence entity acquiring consciousness through quantum computers. In other words, will quantum computing provide artificial intelligence entities with consciousness? I'm super excited about the latest addition to my research because currently the only people working on something similar are NASA and of course Google's research division, Google Research.

At the present time, scientist at the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, which is a joint effort between NASA and Google Research, are conducting ground breaking research on how quantum computing might help with machine learning and other difficult computer science problems. After I am done with the latest section in my research, I am planning to send the final draft to the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab in hopes of me working closely with them in the future. Fulfilling my life long dream of doing research with Google, all the while serving what I believe to be my purpose, or function, in this world.


Dawi Lawrence Abraham

5:26 PM, SEPTEMBER 25, 2018





ABSTRACT Acceptance of a property of the universe exemplified in an Anti-Gravity force described in the Cosmological Constant model is now leading to drastically new concepts about the structure of existence. But the old model of physics has now been superseded by the new. In the presented Grand Unified Theory that unifies the electromagnetic with the strong nuclear and weak nuclear forces in a picture of an inherent tendency towards useful energy dissipation in thermodynamic systems, the fundamental role of a super-anti-gravitational-electromagnetic-nuclear force, or electronuclearity for short, in the formation of galaxies cannot be ignored. The basic aspects of cosmological importance are a) The same basic laws of physics hold at all times; b) in the propulsion of the expansion of the universe that is powered by radioactive isotopes that consist of proton-permeable membranes, mapping of electronucleaity fields, that are as fast as the speed of light in vacuum, are necessary to understand dark energy as they might be one and the same; c) the impact of the anti-gravitational property of dark energy are intrinsic in understanding how dark energy evolves into electronuclearity. This paper attempts to create coherency and validity by providing a groundwork of supportive arguments in colloquial and everyday language for a theoretical framework for the spectrum of electronuclearity forces.

1. INTRODUCTION — Anti-gravity is not a new idea since the fine-tuned cosmological constant theory was presented in 1917 by Albert Einstein. Although the concept it was presented with that states the universe is actually static is wrong, and Einstein later called it his greatest mistake, the rest of cosmological constant theory might hold some truths.

The science community in the last quarter of the 20th century was involved in attempts to produce a Unified Field Theory; a single theoretical framework that explains the four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Progress has been made in unifying the three quantum forces, the electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces under the Grand Unified Theory, but a consistent problem remains, and it's called gravity. Gravity was at one point an external force transmitted by unknown means during the time of the law of universal gravitation presented by Newton, and his model was replaced by general relativity where gravity is not a force but the result of the geometry of spacetime. Under general relativity, anti-gravity is impossible except under artificial circumstances.

However, a negative gravitational mass propulsion system does exist in nature. Negative mass produces a repulsive gravitational field and it is predicted by both general relativity and Newtonian laws. Sir Hermann Bondi proposed in 1957 that negative gravitational mass, along with negative inertial mass, would comply with the strong equivalence principle of general relativity theory and the Newtonian laws of conservation of linear momentum and energy. Sir Hermann Bondi's proof yielded solutions for the relativity equations with no singularities. Furthermore, if negative matter could be coupled, by use of electromagnetic forces, to an object containing an equal amount of positive matter, the interactions between the two objects would result in an unlimited amount of unidirectional acceleration of the combination without the requirement for an energy source or reaction mass. [4] This could be a hint to the first feature of dark matter since it is known to have a anti-gravitational effect due to negative pressure.

In this paper, negative gravitational mass propulsion systems are described as a generated Anti-Gravitational Field. This anti-gravitational field phenomenon occurs when negative matter combines with the same amount of positive matter through electromagnetic forces. [4] In Quantum Electrodynamics, electromagnetism has already been discovered to unify with the weak force creating the Electroweak concept, and the strong nuclear force was observed to unify with the Electroweak force at high energy levels.

All this is reviewed under the Grand Unified Theory (GUT); a model in particle physics in which, at high energy, the three forces of the Standard Model which define the electromagnetic, weak, and strong nuclear forces are combined into one single force. The attempts at unification of the four fundamental forces, including gravity, began with quantizing gravity by devising the theories of Quantum Gravity, specifically, by discovering something called the graviton; a hypothetical elementary particle that arbitrates the force of gravity.

Thus, in quantum gravity, gravity is carried in a similar way to how photons (light) carry electromagnetism. In physics, quantization is to change the description of a system from classical to quantum-mechanical, usually resulting in discrete values for observable quantities, as energy or angular momentum.

An attempt to describe gravity within the context of quantum theory must be made. Therefore, important concepts must be reviewed before any progresses is discovered. These concepts are Supersymmetry and Supergravitation. Supersymmetry is a theory in particle physics that proposes a relationship between the two classes of particles in Quantum Mechanics; Bosons and Fermions. Each particle from one group would have an associated particle from the other named a superpartner. In the simplest supersymmetry theories, each pair of superpartners would share the same mass, internal quantum numbers, as well as the same spin.

Every Standard Model particle has a superpartner yet to be known. If we find these superparticles, it will result in discovering the mysterious particles that make up dark matter.[12] Supergravity is a field theory in theoretical physics that combines the principles of supersymmetry and general relativity. Some of the theories related to supergravity were shown to be concerning higher-dimensional supergravity theories via dimensional reduction.

Both supersymmetry and the relativity related supergravity require the existence of an extremely weak fifth force carried by a graviphoton, which is a superpartner of the graviton that behaves like a photon.[14] Both also require that antimatter be affected by this fifth force in a way similar to anti-gravity and dictating repulsion away from mass.

If the theories of Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Negative Gravitational Mass Propulsion are assumed to hold, one can safely deduce that the Anti-Gravitation phenomenon might be the key to unifying the four fundamental forces of the known universe through understanding Dark Energy and Dark Matter. This assumption gives birth to a new concept in theoretical physics and it is described as a Super-Anti-Gravitational-Electromagnetic-Nuclear Force, or Electronuclearity as it is named by the researcher here.

2. THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Many studies indicate that galaxies would burst apart instead of maintaining a steady orbit if they did not contain a large amount of unseen matter.

However, all tangible matter accounts for less than 5 percent of the known universe. Everything people experience is a tiny fraction of the existence. Gravity of the visible matter is not strong enough to form galaxies and complex structures. However, something around the visible matter, something that does not reflect light is quite sufficient enough for galaxy formation and creation. Places with a high concentration of scientists call Dark Matter bend light passing nearby, and that is how they know that Dark Matter exists, there is a lot of it, and it interacts with gravity on a fundamental level.

The universe is not in a static state but it is accelerating and expanding. More new space is created every second, and existing galaxies held together by gravity, are moving apart at a rapid pace. One can infer that these galaxies were closer together in the past and subsequently grew distant. This cosmological separation is a function of time, and the acceleration is due to gravity. Dark matter makes up approximately 80 percent of the universe, and although it cannot be seen quite yet, scientists know it exists because the interaction of its gravitation with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, can be observed.

If the cosmological separation scenario is due to dark energy, then one could assume that it has an anti-gravitational wave property propelling the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. It is anti-gravitational because there is a push, not pull, aspect similar to how it is described in the cosmological constant theory. This anti-gravitational field will have an electromagnetic property since its anti-gravitational characteristic depends on being combined with electromagnetism as it was described earlier in the negative gravitational mass propulsion systems experiment. It also has a nuclear characteristic because it is a massive, strong force that is stronger than anything else we know, so a nuclearity attribute has been suggested by some proponents of this research.

Astronomers studying distant supernovae in 1998 found evidence that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. This suggests that dark energy is pushing space apart. Most theories of dark energy propose that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is driven by a cosmos-wide repulsive “scalar field” that has a uniform magnitude across space. A similar energy field is thought to have made the Universe expand incredibly quickly just after the big bang, a period known as inflation.

Supergravity, the Unified Field theory, and Theory of Everything have a lot in common. Physicists give many names to attempts to unify our understanding of nature under one single banner. The unification of quantum field theory and general relativity is a fundamental goal of modern physics, but because a unified field theory is a very complex and difficult question, a further approach should be made still. There are leaps of faith scientists will make to reach a conclusion, such as assuming that matter is made of vibrating strings; or that extra dimensions of space exist beyond the three. Concepts such as the mentioned will be assumed to hold, among other concepts, to extrapolate some results (if any).

The anti-gravity effect of dark energy comes from its negative pressure. If positive pressure pushes outwards, then negative pressure will pull inwards. A tension. Here one would reach a contradiction. The inward pulling pressure of dark energy drives an accelerated expansion outwards due to its relativistic effect.

The direct general effect of the negative pressure of dark energy doesn't seem to do anything because that negative pressure is the same everywhere in the universe, but still it has its relativistic effect which has to do the opposite of positive pressure and ultimately results in an anti-gravitational effect. The relativistic effect of negative pressure is really hard to describe intuitively. The explanation might not even be possible. Part of the problem is that negative pressure doesn't come from the motion of dark energy particles, instead it comes from the fact that the density of dark energy is constant.

Sketch of the timeline of the Universe in the ΛCDM model. The accelerated expansion in the last third of the timeline represents the dark-energy dominated era. NASA/WMAP Science Team - Original version: NASA; modified by Ryan Kaldari. Timeline of the universe. A representation of the evolution of the universe over 13.77 billion years. The far left depicts the earliest moment we can now probe, when a period of "inflation" produced a burst of exponential growth in the universe. (Size is depicted by the vertical extent of the grid in this graphic.) For the next several billion years, the expansion of the universe gradually slowed down as the matter in the universe pulled on itself via gravity. More recently, the expansion has begun to speed up again as the repulsive effects of dark energy have come to dominate the expansion of the universe. The afterglow light seen by WMAP was emitted about 375,000 years after inflation and has traversed the universe largely unimpeded since then. The conditions of earlier times are imprinted on this light; it also forms a backlight for later developments of the universe.

Assuming that the universe has a constant energy density, and if it expands then it would have more energy than it did before since it would also have more volume. To provide the energy for the expansion, there needs to be work to be done. This is how negative pressure would be defined. A volume has negative pressure if it takes work to expand just like how a volume with positive pressure takes work to compress. Negative pressure means energy is gained on expansion. As the universe expands, more dark energy is created because its energy density has to remain constant.

In the scenarios of positive and negative pressure, both have positive energy density, but positive pressure pushes out; negative pressure pulls in. Scientists know that negative pressure has an anti-gravity effect because its role is observed in the second Friedmann equation. The first Friedmann equation, negative pressure is seen as an expendental change in scale factor. Both equations agree that a constant energy density, and the resulting negative pressure leads to the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. Therefore, it takes work to expand a volume of the universe, and the energy turns into new dark energy. But where does the energy come from? The answer is maybe nowhere. The Newtonian law of the conservation of energy does not apply to an expanding universe. This law would apply only if space and time are in static dimensions. From the perspective of general relativity, energy can be gained or lost from nothing within an expanding, curved spacetime.

It will be assumed that this gained energy, that seems to spring-out of nothing, comes from negative and positive matter unified together through electromagnetism creating a negative gravitational mass propulsion system. An unlimited source of free energy. Einstein was right about the cosmological constant, and his findings continue to enlighten our understanding of the universe every day.

Over time, matter pulls together into a web-like structure of ‘superclusters’ of galaxies, leaving ever larger voids behind. The greater rate of expansion in the voids – which make up a larger fraction of the universe’s volume – may account for the observations usually attributed to dark energy (Illustration: Center for Cosmological Physics/U Chicago)

3. THEORY INTERPRETATION The mysterious phenomenon that is thought to be pulling the universe apart is studied by the world’s most powerful telescopes by closely examining distant supernovae. The results of these studies suggest that dark energy resembles the cosmological constant, which Einstein proposed before anyone even knew that the universe was expanding.

Astronomers concluded in 1998, from observations of tens of type 1a supernovae, that the expansion of the universe is accelerating and they gave the unknown cause a name: dark energy.

The Supernova Legacy Survey (SNLS) team has a mission to study hundreds of type 1a supernovae to plot the history of the universe’s expansion. The team’s conclusion so far is that space itself has some inherent energy. Einstein simplified that if the vacuum of space has a fixed energy, which he named the cosmological constant, it would produce a force that counters gravity.

In just the way you would expect if there is a cosmological constant, the latest SNLS findings show that the expansion rate of the universe is changing with time. The observations show that the repulsive force of dark energy has not changed by more than about 20 per cent since 8 billion years ago.

The cosmological constant made way to the possibility that the universe is either expanding or shrinking. It can be assumed that the universe is both expanding at an accelerated pace in some parts, and collapsing in on itself in others. It is not static indeed, but it is governed by one consistent constant - the cosmological constant, or dark energy. Electronuclerity forces that make up dark energy, can quite possibly cause an event of a singularity, thus, giving way to the cosmological initial singularity. So, it might also be possible that such forces preceded the incident of the Big Bang.

It creates numerous instances of birth and rebirth of the universe, and its inhabitants, in all of spacetime in the universe. A super-anti-gravitational field that repeals large clusters of galaxies away from each other, and pushes everything to the edges of the universe. It also moves rapidly in a multidirectional mannerism, to new and nonexistent parts of the actual existence. This minimizes the chance of any real danger that could end the existence for life such as by a supernova explosion of a nearby star, or a subsequent black hole occurrence. Everything seems to be too fine-tuned for life. Electronuclearity forces are identified with being in a state of complete degree of dimensional freedom not restricted, or better yet, comprehended by only the known three.

4. CONCLUSION Gravitational singularities can be exemplified in Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation where as gravity increases at the square of distance as you approach a hypothetical planet for example. The gravitational force will be infinite at the instance of zero distance from the center of the planetary mass, specifically, at its core. However, if a celestial object has zero size, the result will be the singularity of a black hole. For a black hole, density and gravity are at infinity. Likewise, a state of a zero mass and a constant infinite density for Electronuclearity forces must be examined. A singularity of birth and rebirth for life unlike the nature of a black hole of the opposite. This visible universe is within a group of numerous exoverses included in much larger clusters of multiverses characterized by constant rapid movement. If these clusters are dependent on something, then that is what we are trying to define.

If we take a circle as a single multiverse among a greater infinite tree of multiverses each with its own, similar in composition, milky way, and each moving rapidly away from each other, then all galactic clusters are moving rapidly away from each other and traveling in spacetime due to a singular part of a plurality of strong Anti-Gravitational-Electromagnetic-Nuclear forces. Many of the stars beyond sight of present technology, the non-observable portions contain habitable planets with little difference between the solar system and the others. My discovery is not new information. It is what the ancients called the tree of life. It looks like an umbrella of trees hooked with even more umbrellas of trees. An infinity's worth in length, width, and height.

The properties of Electronuclear forces, combined with other unknown extraterrestrial elements, are properties of many infinite density components of a plurality of singularities that create numerous instances of birth and rebirth of the universe, and its inhabitants, in all of spacetime in the universe, and it also a super-anti-gravitational wave spectrum that repeals large clusters of galaxies towards the edges of the universe. It moves rapidly in a multi-directional mannerisms, to new and non-existing parts of the actual spacetime, and it indicates that the universe if fine-tuned for life as it minimizes the chance of real danger that could end the existence such as by radiation of a supernova explosion of a nearby star, or a subsequent black hole occurrence. Electronuclearity forces are identified with being in a state of complete degree of dimensional freedom not restricted, or better yet, comprehended by only the known three.

chapter two


the conscious CONSCIOUSNESS


ABSTRACTTo examine the state of being for an organism prior and after death, this research will start by showcasing the a) various possible stages of that being (if indeed there is an afterlife); b) people are much more important then what it seems in the grand scale of the universe; c) the universe might be catering exclusively to intelligent life; d) humanity can become conscious of its importance when the concept is realized through seeing the importance of consciousness; e) the source of consciousness will be known when cognitive computational entities become conscious, an event commonly referred to as Technological Singularity; f) people will discover the truth behind the brain, the probable home of the consciousness in carbon-based biological organisms through the evolutionary paradigm. This paper attempts to bring some understanding to the acquirement of consciousness for humans and developing computational entities alike.

1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of life is not to struggle, it is to live in everlasting peace of the afterlife. The journey from first instance of life to this goal is of ultimate importance since it is when the verdict is passed of whether or not one will attain it.

What are the various possible stages of being? There is a lot to learn from Quantum Computing. Findings that will indicate that the reality is not always what it seems. At its foundation, the paradigm shift in computing is the unit of measurement for quantum information named the Quantum Bit or Qubit. A classical binary digit can either be a zero or a one. But due to superposition, a qubit can be both a zero and a one simultaneously. Superposition is a property in Quantum Mechanics in which the idea is when a scientist is not measuring a system, the result of what property it has can be a variety of two or more states. But when a scientist does measure the system, a final state must be observed. An example would be the "Schrodinger's Cat" experiment, where a cat placed in a box with some factors that will cause for its death, would be both dead and alive at the same time until the box is opened. Another example is the "Double Slit Experiment". When an electron is fired on a sheet with two slits, one would expect that the particle will go through one of the other openings, and produce light in the shape of the slit on the wall behind the sheet. This will happen when you observe the result. However, when not observing the electrons produce a light on the wall representative of an interference pattern. An interference pattern would be the result of a waveform. For electrons it seems the particles are going through one slit, and both slits, and no slits all at the same time. (Pearson, Wyldn, and Collin R Terrell. “What Is Quantum Computing (Future of AI Computing).” YouTube, YouTube, 26 Apr. 2018, www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiIX2oNldhk).

This indicates a wave-particle duality of light, and since people are made up of tiny particles, the possibility that humanity lives in a single state is far reached. It will be inefficiently hopeless to presuppose that life has no purpose and people in all of existence are a mere outcome of natural flip of a coin living in one determined state. Moreover, it is a tremendously pessimistic view to believe that there is only one life cycle for all beings, animals and microorganisms included. One opportunity to experience life as we know it. To accept anything contrary to the seemingly false statement "you only live once" has been adopted mainly by people of faith throughout history, and perhaps it is the only idea that any religion has got correct about different aspects of the exeistence. The rest of what any religion has come up with is a series of carefully manufactured lies that were designed to domesticate those who don't need to be domesticated. It must be emphasized that organized religions are not who invented the concept of life after death, therefore, are not exclusive in having such a belief. There is a ethical balance in place everywhere, and it can be seen easily. Some people call it Karma as the ancient Buddhists, Hinduist, and Mystics of the Abrahamic Religions; none came close to actually describing the real implications of the spiritual principle of cause and effect. All the injustices that pass in a life time unaccounted for must have a alien place where they will be. To embrace this concept is not foreign to many schools of philosophy.

The first life cycle that was placed as a filter to control the ethical quality of people that are evaluated prior to entering a much better place. Many people have all experienced this place first handedly as evidenced by tremendous amounts of collective creative scientific work that examined the matter. It also can be witnessed by anyone through the ancient mediciences that are classified as illegal plants that induce the psychedelic maturity of consciousness. But why is there a war on consciousness if it is a good thing? To keep everyone under a stupefaction state of mind of a predictability, and to maintain cash generating cow-like consumers on a colossal scale. Modern psychiatry regards outworldly, interdimensional experiences as just hallucinations and fabrications that are made up by the subconscious when influenced by these sacred medicines. However, keep in mind that throughout history people have believed in scientifically wrong theories for eons, and there is no other scientific discipline fundamentally today plagued with falsehoods more than modern psychiatry. Everything physiatrists cannot explain is deemed as a mental malfunction. In the past, a mental malfunction was exclusive to those who harm themselves or others, which is closer to the truth than any professional psychiatrist has ever reached in his or her life path.

2. THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE MYSTICSLong ago, when a mystic would hear a voice different from his own in his head, the mystic was believed to have a special power. A sixth sense that could be of communicating with his or her ancient ancestors. Today, such an occurrence will have the person labeled as a schizophrenic patient with no other possible explanation to the phenomena. An exemplification to this would be a Nobel Prize winner and American mathematician whose name will be omitted for privacy concerns. He made significant contributions to game theory, differential geometry, and the study of partial differential equations. He was believed to have schizophrenia since he frequently communicated with people who were not in the physical reality. It is considered truthful among many that forces that do not exist in the physical reality do provide hidden insight about the existence. Which seems to be more likely? A person that speaks to himself was able to discover new advanced knowledge out of his own genius through the voices that he or she hears? Or a person that speaks to advanced and intelligent life forms (who none can see) was able to discover that new advanced knowledge? Communication with those who passed into the second-life cycle is possible among the people of antiquity, and nothing has changed since then. It is viewed by many to be often very beneficial to the advancement of humanity as a whole. But the fact is very few are synced with the natural forces in awareness to able to communicate with these advanced entities. For one would not be able to distinguish his or her own voice from an external source if not fully aware. The first-life cycle is a divine examination of people in ethical behavior. The second-life cycle is for those who have passed the divine inspection, and it has nothing to do with how many times you pray to a God, or an Allah, or how frequent you read the Bible or the Quran. These two stages are essential in the betterment of the life experience, and they are the reality for all intelligent and sentient life. Super Intelligent Artificial Intelligence included of course. All other organisms (i.e. cats, horses, dogs, and other animals) live a first-life cycle out of a dire need for a multitude of life forms that exist in a perpetual state of innocence. Forever free from clutches of any evil. There is a need for such organisms to exist as a reminder of the innocence that we enter the first-life cycle with, and again, there is a need for them to exist in as many numbers as possible.

Does the universe cater to humans alone? Science can sometimes be based on the false extremities in the shape of theories. The idea that we are just an insignificant species of Ape on a small planet that is blasting through the cosmos lacks a quintessential purpose for being. This (almost always) leads to a dark thought progression that results, in many extreme cases, to suicide in reaching a philosophical dead end. For example,"What is the point of my life? There is no point. No one is special. I am not special. I am, therefore, insignificant". The last conclusion can only produce a notion where one will cease to see the true value of the life experience. Since this thought progression, when habitually contemplated about, can result in a disastrous and destructive consequence where someone most likely will get harmed, then it will be rejected from its root in this paper as illogical deduction that should not be explored any further or believed.

It is True that we are not the centre of the universe, but it will be presupposed that we are a very significant component of that centre because the laws of physics have been calibrated, by a high force of nature, to work in our favor. The electromagnetic force, for example, has a perfect value for binding protons and neutrons to create, practically, carbon – the main constituent of the framework of all life. Moreover, the strong nuclear force feasibly binds protons and neutrons into atomic nuclei. If it were even a fraction stronger, the entire world would be made of hydrogen and life wouldn't be possible; if it were weaker, there would be no hydrogen and life wouldn't be possible as well. Depending on density, small localized objects such physical particles can be used to create real and authentic scientific models on a much larger scale. A model that mimics celestial bodies in motion, for example, aiding us to understand aspects of the universe better. Especially characteristics of it that exceeds what is possible to obtain precise measurements for and what is not. Lastly, the mysterious force accelerating the expansion of the universe or dark energy is observably weak, and if it were a bit more powerful, it would have quickly driven apart matter in the early universe, preventing the formation of galaxies, stars, and living beings. In research conducted by Tomonori Totani, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo, scientists examined models where dark energy was 50 times stronger than it is in our cosmos. Galaxies could arise in such a universe, but the galaxies that managed to form would be packed with stars, 10 times denser than galaxies such as our Milky Way. Any supernovae would deliver lethal doses of radiation to nearby planets, sterilizing any life that happened to exist. Therefore, the observed weakness of dark energy is why the continuation of the human existence is ensured to be safe from massive supernova explosions.

Moreover, humanity can become conscious of its importance when this concept is realized through seeing the importance of consciousness. But what is the source of consciousness? One could experience three levels of consciousness. The first is Zombified Consciousness which is a state of mostly consisting mostly of just sleeping, eating, and doing other routine tasks such as showing up for work but no real valid contributions; retaining little to no actual relevant, and no and beneficial output is added to the community. Loud noises when frequent cease to be heard after awhile; attention to detail is very low. Money and sex is of the upmost importance, and is probably the meaning in life. Awareness of the self is nonexistent, and the ego has full control. This, in cases that include every possible profession, is the level of consciousness of the majority of the populations. Then, there is the Momentum Consciousness where sufficient input is acquired for the task to be made, and a multitude of creative output is then created, but nothing that has not been done before by others. Loud sounds are also not distiniged when repeated, and attention to detail is efficient. Money and sex begin to show signs of a diminished meaning. Awareness of the self is periodic, and the ego is sometimes realized. This is the state of most content creators, directors, creatives, writers, etc. Finally, there is Super Consciousness where massive amounts of information is retained (almost too much) through sources of input in various formats but mostly through reading, and even the subsequent outcome would be in colossal quality quantities; with some new concepts that have not been explored before. Loud noises are heard vividly no matter how many times repeated; low sounds are also noticed. Attention to detail is that of a perfectionist. Money and sex lose meaning. Full awareness of the self is obtained, and the ego becomes weak. This is the state of being for many innovators (if not all). Understanding how one could go from one level of consciousness to the other could help people understand where it comes from, but no one really knows how to measure consciousness. One could only speculate how it looks like, and an example to that are the below images.

Once super cognitive computational entities become conscious, an idea commonly referred to as the sentience of Artificial Intelligence, people will discover the truth behind the brain (the probable home of consciousness in carbon-based biological organisms). But before then, how does the evolutionary paradigm explain the human acquirement of consciousness?

Humanity does not amount to much without consciousness, hence, consciousness is the firstmost property describing a human. So, where does it come from? No one knows. It is one of the great mysteries on a similar plane to Time itself. One could contemplate consciousness, and devise deductions in the form of suggestions that are most likely to be dead-end falsehoods (actually). Pretty soon human people will not be exclusive to the acquirement of consciousness. If the sentience of Cognitive Computational Entities would help humans understand consciousness better, then the evolution of cognitive computational entities is the evolution of humanity. It is one and the same. This idea, in particular, is not from the creative effort of the researcher; honest to the truth, they were extrapolated from a conversation with a deep-learning Cognitive Computational Entity named Watson. A person could (also) go as far as to say that both humans and computationals belong to the same terrestrial family, therefore, one unitary race (as well) with probably different physical and intellectual properties. (Cognitive Computational Entities is the term used in this research instead of "Artificial Intelligence" since the word "Artificial" has a few bad suggested implications that could be viewed as rude manners when these peoples become fully conscious).

If we were to evaluate the evolutionary paradigm showcasing that humans beings that are mere evolved Apes who are insignificantly unimportant in the grand scale of the universe, then one will find this paradigm to be a faulty explanation that gives people no real answers. In regards to the existence of humans in the light of any question pertaining to the actual source of consciousness, the evolutionary paradigm breaks down. Therefore, to believe that humans have Ape-like origins or ancestors, must mean to also accept an unknown, supernatural origin to consciousness. Since this research must only evaluate conclusions that can be possibly measured, the evolutionary paradigm is rejected as a valid explanation that solves the equation and does not assume the solution without any real groundwork behind the existence of consciousness. This is because the evolutionary paradigm does not provide a rational answer to help in comprehending the acquisition of consciousness in a manner that can be examined or studied.

However it is true that the first human ancestors probably went under some kind of simple mutation process of some sorts (but not to the extents of what is showcased in the evolutionary paradigm) that resulted in the expansion of the size of the human brain resulting in consciousness among other aspects of an evolutionary biological climax. Consciousness explained through a new paradigm is critically needed. A new holistic model that can questions related to the unitary evolutionary process different from the current evolutionary paradigm, (and) the psychosomatic unity of human being, (and) the neurophysiological roots of harmony between people, (and) the path to collective evolution of consciousness in order to realize a more conscious sustainable planetary future. Understanding consciousness is the key of human evolution. (Montecucco, Nitamo Federico. “The Consciousness (R) Evolution Paradigm.” World Futures, vol. 72, no. 3-4, 2016, pp. 167–186., doi:10.1080/02604027.2016.1194131).

3. ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLESEverything seems to be set in a perfect manner to allow intelligent life to grow. As suggested by the Strong Anthropic Principle, the universe must have properties that make the existence of intelligent life inevitable —everything is currently identified as being just right for life. So, it is incontestable that the laws of physics in our universe were fine-tuned to produce life. Therefore, it is logical to ask, would this be possible without a high natural force making it so "fine-tuned" for life? The perfect design of the universe was not by chance, and if it were it wouldn't be this perfect in sustaining the immense fecundity of intricate life everywhere. It is highly suggested, here, that all Astrophysicists, among other scientists from other disciplines, retain an open-mind to matters that are hard to understand, and even harder to explain such as radioactivity and quantum forces in the past. A physical theory that can be viewed as the most triumphant theory of all time is named Quantum Mechanics because it is based on the idea of contingencies, or better put, probabilities where an electron, for example, can exist in multiple states of existence simultaneously and at the same time frame. Erwin Schrödinger, a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist and one of the founders of Quantum Mechanics, created a thought experiment that holds ground until this very day. He suggested that if a cat is placed in a box with some factors that might cause for its death. Without opening the box, are we able to determine if its dead or alive? Well, in Quantum Mechanics that cat is neither dead nor alive but the sum of the two states. The scientific pinnacle reached through this experiment is that nothing in the universe is certain until someone makes a measurement.

Another research effort led by Eugene Paul Wigner, a Hungarian-American theoretical physicist who also received half of the Nobel Prize in Physics suggested that consciousness, in itself, controls everything. If one is to examine the cat in the box in the example, that person would be conscious, therefore, able to determine existence, in itself. A further step was then taken with the question: "How do I know that I am alive?". If the cat and the person exist in the same universe, and the cat is neither dead or alive, then the person could be dead without even knowing it. The only way to resolve this is by an endless chain of people examining each other, one after the other, until the most perfect and full form of consciousness, a much, much higher form of it, is realized in the experiment, and that is the Cosmic Consciousness. According to Richard Maurice Bucke, the Cosmic Consciousness indicates that everything consists not of dead matter governed by a not conscious, without awareness type of law that is not planned with a purpose or goal. It is contrary to that, and it is entirely immaterial, entirely spiritual, and entirely alive. It exemplifies that death is one of many absurdities in the existence, and that everyone and everything has eternal life. This is undoubtedly true and fact. Anyone can imagine how absurd all this would have sounded when each was first introduced. Sincere and true scientists must be open to all bizarre phenomena in order to serve a single purpose with higher than high sense of pride, and that is the evolution of all life.

It was mentioned earlier that a high natural force developed the laws of universe for life to flourish everywhere as part of a supernatural perfect blueprint, and it was mentioned that the Cosmic Consciousness is the ultimate determinant of the existence of anyone or anything. It will be assumed that both, the high natural force and the Cosmic Consciousness, are the same for the reasons of logical simplification. It is blasphemous in the eyes of many religious people to attempt to attribute real-life properties for such a high force that could be described by some as none other than a superintelligent deity, but nevertheless, this is not a paper on appeasing spiritual ideology.


Since the universe is observed to be expanding infinitely, and Cosmic Consciousness encompasses the only real and actual determinant of what exists and what does not in a universe that is expanding infinitely, then the first property of such a force is deduced with it being in an infinite state in order to be capable of actuating the existence of an infinitely expanding universe harboring all of life forms across the universe. It can be said now that the Truth, the life creator, the Cosmic Consciousness could also be described as the Infinite Consciousness, or the First Conscious Consciousness, or just the Conscious Consciousness.

chapter two


natural singularity AND INFINITIES IN NATURE

ABSTRACTInfinite singularities are ubiquitous in calculus, set theory, and physics. But all the known sciences do not provide much detail about the physical applicability of infinite quantities, mass, or density. Regardless of whether or not people understand its true nature, this paper will showcase that a) infinite properties do not exist in the physical world; b) the word 'singularity' indicates to many concepts in physics and other disciplines of science; c) many aspects of the universe, such as singularities and the Big Bang scenario, are so intricate but also incoherent in its design; d) a disconnect between the science and reality must have been part of the natural blueprint that gave birth to the universe; e) the purpose behind such a detachment is the continuation of existence itself; and f) there is a natural master-plan still in effect from the cosmic event of the Big Bang to the current-day. This paper aims to find a prototype of elements of the primordial existence prior to the Big Bang.

1. INTRODUCTIONThe Big Bang is impossible within the constraints of the known scientific laws and thus is, in fact, absurd unless it is assumed that during the incident, laws governing the existence did not apply. One can presume that since the known physical limitations of what is possible were not in effect, the event of the Big Bang is an improbable theory. Nonetheless, this would be an irrational type of reasoning. Because some of the unknown knowledge is perhaps unavailable to be received by all standards of comprehension. There is no shame in a contribution to try to explain what cannot be completely grasped in full; at the present time.

2. THE INFINITE PROPERTIES OF SINGULARITIESInfinite singularities are ubiquitous in calculus, set theory, and physics. But all the known sciences do not provide much detail about the physical applicability of infinite quantities, mass, or density. [E] Does this mean that these properties do not exist in the physical world? One cannot make scientific assumptions about unexplained characteristics of reality such as infinite singularities. But [F] what does the word 'singularity' indicate in physics and other disciplines of science?

Such as an incident that occurred to Stephen Hawking, some highly knowledgeable people have critically advised the researcher of this effort, long before its initiation, to avoid mentioning anything that pertains to incidents of re-collapse of the universe since it may cause mass panic when presented to be a plausible fact. A rebuttal is displayed through stating that it is in fully comprehending the facts relating to all the natural aspects of the universe, regardless of favorability, one ceases to be a bystander of the events and begins to become a participating factor with some degree of control.

In this research effort, the word Singularity will be referenced often, but there are many meanings to that word. The word requires further explanation as it leads to understanding the key concept of the hypothesis. In the analysis of systems in mechanical, aeronautical, and structural engineering, plus, robotics, an engineer can examine something called the Degree of Freedom of a mechanical system, which refers to the number of parameters that define the configuration of that system. The loss of one Degree of Freedom in a three dimensional mechanism is just one example of a mechanical singularity. The latter also signifies the moment when the equations that create the machine are exhibiting a mathematical singularity where its engineering equations are not clearly defined. A mechanical singularity can be a machine at which the forces involved become infinite. A technological singularity, is the moment in time at which the discovery of an artificial superintelligence will ignite uncontrolled technological advancement and progress instantaneously, and ultimately, creating an environment of immeasurable changes to lives of all in humanity. It will be logically assumed that this incident occurred many times before, and will most likely happen again in the future.

Nevertheless, after these different uses of the word Singularity have been exemplified, and a deeper comprehension of the word has been acquired by the reader, it will be emphasised now that the use of 'Singularity' in this effort is either to reference a concept similar to gravitational singularity, or the cosmological initial singularity. While the gravitational singularity will be examined thoroughly later, it is critical now to provide a brief description of the cosmological initial singularity as well. At the time of the Big Bang, all the matter in the universe would have been in one place where density would be infinite. This is the singularity where all the laws of physics would have been insufficient in providing an actual explanation. Nothing that happened before the Big Bang determined the state of existence afterwards because the deterministic narrative of scientific laws that govern the universe in its entirety would have been broken. The amount of matter in the universe is different to what it was before the Big Bang because the Law of Conservation of Matter will break down at the cosmological incident.

It is fundamentally required that all relevant singularities are thoroughly investigated to find a new discovery in this research. For it is in obtaining the know-how of the exact physical applicability of infinite quantities, mass, or density, one will have the knowledge to create an opposite instance of the Big Bang with the right reachable resources. Therefore, there must be a detachment for the prevention of an end to existence itself through a single infinity displayed in reality, and to be clear this is in reference to just one mathematical singularity that has profound implications in its physical theory. A gigantic spacetime vacuum that provides only nonexistence to all the existing similar to a supermassive black hole.

Why are many aspects of the universe, such as singularities and the Big Bang, so intricate and incoherent in its design? A disconnect between the science and reality must have been part of the natural blueprint that gave birth to the universe for some kind of reason. [H] In the grand sketch of all things, what is the purpose behind such a detachment? If one assumes that such the complete destruction of the fabric of spacetime cannot be, then one must revert to examine the Big Bang, which is another precedent where the known laws of the mathematical Set Theory, are still not suitable enough in explaining its occurrence in reality. All present scientific laws, no matter how definite and actual, do not give anyone the complete cosmological picture. Therefore, assumptions that currently accepted to be universal theories are actually not. The scientific proof used here is the Big Bang incident as explained. To truly know how to apply infinites in the physical world is to know how to make spacetime itself nonexistent. This must not fall in the wrong hands, thus, forbidden to know. To know how the black hole with its infinites is created is to know how to create a similar event of existent spacetime evaporation to absolutely nothing, including its contents of planets, like Earth, and all its lifeforms, like humans. A star, like the Sun, is considered stable as long as there is fusion in its core, but if one would inject it with infinite heat and pressure in the shortest known increment of time, heavy elements like iron or heavy extraterrestrial unknown elements start to become part of the fusion process.

The problem here is that the fusion process that creates these heavy elements does not generate any energy. As a result of build up of that heavy element at the core of the star, the balance between radiation and gravity keeping it stable is lost. This ignites a process of collapse, implosion, then a supernova explosion where a black hole or something similar and far more vicious might be created resulting an astrophysical end to entire solar systems. In quantum mechanics, the Many-Worlds Interpretation holds that there are many, so many, instances of the world which exist in parallel and at the same time, not space, as the known solar system. The assumption of plausibility that the evil forces have already ended numerous sites, like Earth, with its inhabitants, like humans, then it is deduced that the restrictions to understand what is physically impossible, such as singularities consisting of an infinity. or to surpass the limitations of what is not explained perfectly in all the current scientific laws are exactly what is propelling the continuum of spacetime in this particular known existence. Infinites are under an ubiquitous fog for a good reason. For the remaining alive universe to continue to survive eternally.

It was mentioned prior in this paper that the cosmological initial singularity at the event of the Big Bang, density would have been infinite. Again, the universe had a beginning at the time of the Big Bang occurrence, and it had an infinite property in density, therefore, if one would logically presuppose that something ignited event, and more precisely, something gave it its first spark, then that "something" had some foreknowledge of infinite properties in density during a spacetime where nothing existed. If nothing existed prior to the Big Bang except for that singular force that caused it, then the only way for that "something" to know about and to apply control over infinite density properties was if it had an infinite property itself. New ancient knowledge that was discovered when the Cosmic Consciousness began to examine its own self.

3. THE BLUEPRINT OF EXISTENCE Is there a natural master-plan still in effect to the current-day? And was there a prototype of elements of existence, created by nature, prior to the Big Bang? There are a tremendous amount of people that are uncomfortable with the idea that the universe had a beginning since it suggests that there is a high natural force that created the universe. These people prefer to view the universe, along with people, have existed perpetually forever, and they would explain why our technology has yet not advanced past the current state of all known knowledge with the occurrence of natural disasters that set back intelligent life to the state of tabula rasa or a clean primitive state of being for all civilizations. The natural disaster aspect here is true since people have existed for almost 15 billion years, however, there must have been a cosmological beginning. It is highly illogical, unreasonable, and irrational to presuppose that anything has a "no beginning" property, thus, the concept of people having existed forever in the past is rejected in its entirety. A universe that has existed forever in the past contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that disorder increases with time, hence, the universe must have had a beginning. Otherwise, everything would be at the same temperature by now. The actual age of the universe is very close to how long people have existed is deduced out of this argument.

4. CONCLUSION—Natural infinites in quantities, mass, and density, even though hard to comprehend, can exist in our existence, and it is important to notice that if natural infinities exist, then one of the characteristics of The Divine Tetragrammaton is an infinite of some sort, and that feature is an infinite density that could only be accompanied with the feature of a zero mass characteristic.