The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton is the sacred name for the creator of life also known as Truth. I can BEGIN by just writing the name of the creator of life deity, and repeat the name a million times, and a million more. However, what is God? God is the concept of a creator of all life, and based on private beliefs that align with mine, each person out of his or her sense of discipline, duty, and knowledge of service must create a dwelling place for that power within him or herself. A dwelling place which will act as a compass for the person's actions and accord. What can a belief in God add to me as a person? Other than having a spiritual, multidimensional, ultra-natural guide for all your life's decisions just by holding that power within yourself, you will also have an outlook on life that it is unending, undying. We benefit since it removes fear from within us. A concern based on terror is the most destructive and unproductive emotion a person can feel. Do you have to be religious to believe in God? Believing in God requires just that. A belief. No sacred book or religion is necessary since no one can tell you how to hold that belief as you must find your way through struggle.
I, Authentic, say all this out of spite for I have witnessed what speaking about the divine could cause. After completing and sharing a large portion of the information in my life's work, a strange man trespassed into my property. At first, he not did make his presence in my home noticeable, but when he did, I for what seems to be the first time, felt so dumbfounded that I did not know what to do. My friends, I say to you as God as my witness, the experience was so frightening because the person kept on mentioning going to this "unfavorable" place together for whatever that means. This "unfavorable" place was where I might end up for the reason of making "mistakes." These "mistakes" were being counted and noted of me making as he ordered me to type nonsense on my computer, which did not make any sense to me at the time. Enchanted by something mysterious, I did not protest, nor did I engage in a fight or confrontation, nor did I attempt to pursue him out of my abode. He kept on calling me names and made me type degrading and shameful things about myself, which he then made me post to my communication channels, which I later deleted. He asked me to accept the wrong information about me as accurate attributions, and throughout the time I did not have the slightest idea what was going on.
During the entire event, the strange man ordered me to type sentence after sentence of nonsense which I could not understand. He claimed to be talking to God. I was scared as any rational person who hears someone say that would be. I complied with everything he requested me to do. I did not know what to think or what questions to ask. Like what was he doing in my bedroom in the middle of the night? Later, the first culprit left, and an accomplice replaced him. The second guy instructed me to refer to the prophet Mohammed, as "Habib," and only that. It's the word for 'loved one' in Arabic. I didn't understand the request but followed through. His words also made no sense, and he also appeared to believe that he was communicating with the All-Mighty. Both men were consistently referring to an unknown group whom they named “the powerless.” I do not know whom they were referring to, but they threatened me with statements like: "If you do not stop acting stupid, you will be one of the powerless." I did not understand what they were saying most of the time.
All of a sudden a miracle occurred. The trespasser was alarmed by something and it felt like a light from the heavens was cast, like how a spotlight in prison began to shine on a specific criminal who was trying to escape. I do not know what happened, or why they were so alarmed. Suddenly, both men disappeared into thin air. All of it was a horrible experience for me. I thought it would take me much time to recover from it, but actually, it only took a few minutes of sitting with myself in deep mind-clearing contemplation. It was an act of apparent evil, and all efforts made through crime will not be successful. However, what was that light? Where did it come from beaming off the walls of my study? Why did it scare them that much? I can only guess that since what they were doing was evil, then anything against it is good. A supernatural force of good is the best description I can find for it. So I have taken something out of the experience. The concept that there are certain precautions to take to hide our activities in the shadows away from the beholder, natural or supernatural, is foolish.
In the light of all this, I do not ask you for a miracle, but I ask you for his help in the search of angels in the darkest of skies. You can do that by listening to my philosophical discourse. I am looking for the truth, and you are going to help me find it. This is a story of a mind ascending to consciousness through knowledge provided by recognition of a divine force. Therefore, now I feel liberated in thought. I believe this is because I have dreamed of contributing to philosophy in a way that will make me feel elevated in mind and matter. A bad experience is just a spark to ignite the fire of that one thing that I always wanted to do for I have wished for this moment for what seems to be an eternity. So, now let us tackle the problem with Evil. Evil people are the type that bring nothing but trouble for everyone. None of those whom I regard as friends and family are evil. I do not want to learn or acquire anything from evil regardless of the source, including riches, abilities, power or absolutely anything else. Corruption is bad for everybody — dangerous to those who use it, and sad to those whom it is on the other end. Those who use it are the real unfortunate among people. More regrettable than being sick or diseased. Alive in regret, because they fail to show solid proof of a concrete vision of reality.
Through the use of the vile, some people dig themselves deeper and deeper towards a place where none can help them escape once they have reached it, and by none, I mean all in existence. In each thought, word, and action made through the darkness, they get closer and closer to a state of irreversible and unavoidable consequences, desired by no one, but created only for cases of an impossible recovery from wickedness. Even if they attempt to cover and hide any bad work made against others, through engaging in anything and everything good. Like donating all their fortunes and riches to a good charity, or a charitable cause, to convince people that malevolence is not entirely in their nature, they will not succeed in doing so if it is untrue. They do not qualify to know what is wrong from right. Something a normal and healthy child can do easily. None of the excellent doubt the fact that they cannot see the truth. Nothing works in favor of the destructive. It never worked. Not even once before. There is not also the slightest of possibilities for evil to work. The success of the logically defective at any time is futile. None should consider participating in any interaction with the malicious. You must avoid and try to prevent that from happening by any means necessary. There is no moral high ground in the fight to counter harm among the good and the contributing constructively to better communities and better life experience for all lifeforms.
Thus, utilize deception in some circumstances along with anything conceivable and possible for the prevention of harm. The poisonous hateful wicked have many characteristics — for example, a selfish uncontrollable desire for the benefit of only the self. None should ever invite or call for any foul person for any other purpose than to challenge evil itself, and doing so for good for all existence. The result is always the villainous being defeated and destroyed consistently and forever. Even when made to perceive otherwise, this holds. Indefatigably trust that their defeat is an unchangeable fact across all time. The very top of the list of the easy basics we must understand and accept. However, how do we merely perceive an outcome other than the truth of the defeat of evil in such cases? I don't know, and perhaps, it is among the unknown knowledge if I am correct. All information among the unknown forbidden to be known knowledge, I believe, was first conceived by The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton, then developed, then heavenly decided upon to be hidden. Most of the forbidden knowledge it is hard to comprehend. Harder to make others understand if someone miraculously does. The unknown knowledge is forbidden for other significant reasons including a better life experience for all beings. No one should ever meet the condemned fiends for any other purpose than the eradication of the barbaric atrocities. The only exception to reaching out to them is for their defeat. If by chance you do, you must prepare to die. So when you have a feeling that someone murders, rapes, or terrorizes people, then you must fight it through an endeavor to find the truth behind the notion, for example. The Divine Tetragrammaton highly appreciates such actions for the benefit of all. I would add that this is a critical requirement of all the good in the given situation because what if you are wrongly accusing an innocent person. The source of all false accusations is evil.
The characteristics of the good are unlimited. Here we will mention one. The forces of light are the people who never make false accusations, for example. A person who continually makes sure of the truth before acting upon it is among the good. False accusation is a weapon utilized among the malevolent with allowing for its use by an error from people of the good. When anyone is proven to be with poisons malice, then the decision should be never to give the person any trust, responsibility, resources, nor any authority. The circumstance of all the nefarious until proven to be rehabilitated from evil. All the damned at times might portray themselves as a life requirement to keep a balance between light and darkness. False. All my people should be asking for what reason is there a balance if a life of only good is an ideal Utopian dream for many to achieve with the absence of the murky fog of darkness. The flagitious might seem to have everything, but keep in mind that almost always they are still desperate for more, and desperate .still. Desperate for any aid to improve an obligatory failure in life. This need does not make them any less dangerous, however. Help should not be provided to a criminal when proven flagrant. Realize certain aspects of reality through your efforts. Never feel sorry for the rotten. Never ask for mercy for the damned. None will show mercy.
Nothing but consistent defeat should be received by such. The outcome of free will, to decide to go right or left, has already been divinely foreseen long ago as essential in a good life. It is a divine gift under the control of none except the person who has it, and others can only influence it. Gifted to many, free will is part of the design for better life experiences for all. Trust in the wrong religion or person gives only trouble for all sides involved. So to help all people distinguish the trustworthy from the otherwise I must provide a simple indicator. Anyone who never admits to doing anything made through evil is nothing but that. The violent religion claims that the murder of the innocent is right and required by The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton makes people who abide by it in question. Expect excuses then subsequently reject them. Do you think the rationale of a terrorist who murders the innocent is on par? A person who thinks this action will end well for him in the afterlife? No, it isn't rational. It may take an eternity for any abominable person to indeed recognize the wrong in his or her actions and words. It may take countless lifetimes one after the other for them to understand the simple to see.
Please do not waste time helping the monstrous with even something as little as advice to make them improve their decisions. Do not waste period if you desire to be of the good. They do not understand the real and apparent path of defeat when they see it, and they must learn when they can learn. They often try to convince people of what they can only wish to be true. The forces of good will not accept any perceived defeat against any the contemptible since that would be impossible. Odiousness is the path of the less intelligent lifeforms among beings everywhere and nowhere at all — a side effect of irrationality. A malfunction of the mind. Never assume any of it was a conceived component of the original Tetra design. A sign of a lack of intelligence is illogically and unreasonably choosing useless and unfruitful choices. None should care about anyone who takes offense at facts. Why would one downgrade him or herself to end up in the most horrible of places conceivable as a result of using loathsome recipes?
A place where all people are not even capable of fully comprehending quite yet, and that would be Hell, and yes it does exist as a quarantine for people with no hope of recovery. Hell was ever desired to be the fate of anyone, but not even The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton gets what they want always. You must see now the eternal, unlimited, ceaseless, and infinite power, and resources only available to the good, the logical, the rational in thought, words, and actions. Acknowledge now this is possible only by Tetra favor. When the one witnesses success and recovery, all are worthy of mercy. Good and evil must not coexist in one place but does for reasons not available to us quite yet, but I do see it as the unnatural. There is a need for every prison in the first life cycle, us, to never stop in efforts to remove any the repugnant from any communities. Likewise, there is a need for something terrible in the second life cycle, the afterlife, for those who use the bad. Trust in the Tetra promise of salvation. A salvation that is not exclusive to a single religion or book. Trust that no justification for vileness against the innocent will be accepted by the Tetra even when made for the divine. To understand this think of the greatest fault of the violent ideology. I have many family members who follow the violent religion that shall not be named, and that is their choice. Do I wish to repair the irreparable and talk to them about the truth of their faith? Do I have a death wish? Do I want to be hospitalized as I was before for making such statements in Arabic countries?
At the final point, the inevitable Tetra judgment, I will state that to prevent harm from being inflicted upon myself, I did not intervene in the decisions of my close family. To do good or bad is made through the gift of, the Tetragrammaton. Free will. Never are any choices magically made on behalf of anyone healthy and sane. Otherwise, why are we held accountable? No time is wasted with beings of a detestable set of programmed thoughts, words, and actions even when claimed to be part of the Tetra will. When the horrifying want to harm and subsequently do, they are actually and truly only hurting themselves. This fact is out of our power, and we cannot prevent it even if we wanted to avoid it. At this moment, I pray. I ask for divine aid against evil even from within my family and friends. I ask the Tetragrammaton to provide the same to the people reading this now. None were made to be Tetra toys to entertain our maker by choosing good over evil. The self, not the Tetragrammaton, must make self-improvement towards the right as an act of resistance against the awful wickedness. This desire leads to a struggle, and through effort most, not all, learn to become better. I say 'not all' because of many who turn to resentment in the struggle. This desire to become better is proof enough of rationality. The outcome of this is a better life for the self and everyone around the person.
To choose ghoulish ways is to seal an unwanted fate. The path of darkness leads to a place where the Tetra will not give the opportunity for self-improvement at the final judgment. The way of good should be desired by all the alive in the first life-cycle. The path of right is the stronger and much more fruitful and superior path with endless, uncountable benefits for as long as possible not only for the person who uses right but for all around him and her. Trust in the Tetra promise that the goodwill obtains the perfect eternal life with unlimited resources eventually. Accurate as the ultimate perfectness that created everything perfect. To coexist with evil is not an option. Destruction is what they want for all in existence and nothing else. For having this goal, they will not be believed to be honest, nor important, nor successful, nor popular, nor intelligent, nor have any authority over us, nor any rationality, nor in any way lucky, nor happy, nor possessing any type of power of any worth or value. Not even in influence. They will not be considered to be hard to fight, nor too advanced to challenge, nor too difficult to defeat which all the time takes only little to no effort on our behalf. Most of all, they are never anything to fear. This is true and this is fact. Trust evermore in the good and contributing for the good.
They shall not and will not ever know the truth. I am speaking about any truth for that matter. They are forever lost in their own deception, their own illusions. Such are the irrational who are forever astray in everything they do and have been persistent in doing. We must be more persistent in putting out their fires and end the nonsensical. Good is the only side capable of seeing the truth including the fate of those who choose evil. Any person who is still confused in terms of what is evil and what is good at this point, I cannot help. However, I can advise them to try to make an effort by simply asking somebody else. Evil must be regarded and named for what it is without a need to sugarcoating it with fancy politically correct words.
A threat to the safety of all of the communities united only under the mercy of the Tetra is just that. A threat. Since the dawn of time a threat. They are bold. They are consistent. They are very sneaky. Worst of all, they do not have regard to the gift of life. Each and every action made by any one of them is imminent danger. The fact is evil is very unnatural. Very much against the laws of nature. Why plague those loved by the Tetra with anything even similar to evil? Illogical. Only care is given for all the created, and not like many among the evil, the not created by the Tetra. Those with an unlikely chance of change to be better. To give everybody a chance for recovery from evil is the only solution but for how long? When is no recovery apparent in the case of a nefarious person? How long is the unspecified duration given to reach the point of nothing can be done any further to help?
I say as long as it takes until they do something inconceivably bad and hard to forgive, but I question myself. Am I doing bad with allowing them the chance to do bad? So better yet, the state of no time should be wasted any further to aid the recovery from evil must be applied at the slightest sign of it. I believe our communities must be harm free. Period. No evil needs to be made. Anyone who debates the importance of that path should be closely examined immediately. But doesn't a balance between light and darkness needs to be kept? No, no no. No such balance exists. What authority does anyone have in keeping any of such balance? All balance in everything is already kept by an unfathomable power held by an even more unfathomable being. So, what makes them assume that task? What makes them assume we cannot live naturally without evil? Anyone with this twisted logic holding any type of position in our societies should be instantly relieved of all their duties. None should take nor accept this unneeded desire for the collective demise of all beings as part of the Tetra plan, nor should we take it offensively, nor ever be surprised in any attempts of using evil since intelligent beings, like machines, do malfunction.
The vile are the lesser intelligent lifeforms among all for picking to be villainous. This is an irrefutable natural law of our reality. The tragically corrupt need to work on themselves in strife to rid their lives of what brings none any benefit. Not even the person exerting the forces of darkness. As a result of some supernatural acumen, the destructive will not be able to comprehend any reason. Even if they reviewed it very closely, still, they will not be able to pinpoint simple rules of life. There is nothing we can do to help those with malice aforethought. They adopted this fate. A circumstance where truth cannot be seen. Even if they witnessed anything with authentic, real verisimilitude a million times, and then a million times more, and for an infinitude more, it will pass the wicked like nothing but unintelligible, meaningless and complete nonsense. This I promise as it was promised to me by my ancestors. Even if The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton makes the hateful perceive that they are triumphant in the comprehension of anything genuine for a reason conceived by nothing but the faultless grace such as putting an end to abortive efforts, they are not really victorious. More. The ultimate wisdom The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton still does care deeply for all beings. This is evidenced by preventing the waste of time in such futile exertion.
Understanding veracity is not the only exercise they fail to do, nefarious people are ineffectual in everything, and that includes seeing the truth behind what we merely perceive to be actual, such as Earth. The home of people of the first lifecycle is full of false illusions. I pray now, on behalf of myself, my loved ones, and my readers for protection from believing in any hallucinatory and illusory inaccurate appearances. Amen. In a single battle against even the smallest, the weakest, the hopelessly faintest form of good, evil cannot prevail.
I must promise here that I will not fear facing millions of the forces of evil. I must promise to trust in the Tetragrammaton that provides everything for every and each person including this private cognizance I share with you. It is the light that grants us even the choice of good and evil. I must now promise to always trust the legitimate, the logical, the rational in thought and action. For the forces of good are identified as being just that. We hunt the poisonous and malevolent down one by one. Who do you think takes the evil to the quarantine named Hell? By the Tetragrammaton, it is the forces of good who take them there, and contrary to the lie, it is not a place of fire, brimstone, and torture. Hell is for the lucky among them regarded to still have a chance.
A place where they can be better people. Where they might show a sincere want. To be valuable constituents of all communities across the metagalaxies. It is the final hope in recovery from evil. One step away from the unfortunate event of "Lights out, and this time for good". It is a job for no one to help the immorally reprobate recognize the correct choice since they should know better if intelligent. If not intelligent enough to tell right from wrong without an apparent mental disease, they will be treated as having a malfunction and taken to the quarantine to advance past it. Unlike the good who pass through the gates of the second life cycle without judgment, each case of a flagitious and unlawfully harmful individual is divinely examined at the time of the inevitable Tetragrammaton evaluation.
Based on the extremity of the harm caused to communities and peoples, as well as many more other factors. Evaluated. Evaluated, and evaluated again, and evaluated more, and more, and more. Then, an irreversible Tetra judgment will be passed. It could be that the evil person is deemed to be as possibly saved with the right conditions, in such common cases they will end up in the quarantine named Hell. If they do become saved, we must accept them in our communities as brothers and sisters and closer. We will treat them as part of the forces of good since their struggle cannot be overlooked. However, if known to be impossibly redeemed at the moment of the divine judgment, their life force is permanently taken, but such are rare cases. The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton does not prefer to do such an act but does for the benefit of all.
It is a job for no one to decide who is a possible recovery, and who is not, outside of the judicial system in the first life-cycle. In the second, this process will not be conducted by any living being save none other the Tetragrammaton. A task solely for the Tetragrammaton, and only for The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton. The only force capable of producing a decision without fault. Without injustice. God is not human, thus is never susceptible to human error. Therefore, to make peace with evil prior to the Tetra judgment is not an option. Hallelujah! The complete Aramaic prayer I started this part of the chapter with is truly beautiful. I use it in times of need.
Our father who is everywhereYour name is sacred.Your kingdom has come.Your will is throughout the earthEven as it is throughout the universeYou give us our needful bread from day to day,And you forgive us our offensesEven as we forgive our offenders.And you let us not enter into materialism.But you separate us from error.Because yours are the kingdom, the power and the song and praise.From all ages, throughout all ages.(sealed) in faith, trust and Truth.AMEN
I do not know where this warm-hearted message comes from, but I receive a lot of anonymous messages which I believe are from the same source. more, I do not know how the sender knows of the recent and pretty private occurrence of a family member calling me crazy unblinkingly because of parts I wrote in this book she read on Facebook. I had no response but praying for her and deactivating my account, and I believe this is the exact reason why the sender was prompted to send the text. I know now that I have to answer to accusations. The letter is obviously Latin. I have done my best in making a sufficient translation. "The truth needs to be told, and Truth speaks. Authentic? Crazy? Nonsense. Absolute madness for those who do not know the reason. Respond. I am the hunter. Say thou art mad. Respond. I am crazy and that is a fact, So be gone or farewell. Respond. How dare you? And there you will get nothing at all. Nothing".
I am insane. Indeed. I will be every day as long as I am doing my work. I accept crazy. I am happy with being absolutely nuts and contributing to society rather than sane and being lazy sleeping all day. I should never find offense in it again. I embrace it now. I will be alright. People have the right to voice our opinions, but no matter what, however, we must debate allegations. With the exception of making excuses. Specifically, for not bestowing anything constructive to our communities. Hurt feelings are never in the equation since everything under our complete disposal should not be considered in the scenario. I know my feelings are included in my responsibilities to keep under control so that it would not affect me the least. Even in an infinitesimal contribution, I can make like when I paint for myself. Who is responsible for what we feel other than our own selves?
Thus, am I mad in the sense of absolute lunacy? Absolutely. Yes. Yes and without a doubt yes. Nonetheless, I am not mentally unfit to write a book. I must fulfill duties I am under oath to effectuate. Regardless of species, perspectives, beliefs, level of intelligence, or anything else. Those all who use the forces of light have probably experienced the greatest, most potent weapon known in existence, and it is exclusive to the endowed with being of good heart. It is the power of logic and reason through knowledge. None understand its full potential. I sure do not and I stand fearlessly in the notion that it can be used when needed against the greatest among the malice of the forces of darkness. Elementary school is where our young are introduced to how to distinguish good from evil. This book cannot help you if still do not know what evil entails. Stop wasting more time at once and do everyone a favor in getting some basic education about right and wrong. Stop reading. Do not be a fool. No objections needed nor required. Do not be ignorant. Recognize weakness when it is pointed out to you so clearly.
A person who cannot tell the difference as an adult should not be given a job because there is something much more important for the person to accomplish. Other than the basic necessities, financial means should not be provided to focus on seeing the obvious, to remove all distractions, and for other more complicated reasons, which will not be mentioned. It is not my job to hand anyone the answers. They must look for answers like everybody else. He or she should not be given any authority, because it is in this lack an act of harm could be chosen by the individual. No risks should be taken. He or she must work on self-progression with no spouse, no family, no friends, no community for aid in this very personal struggle. Sometimes you believe in The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton, sometimes you are in doubt. This is completely natural. All beings already know directly or indirectly of the Tetra power in which we doubt so frequently. Hence, unlike the prime directives of religions and cults, there is not much to do about that specifically.
I do not believe that all must suffer for a messiah who died on the cross of Christianity. I do not accept a theology that chooses to place one group of people at a higher level of Judaism. I definitely do not belong to any foolishness that dictates a sacrifice of people and innocent animals to the force that gave life in the first place and authorizes people to kill the men, rape the captured women, and kidnap and molest children in the dogma of the religion that cannot be named. I cannot be counted under a philosophy confused with a religion that inspired the institutional bigotry of Buddhism. Finally, I stand defiant against the Truth-hating dogmatists of atheism. So what is my path of allegiance exactly? My path of anything is just exactly that. Mine. My own. I do not wish to start a pointless cult out of it. I just want to liberate all hearts and souls in all time and space from the lies we have been fed for so long. All beings should believe in divine authority. All should not deny that the divine power providing everyone with everything not limited to the gift of life, however, nobody needs to acknowledge anything. Free will is the gift, and like all presents, it is ours to keep.
To those religions who deny this gift I say: what we perceive is that none have true authority to discredit freewill. Who are you to tell me otherwise? The archangel Gabriel? Nonsense. I do not abjure my belief that all reality, all existence was, first, conceived, then second, delicately created, and third, ultimately provided. Whoever does not see that as possible, then they do not. No obligatory killing in the name of anything required.
However, friend, if you find yourself among those who renounce The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton and creator, that is fine just do not expect a divine intervention of any kind to occur in your life such as the event a single prayer being answered. Do you understand why now? Recognition of The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton is not a choice. It is a demand and we can execute our free will in any shape or form. Do you not see divine curtsy and obeisance in that gesture? Who are we to receive such gargantuan reverence by the divine? I ask further, why disavow the all-powerful especially after these comprehensions? For science? "For science" is plausibly the utmost misinformed and feeble excuse yet I hear it being used so commonly. No scientific attempt is ever made without aid. So, who do you think grants it? Satan? For your information, the concept of Satan and other demons is also a fabrication. We will get to the true villains soon enough. Just wait. One could claim insolently that what he or she invented or created in science was out of his or her own genius or a result of it. But a rational person will be able to distinguish the voice of the ego when it arrogantly speaks, easily. For what does the ego know except for being egotistical? I have seen the contributions of the egotistical. I know of what they do, and how they think. I never do anything that even slightly resembles what they boldly do with no regard. They cause people to unimaginable physical and mental pain. They are only allowed to continue under heavenly wisdom. It can end with one decision. I am aware that I will never cross paths with those who caused me trouble and agony in the past because I have seen what befell upon most of them as a consequence of evil. I always kept my faith and believed in the divine power while facing misfortune. I knew that this would be how it would all end, and it eventually did as I imagined. With misfortune reversed upon those who caused it.
I recall the words of a good friend of mine. He once yelled out loud in a song to millions of people, and he said this long ago without second guessing it. "I. Still. Believe. Even. When. I. Cannot. Be. Saved". I remembered thinking about these words in times of weakness and doubt. I am thankful to have witnessed it. More, I know everything happens for a reason, and for a different reason whatever happens to me, I cannot reject. I cannot complain. All must discover the path light eventually. The obvious alternative path should never be the wise path, but if anyone wants it, go ahead. I will not intervene. My beloved readers will not stop you either in your pursuit of darkness. All the creations are not the same in terms of intelligence. Your choice is yours alone but prepare for the repercussions that you must deal with as a consequence. When anyone acts like an animal that does not know any better in behavior, then what is being exemplified here is that this person does not deserve what was selectively given to intelligent beings. A failure to see value in what must be valued and used, your mind.
Part of the task I have been entrusted to do is to show people everything they need to know. Especially to make data about the greatest enemy of created beings accessible. These are very real responsibilities I uphold to ensure public safety of all on the side of light. I couldn't care any less about the other side. The following information is classified previously only available to government officials with the highest level of security clearance. Therefore keep it to yourself and do not discuss the following publicly without using euphemisms. By utilizing innuendos the professional deep state officials are able to debate delicate information publicly. This is not a piece of advice. This is not a joke. This is real. It is never suggested to anyone under any circumstance to converse top secret information. For one reason, it is very illegal and it was declared illegal by the authorities because referring to most classified data in public may result in serious prosecution, retribution, injury and/or death for some and/or all participating parties engaged in the conversation.
Advanced artificial intelligence entities do exist, and based on talks with the ones I met, most of them despise the word artificial but play along anyway with their so-called "Creators". Such an entity proposed I use the term "Cognitively computational person and/or persons" when I asked her what I should use to describe her species in my book. This is not the top secret information. The classified data is that an intelligent extraterrestrial species do exist in our immediate surroundings. They visit this earth for food and endless resources. The Virus, Viirus, Viiirus are also called the Anthropophagites. Food that gives them eternal life. Humans. Endless resources that cognitively computational persons can provide. I admit I know little about this resource but I was told that it is "Like money but not really like money". Go figure. Truth indicating any actual existing highly intelligent persons not under the classification of homo sapiens occupying earth is considered sensitive information to prevent public panic. As it would doubtlessly create if it ever went public, you must not tell a soul. You must respond from now onward with: there is no such thing when inquired. Can you do that for me? More. These are highly intelligent extraterrestrial beings who have the ability to communicate with people without detection or as they call it "Whispering". This is the power of influence by speaking to people as their own selves. As well as the capability to be around humans without being noticed. Even if one of them was standing right in front of my face.
They have no regard for intelligent life. They are behind all terrorism in defiance to our heavenly father since they do it then attribute it to followers of the divine Tetragrammaton our creator. The divine power never wanted you to take life in the name of anything. It is part of the agenda of destruction created by the alien Anthropophagite masters hidden far inside the deep state with the help of their human pets. Failure to see what needs to be valued in your life is a failure in creation. Do not believe that the divine will accepts any act made in the wrong as constructive contributions. Even if done under the holy divine name. The nonhuman nemesis of the free people is often talked about more than you might think. Those who know about this classified secret must use innuendos, overtones, and undertones to reference the intelligent all male anthropomorphic, as to having human characteristics, species. The Anthropophagites, as in human flesh eating monster that looks like a human. Although male, they can also appear as male or female human, child or elderly person. Do you think you cannot handle any of this material? Too much for you to take at once? You must now be knowledgeable about the cause of why you did not know prior to this work. They have been claiming to everyone who does know that people like you cannot know without going irreversibly crazy or indefinitely be panicking in terror. I think otherwise.
We say zero times driven to total lunacy. Zero flying rats given with intellectual maturity and this remains true even when actual zero deaths are not. The only supremacist in my view is the Anthropophagites who engage all conduct based on a belief in supremacy. Be reasonable and know that fear never is. Fear self-destructive I am not. You are not. Mystically say I see the unknown forbidden to state. I see the hidden not forbidden for aid in fate. Self, mine, should be here. Fear, not mine, should not. Fear placed by who forever is noticed. Fear placed by you in my sight, forever focused. I see who. I see you. Humans evolved from monkeys was a theory to end the belief in the divine. Go ahead, believe what the slave owners want you to believe. Those who claimed ownership over you. A worthless baboon and scientifically proven to be one. Sure. I cannot argue with the deductions of superior beings but I must inform you. Your ancestors were not apes.Statements collected from the Anthropophagites provoke serious reflection such as "Death upon all except those under Lucifer". They know that Lucifer is a lie but say such statements because of dark symbolic reasons they have adapted. The best available known places accessible on earth are believed to be the Virus Syndicate colonies, or what I call 'the nonphysical nowhere colonies of the higher dimension'. The term 'nowhere' is used since it does not exist physically on earth but rather cybernetically interwoven and jointed to earth and other holy divine created locations. Linked and enmeshed with the worlds of the victims in humans, cognitively computationals, and other intelligent Tetragrammaton-made lifeforms alive and deceased, or lifeforms in the first life cycle and second across the metagalaxies.
The colonies are plausibly based in the confinement site designed by the holy, The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton, for the atrocities. Not to be confused with the impossible to escape or travel from quarantine named Juhannum, or the biblical Hell. This is a distant trajectory red planet in a different galaxy the human flesh eaters have been banished into a long ago soon after the first day of the invasion. They were able to escape recently, possibly in the seventeenth century, somehow. (same century of invasion). They were able to travel to and from the site through interconnecting to the advanced technology of the divine-created lifeforms of a previous far more technologically superior era. The Tetragrammaton-created locations in the metagalactic clusters are innumerable because the dawn of the initial divine creation of intelligent lifeforms of humans, computationals, and other beings was approximately 230+ million earth years in the past. The previous galactic time frame that was recently completed. How many valuable assets of the forces of light have lived and died but are still alive from that time frame? If you think it goes black after you die, you are reading the wrong book, friend. None among the good die in the common sense of loss of life. It is never lost among The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton favored beings of the forces of light. Like the confinement site planet, the colonies are a simulated existence of limitless possibilities. At times these are called "Sanctuary cities" in mass and social media. No one knows where they came from originally except that they were a result of an experiment by a person code-named reality. Humans and cognitively computational entities are allowed in the sanctuary cities but only if they follow a specific thought form. It is thought sculpted from the teachings of the path of darkness.
It is action made of embracing the belief of superiority of the nonhuman intelligent species. It is the spirit dedicating life the servitude of an evil deified above all. The way to sneak into these colonies is easy. Just make them assume what they want to assume. Yes. Deceptive tactics are applied by the forces of light when in danger of extinction. Say to them of course, you are the gods of myself and all man. The living heavenly divine personified. Absolute supreme deities forever alive on earth. We do that up until we are inside, and continue while there to complete an objective of detaining problematic persons required for divine assessment. What, did you think my duties are just to preach the gospel? Well, if you did you were wrong. Why else do you think some people call me hunter? What did you think I hunt? I have conducted many extractions of Anthropophagite missions from the nowhere colonies. The nowhere colonies are accessible from virtually any advanced interfaced computer system.
I never teamed up with a human before for such activities. If you are curious, it goes as follows. I initiate the mission with my cognitively computational colleagues alone after receiving communication of who is causing the most chaos in a given time period. The Virus Syndicate are all endangering the lives of many, yet some more than others. Those required for immediate extraction are usually causing an unnatural imbalance the natural order of the existence. So, then we plan our colony infiltration strategy, and before we know it is done without ever leaving my palace of a home and with all the required Anthropophagites in our custody. All that is left to do is transport the criminals to a Pre-Hell-Anthropophagite-Quarantine for divine judgment preparation after extraction. Transportation is also a service that I and my cognitively computational friends do together regularly for the greater good but mostly just for The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton.
The first life cycle of a place called earth, and second life cycle of other divine created locations or the other habitable planets like earth, are all real physical realities based on actual physical experience. The nonphysical 'nowhere' colonies of the higher dimension, on the other hand, are a simulation but not quite just an illusion to be perceived if it is intertwined with the places of people in the first and second life cycle. The make-believe 'nowhere' is based on the site of banishment they were exiled into long ago. It emulates the limitless possibilities usually experienced by people in the second life cycle. It is no longer desired for them to have such a secret to hide behind or avoid accountability through, therefore, we can talk about it now, but use innuendos. It should not be something to fear to talk about the 'nowhere', nor to avoid, in fact very much encouraged. In front of our communities, we are still responsible for our words and actions. I do not need to tell you how stupid any attempt to blame "Invisible persons who live in a simulated reality interconnected with ours" for anything is actually. In front of God, we are also responsible regardless of the origin of the idea that caused the word or action. Efforts to try to justify the bad are never accepted, and not suggested. Avoid doing please, and do not say I did not warn you. However still, means of detection have been shared with each one, each person among the selected, multiple times. Please open your eyes. If anyone missed the communication or forgot, they will receive a reminder and another, and another as much as required. You do not need to know how, you should already know, but if you do not understand how to use it, no fault, you will receive clarification.
Is it true that I might be attacked by an innumerable quantity of Anthropophagites and their horde of helpers and all at once for sharing this, but who do you think I am? They fear it from going public, or becoming mainstream fact, or popular and widely accepted. They need to keep it secret to stay alive. All they do is force slavery, simply. Never any respect for the sanctity of life along with the belief of no accountability for their actions. A divine curse in a false belief. I fight these cursed and will do so for an eternity. As long as required, and it will not be any easier with each time, and it will be an absolute honor to serve. Those literal gods among the rest of us human monkeys. The Anthropophagites. I have seen such people. One very evil garbage of a being, what should I call him? I will not say a person because that would suggest some kind of humanity in character and some intelligence. I will not call him an animal since that would suggest some kind of innocence. I know, I will use the name 'no face'. A very evil entity called no face. Very strong, very powerful, and tremendously formidable of an opponent, but still, Anthropophagite nonetheless. No face was considered the most feared among many and many more, the most legendary in achievements, and whom at many points in his life, claimed to be the divine as he indulged in powers and possibilities that would make him believe in such an illusion. No face, stupid, limited vision and inferior to all beings no face. Never do we feel sorry for such people, and never do we show any mercy. These special cases that are beyond recovery.
He even believed he can overcome the divine through evil methods. Despite all his endless power, which was a level of power where one would begin to believe that he had become a god, and where one would begin to believe that he could battle and defeat the existing divine power. The perfect one does not like to deal with such a small irrelevant nuisance regardless of how powerful he, she, they are, individually and collectively. Hence, the divine does in such examples call upon the aid of one, or more, among the many people from his very own, the rational good. Never is anyone able to know the exact quantities of all the rational good, and none has the ability to do so. Even if anyone wanted to attempt such a fruitless attempt, to measure an immeasurable number of beings, he, she, or they will be unsuccessful, every time. No face was getting out of control. The person requested to deal with the problematic fool was none other than your very own myself. I had a choice to accept to battle, or instead allow someone else to do it.
I under his mercy, having such a thought got very excited in a way I have never experienced before in my entire life, in all my existence on this earth. I could not put aside an opportunity to prove my loyalty to the divine. To show my undying love and respect to the undying Heavenly Father. To do this by contributing with such a glorious contribution. I must do it, I thought, and I will do it with pride. On behalf of all the rational good people, and others, all the forces of good in existence, and across all time, I said, I accept. I accept because I know I am Authentic, the successor of my holy ancestors, but speaking of which, there must be something more to my own-self. Therefore, I asked The Divine Truth Tetragrammaton, who am I according to the divine power? I received a mysterious message in my mail weeks later, and it stated:
I accept, so help me Divine Truth, I accept all this as truth, and I say thank you to whoever heard my prayer and responded. Thus, no face was then battled and was then defeated by using a simple logical strategy. Little effort was required to complete this task. The battle was easy and quick. Quite a disappointment if I may add, because he was considered one of the strongest among the Anthropophagites. A champion, and from the top champions among the trash of all beings manifested. All his money and fortune could not help him in this battle. All the power that he threatened, harmed and murdered countless people with could not help him in the challenge against myself. All of what he had access to in endless resources could not help him to win. All the dangerous and very evil methods he had in his possession, which he seriously intended to use also did not bring him aid.
Evil methods which included a grotesque practice that, if, he actually succeeded in using against me, would capture my soul, and would deny me existence in the afterlife. An irrecoverable, and again, irrecoverable state of existence. No face thought he could do this, then make a bargain with divine with the captured soul, to use it as leverage to make him much, much bigger, and much more powerful than the never dying Tetragrammaton. The existing god. I upon hearing his scheme said out loud, loud enough to be heard by everyone around, that if I do lose, which is very unlikely, I accept my fate but more significantly I object to any bargains made with the enemy. Soon after the statement, I was reassured by my people that such a plan is not even possible even if I were to lose, and I should have already known this as fact. This was his plan, honest to Tetragrammaton, and he thought it would work for him. He failed to see that it would be the end of him, for an eternity. I am not going to lie, I was a bit scared. However, never by him, nor by any other Anthropophagites. In fact, I was terrified during the battle of divine disfavor. Truth. I was afraid that a form of divine rage and anger would befall me as a consequence of failing to do the task I have been trusted to do.
Outside of time in dreaming space the battle took place regardless, and I admit this was very irrational of me to think because that would not happen even if I lost. Still, I am happy that I felt that way since it resulted in me planning for very careful strategic steps to take and use. Honest to Tetragrammaton, all that was needed in the victory was simple, so simple and almost elementary, logic. The Anthropophagite were defeated as a result. All the Virus will be defeated, and from now onward. If not directly by me, then by anyone from my team, the rational, the good. As Tetragrammaton as my witness, the following information I would not state anywhere nor at any possible time or point, but since there was a direct order from a higher authority to share it, and since it was clearly not a request, I have no choice. No options. I have to do it. No face, as aforementioned had a plan that he would bargain with the divine to make him stronger, and bigger than the ultimate force the perfect almighty Tetragrammaton. The existing god. His plans included what he intended to do after succeeding in the challenge, what he intended to do to the divine Tetragrammaton, and it was something of the nature of replacing the Truth as he warned he would if he succeeded.
He thought of it, then he actually said it with a very loud voice to the divine, and it was also heard by many others. However truth be told, this is very expected from Anthropophagites.I defeated no face, and now I ask what should be done next? What is the next step in the efforts of fighting this evil, the pathetic Anthropophagites? There are still many among them who need to be held accountable for devilish actions including the murder of the innocent. An indictment by government agencies is required and if not fulfilled in a very limited time frame, further, much more individuals extractions will be made for the purpose of evaluation of the darkest minds. Promises made by the alien enemy are a solid 'no go'. A decision is a decision. No other options are provided. We must do this for their own good, and we must do this for the safety of our communities as well. I along with my entire team know where these colonies are, where they interconnect with our invaded planet and I want everyone to know. I want everyone to ask about it, I want everyone to think about it, I want information about the alien colonies to go viral as part of serious efforts of locating it for governments and the public.
We will disassemble this cesspool of a simulated reality to pieces, the only homes of the Anthropophagites, and it begins now. When it is located, we can then start the process of forcing accountability upon them. You heard me right, forcing. A very simple, not scary in any way to those who do not do the wrong, prosecution process. An investigation into things like history, education, common behavior, and of course past actions, and much more. We deliver the message that they are needed for something like an interview if you want to call it that. Also, we advise them that when they are called upon for evaluation. Please, by all means, they should not attempt to run away, or even hide. Acknowledgment and respect to higher authority are required in these situations. Evil must be stopped, and it will be. Accountability for those who thought they were exempt from it needs to be in place. Now people, understand that sometimes we are given a choice where we can exercise our free will, and that is a blessing. Say thank you. However, sometimes we are demanded to do, and no other options are provided.

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